You Can’t REALLY Keep Your Doctor or Insurance. Obamacare Insurance a Bad Deal: A Continuing Series

obamaatama“If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.” President Obama at the AMA, June 15, 2009.

United HealthCare has advised Medicare patients all over the Tampa Bay Region and the nation that they will no longer be able to see their doctors.  The decision by United has caused an uproar as patients receive letters stating that their doctors will not be covered any more.  United Health care has stated it is narrowing its networks to “improve quality and efficiency”. The fact is that this is what Obamacare has been all about since the beginning: preventing choice and competition to ensure that insurance companies use new government powers to ration care.

As an active leader in the Florida Medical Association, I spent the weekend at the FMA Board Meeting.  Reports from other doctors attending were that doctors and hospitals will be harder to reach.  For instance, in the Florida Panhandle, residents from Bay County will have to drive an hour to see a dermatologist in Destin. In St. Petersburg, patients who have trusted their primary care doctors for years, will be forced to establish a relationship with a new doctor. That doctor may be so overwhelmed with new United Healthcare patients, that waiting lines will increase and the amount of time available for visits will go down.  Moffit Cancer Center was also recently dropped by United for its AARP Medicare advantage patients.

This phenomenon is expected to occur more frequently for all insured patients in America. The goal of Obamacare’s new insurance plans is to narrow networks so only the “right” doctors and hospitals are in the plan: those that ration. The insurance companies and the government will only designate those doctors as “the right ones” if they participate in so called “Value Based Purchasing” and “Pay for Performance” schemes that are designed only to decrease actual use of medical care by patients.  Patients in the area should consider changing their insurance plans to those that include the doctors and hospitals they prefer. However, those insurance companies are just as likely to drop doctors in the future as well too. The buzzwords to watch out for as red flags of those doctors and hospitals that are more likely to ration will be “clinically integrated network” and “Accountable Care Organization”.

Mr. Obama has made many promises regarding the health care plan he pitched.  As the promises continue to be broken, it remains to be seen whether Americans will finally reject his vision and turn to a better plan for health reform that truly increases access to high quality, lower costs medical care with doctors they can trust.


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  1. Robert King

    How can any American say they DID NOT see this coming 2008-2012? Can we lay claim to the excuse, “we were only under orders”? I believe we should allow O-care to roll-out on schedule as planned with no exceptions, after all it is the Law of the Land, raise the Debt limit to Multi-Trillions until it’s finally realized by the Majority that Obama is working in stealth to bring the American Economy to it’s final resting place. Once realized the Majority of God Fearing Americans will put a Stop to it!!! The ballot box is stacked just like it is in the Arab Middle East. Anybody with a 5th Grade Calculator is without excuse when it comes to what happens when we run out of borrowed time and money. Give me a break!!!! Here is what I know regarding America, at least a remnant of believing Americans will Stand There Ground and suddenly without warning they will send those social reformers packing like we’ve always done in the past, we will rightfully dispose of thier presents. Read your history, free people have always found the way to liberty, all it takes is ONE PERSON saying enough is enough and telling another person enough is enough, unfortunaly we haven’t arrived at ENOUGH yet. there is NO WILL to stop the O-Machine, NOT YET! Give it time people, in your patience you control your very soul’s destiny, give Obama and his elk enough rope to hang themselves! Character will always rise to the top and crush the Socialized Network of the foolish, O-care is only the beginning of the fight. Have we so soon forgotten why we thumbed our noses to the world back in 1776? We are FIRST an Independent people not a DEPENDENT PEOPLE! We are not a Social Network we are an Independent Network with a common cause FREEDOM of CHOICE, except for the disposing of the unwanted innocent. Even an uncivilized people know there are restrictions among a civilized society no matter how vial some people think freedom can be established. Besides we are in this to the end regardless of how it turns out. Yes/No?

  2. tom48212

    Robert, if the store is closed and or the cash register is not working, can you purchase its goods and services? I think not.

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