Americans, Your Freedom is in Jeopardy. Jackbooted thugs Suppress Peaceful Assembly of Vets at White House

Congress shall make no law respecting …the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  U.S. Bill of Rights, 1st Amendment to U.S. Constitution.

On October 13 thousands of veterans gathered in D.C. to protest abuses by the Obama administration of Military veterans at national monuments.  Among other things, they were protesting the barricades (now dubbed “Barrycades”) placed at the World War II memorial designed to keep veterans and others out during the partial government shutdown.  The Shutdown began when President Barak Obama made it clear he would not be willing to sign a law granting a one year delay in the Obamacare individual mandate even though he has granted a similar delay for large corporations. The veterans removed the “barrycades” and brought them to the white house. Many others gathered peacefully at the White House fence. (Left, Police remove a peaceful protester from in front of White House. Click image or here for full YouTube Video. Protestors apporpriatly chanted “SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON YOU!).

The Obama shutdown of the Federal government included using furloughed park police to erect barricades of multiple open air monumnets in what has been described by many as a spiteful act. Many are now calling the White House the “Spite House” and just this morning the same furloughed park police who were reportedly unavailable to police the park during the Obama shutdown, were still availble to re-erect the barricades.

jacbootedthugsconfrontvetsdcconfrontsvetsIn what can then only be described as reminiscent of Nazi brown shirts marching in formation, U.S. Park and D.C. police confronted the veterans. They forcibly removed a veteran who was standing on the fence line at the White House. A full collection of images and more details is available at “the Blaze”.

Americans, this is the warning shot that should wake you up. Your Government seeks your silent compliance with every action it takes. Today it is barricades around a monument in D.C..  Where will the barricades be next? Today it is police with batons removing peaceful protestors outside the White House. What happens when the police breakdown your door and search you house without a warrant or remove your loved one to a prison with no trial?

It is time to use your peaceful tools of suppressing your government before they use their violent tools of oppressing your freedom and your lives.