The Failed Rehabilitation of Peter Schorsch – His Soul needs Prayer.

Mug Shot of Peter Schorsch form Pinellas County Sheriff

Mug Shot of Peter Schorsch form Pinellas County Sheriff

Everyone likes a strong man who does the dirty work while they gain power. Politicians especially like a man like Peter Schorsch who they can use as a surrogate to attack their opponents while they look squeaky clean.  Progressive Politicians and members of the political class like a man who will use any tactic in the book to help them and their agenda “move forward”.  Such is the Case with the recent City Council bid of hard core Progressive Darden Rice and her hired bully Peter Schorsch. Charlie Crist used Schorsch to obtain the permit for his Gubernatorial campaign kickoff this week.  Peter Schorsch is the guy who believes the “ends Justify the means” and unabashedly lies while running a blog that uses mafia-like protection tactics to enrich himself. (Left: Mug Shot of Peter Schorsch form Pinellas County Sheriff).

Peter Schorsch runs the blog called “ He makes money by selling ads to politicians and political causes all over the state.  Schorsch ‘s life is a pattern of lies and outright theft to achieve his political ends.  In 2011 he still owed fines totaling over $67,000 to the Florida Elections commission for 40 violations in 2005.   He faced theft charges for stealing $10,000 from democratic candidates.  In 2005 he was found to be writing bad checks. He has a history of dirty tricks and perpetration of smear campaigns to help his client-candidates get elected. Mr. Schorsch famously was involved in a scandal of handing out Rays Tickets tied to soliciting campaign contributions for a City Councilman in 2009. Often whispered in political circles is the assertion that buying an ad from Peter Schorsch is really about neutralizing him from attacking you during a campaign. Mr. Schorsch attempted similar behavior with this author when he was running for City Council.  As he has said to me “My Silence is Priceless”.

Mr. Schorsch started a campaign to “reform” his image and purportedly himself. Sadly, he slipped into the same dirty tricks.  He showed up in chicken suits during the 2013 Mayoral primarily and adamantly denied that he was in the suit. He then proudly proclaimed that he lied about the antics. He offered on Facebook: “”You’re damn right I was behind the chicken! Bye-bye Kathleen”. Part of his attempt to reform himself included serving on the Board of the respectable “Tiger Bay Club”. However he recently resigned from the Tiger Bay Club, likely over this lie and other antics, and offered a hate-filled email attacking the board as being a “weak, ineffectual organization”.  While on the board he abused the Tiger Bay Twitter account to push his own agenda tweeting “The story in which Dr. David @mckalip refers to me as a”political terrorist”. The Creative Loafing Story pointed to how he tacitly took credit for being a “political terrorist” by fomenting negative media for political opponents.

Peter Schorsch wears the same sheep in wolves clothing of so many people who have claimed to “rehabilitate themselves”.  He continues to lie, foment discord, target his enemies with political terrorist tactics, and harm those around him.  This is the playbook of the community organizer, the Saul Alinsky Radical following “The third rule of ethics of means and ends is that in war the end justifies almost any means….”. There is a reason Alinsky dedicated his “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer: the methods are evil. As this author once told Peter in an email: “I will pray for your soul.”   Peter needs our prayers. As a family man and new father he is going to have to turn his life around and use his talents for good, rather than using unethical tactics to achieve his ends. His soul depends on it.


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