Big Obamacare Brother Wants Blank Check to Watch Your Network Traffic

obamacareismonitoringyourcomputersmallUse of this System constitutes consent to such monitoring and auditing” (of your network traffic). website 10/9/13.

Today I think I finally got my user name and password recognized by Obamacare’s website.  Upon logging into the the account, I was given a screen that stated I needed to consent to “monitoring and auditing” of network traffic.  It appears that the Obama administration wants me to agree to allow them to monitor and audit what goes on at my personal computer, my personal business servers and private networks at my office.  Maybe they will get me to agree to allow them to monitor my email account associated with the account too.  Big Brother is here and wants me to agree to their terms!

Upon calling the “customer service representative” at *1-800-F&%Yo (yup, that’s REALLY the number), I was told it was “only” to monitor what goes on at the website. I inquired as to why they would need my consent to monitor their own website.  Somehow they saw the logic of my question and bumped me up to their next level of support. That person advised me they would need to look into it and call me back in a week or so to let me know.

So, it appears that Big Brother is watching your computer network and wants you to agree to it. That should get them around that pesky requirement for a “warrant” that is protected by the U.S. constitution’s 4th amendment.  It’s bad enough that the NSA monitors all of us without our consent, but what happens when we agree to it?  We can never complain about it again! For now, I think I will wait for an answer before agreeing to a blank check for the government to “monitor and audit” my network traffic at my office or who knows where else.


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  1. Ron Thompson

    The PPACA phone number was proved to be a “talking point” of no significance.

    First, it has been in use, for 24-hour Medicare help for 14 years, since 1999. Nobody made any issue of this, since nobody had an ax to grind about helping people enroll in Medicare or was looking for some white house conspiracy of disrespect against America or the American people (like not attending the Army-Navy game, saying “I’m finally proud of my country”, or not attending Arlington cemetery on Memorial Day). Once again, an “insult” is created out of whole cloth.

    The number from 14 years ago, if you look closely, does not match the story. 1-800-318-2596 has a pesky #1 between the 3 and 8. Consequently when previous administrations were using this number, they saw it spell “F1U”. Actually, any number containing a 1 or 0 is safe from such spelling games, since no letters associate with those telephone keys.

    Finally, with only 6 letters available, it requires adding the final “U”, to create the insult. So it becomes 1-800-F1U-**YO. When I run the number through the internet play site to see what any number can spell ( the only thing I get is “1-8003-a-lynx” not very insulting at all, and kind of a compliment, if service is fast as a lynx.

    Finally, the poor person that owns the actual number 1-800-you-know-what is a dial-in pay for sex chat (of course). While is call volume has skyrocketed, it is sadly people looking to hear the embarrassment of the Affordable Care Act support desk.

    Who is embarrassed when they realize the truth, that this is just another episode invented by the right wing in a non-stop six year effort to ridicule and diminish the reputation of the office of the President of the United States of America.

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