“Hello, you’ve reached Obamacare tech Support, how can we ignore you?” General Dynamics IT Call Center Building New Database on Obamacare Accounts. Obamacare Bad Insurance Deal, Part III

obamacarecantfindyoucroppedOn the third day of the Obamacare exchange, this reporter dutifully worked again to login to the system.  Again, the system is not functioning.  The talking point from the supporters is that it is so popular that the websites are crashing, which is simply not credible.  Today Healthcare.Gov acknowledged that I exist in the system by sending a password change link to my email address, but then does not recognize I exist when I use the link to change the password (“…we couldn’t find a marketplace profile that matched the information you provided). Of course, I know I am using the right password, but the system would not log me in at all since it won’t send me my user name even though it CAN send me my password by email.  In other words, the system knows I exist for one function but not another.  Yet again, government proves it is inept and incapable of managing the health care insurance purchases of tens of millions of Americans.  That means they can’t handle anything when it comes to health care well.

To resolve the matter, I called the phone number at the “Marketplace Call Center” 1-800-318-2596 to straighten things out. I was told, before even relating any specifics, that my problem was due to high volume. I was told there were “glitches”. I was told they were sorry.  I then made the tech support people listen to my specific concerns to try to resolve them and even asked for and spoke to a “supervisor”. They required my phone number even though I had NEVER entered a phone number before in the Obamacare website.  They advised me they needed to build a record on their database (a new one) to track these calls. They finally admitted they could not even see the info I had entered into the Healthcare.gov website and could never verify whether I actually existed but they could “unlock” me.  They never verified that I was “’locked” to begin with and admitted they never would be able to.  They were merely taking a shotgun approach to solving a problem and get me off the line. 

The tech support center is run by General Dynamics IT.  They verified that they are contractors.  They advised they do not have access to the main Healthcare.gov database to verify anything. They basically were there to try to “answer questions about the system” or create a new account for me.  I didn’t need a new account, I needed technical support for the account I created already.  In the end, I got nothing done and was told nothing of value besides talking points.

Another day in Obamacare and another failure. The question is, will Americans just tolerate the government nonsense in exchange for the subsidies.   Time will tell, but I worry that Americans will trade their Liberty for Security and in the end will get neither. As Benjamin Franklin pointed out they will not only get neither, they will not deserve either.  There is a better way for health reform proposed by the Florida Medical Association that involves personal empowerment of patients and a true free market, one that has not existed since the 40’s.