Insurance Costs 47-86% More for All Floridians Under Obamacare. Obamacare Insurance a Bad Deal, A Continuing Series

stickershockEverybody will have lower rates, better quality care and better access.”, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA), 7/1/2012

The promise of Obamacare was that health insurance premiums would be lower. However an analysis of the health insurance premiums released by the Obama administration recently reveal that health insurance premiums will be much higher. On September 27, 2013 the Sun Beam Times reported on increased premiums for 27 year olds purchasing insurance in Florida as individuals through the health care exchange (if they can login!).  Further analysis reveals that insurance premiums will be increased for people of all ages compared to past premiums in effect before Obamacare was fully in place. The data reveals that contrary to the assertions of the Obama administration and Past-speaker Nancy Pelosi, health insurance costs more under Obamacare.

For Floridians, average rates will be 47-86% higher for people buying insurance as individuals between the ages of 27 and 64.  People will be required to spend 8-16% of their income on health insurance.  Those paying lower percentages will be those who receive a subsidy check  (paid directly to the insurance company) to help cover the cost of insurance.  The average premiums from March 2012 were analyzed by the Manhattan institute and demonstrate that the new rates under Obamacare exchanges will certainly be much higher than before the law went fully into effect. It is also worth noting that insurance premiums began rising quickly after the law went into effect in 2010, so rates are actually much higher than before Obamacare began.  The high rates are for insurance plans that still require an out of pocket expense of $1,600 out of pocket before receiving the full benefit of the insurance plan that covers only 70% of the cost. The plans will be engaging in government-authorized rationing in ways never in existence before Obamacare.  There were still be things that are not covered by the Obamacare insurance plans which will be examined in future post.  Here is a comparison of plan premiums before and after Obamacare.

27 yo

40 yo


Florida Avg.  Annual

Premium 2012*




Florida Avg. Annual

Premium with Obamacare **




Percent Increase




*From Manhattan Institute at  for March 2012 rates

** from HHS data for Florida data at:  (for Silver Plan ($1,600 deductible, 70% coverage)


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  1. M Traugott

    Nice effort to distort and confuse. First, I checked your sources. Not only are your figures wrong, but the Forbes link does NOT show post-ACA costs for Florida. The only other source you cite, HHS data, revealed an average cost, for the GOLD plan, of $2862.80. Roughly one-third the cost you ‘reported’. Again, that’s using YOUR sources.

    Oh, and by the way, you claimed “The plans will be engaging in government-authorized rationing…” when, in fact, current insurance plans are, and have been, engaging in government-authorized rationing. (Except in Florida, where the 2012 Legislature removed government approval of insurance plans post-ACA.) We’ve never had insurance plans that had ungoverned access. There has always been rationing.

    Finally, if you are so drastically opposed to the ACA, then why do you not exert a minimal effort toward solving the problem with our horrendous health insurance system pre-ACA? It’s certainly easier to sit back and criticize the efforts of those who actually DID something, than to make that effort yourself.

    I’m sure my comments will never see the ‘light of day’ on your blog, because they illustrate the lies and distortions of your allegations. I assume, from your inability to accurately summarize statistics, that your “Dr.” degree did not include a study of that practice.

    No thanks to you for failing to stand up for this nation. When you pass, may your final thoughts be that you served as a minor, but corrosive, cog in the machinations to undermine progress in this great nation.

    1. Dr. David McKalip Post author

      Sir or madam, I am certain you must be misreading the sources I quote. It is quite clear that the ANNUAL premium for the second lowest cost silver plan is accurately cited in my article. Please go to to change the ages in the table that HHS provides and do the math yourself (multiply the monthly average premium for Florida by 12).

      It matters not that the Avik Roy Work on Forbes doesn’t have post-ACA premium data. That is provided in the source I linked to.

      I see that you are not disagreeing that rationing is occurring. Can you comment on whether you agree with the rationing? Can you advise whether you support the fact that the rationing now imposed through Obamacare is of the type that was NEVER used by insurance companies in the past (As a neurosurgeon and health policy analysis, I can verify this).

      Also, you may want to read about my efforts and that of my colleagues in organize medicine to propose true health system reform which is discussed in more detail at this post.

      As far as what I will be thinking at my death, it won’t be regret that I stood up for liberty and fought against the take over of the country by a bunch of collectivist dictators that you accurately describe as “progressive”. I will continue to work to protect liberty while others in your group of Progressives work to make slaves of Americans.

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