Welcome to the Updated “Sun Beam Times”!

A special message from the Founder and Editor, David McKalip, M.D….

I am so grateful to the many readers that have made the Sun Beam Times a success over the last two years. The Blog has focused on local issues and national and state issues that impact citizens at the local level. The new “look and feel” is designed to improve the experience of the reader. There are new features such as “Hot Topics” and “Popular posts” as well as enhanced twitter feeds and more. Take a look at past posts to see how the Sun Beam Times has been shedding light on the issues.  At the Sun Beam Times we believe that “Sunlight is a powerful disinfectant and reveals the truth”! If you are new to the Sun Beam Times, try us out for a couple of weeks as I report directly from the AMA meeting in D.C. where I will be working for better health care policy based in freedom and choice.

The Sun Beam Times will serve as the focus of the “Your City Campaign” to ensure the city is controlled by its citizens rather than bureaucrats, politicians, well-connected special interests and crony corporations.  The blog will continue to bring stories from the “frontlines” of Obamacare as I continue to serve the community as a brain and spine surgeon. The Sun Beam Times is always looking for good stories and good writers. If you have an interest, please contact me, Dr. McKalip at dmckalip@neuro3.net. Also, we have added advertising to the site to help grow our mission and those interested should also contact me

I hope you enjoy the new blog.  Help us grow by asking your friends and family to add their email address to the list by going to Sun Beam Times.com and typing it into the top right column’s box. God Bless you and God Bless St. Petersburg and our Nation.


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  1. Dr. Hal Hammer, Jr.

    First time I have seen your blog. Entered my e-mail in the “subscribe” blank so I hope to see more.

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