“Your City” Alert: Rays Un-Earned Profit is a Forced Error for the Taxpayer.

Time to go to City Hall to stop more wealth transfer from taxpayer to Rays...11/25 (details below).

Time to go to City Hall to stop more wealth transfer from taxpayer to Rays…11/25 (details and spending examples below).

The Tampa Bay Rays continue to insist that the taxpayers of St. Petersburg   and Pinellas county line their pockets with completely unearned profits.  The latest example is the planned   $1.3 million for Tropicana Filed Renovations and a new 360degree   wrap-around walkway in the stadium.    All for a team that is threatening to leave St. Petersburg and   routinely trashes the very stadium our citizens built as “inadequate”.  Meanwhile the Rays owners bring tens of   millions of profits to New York City through taxpayer’s subsidies. Team   President Matt Silverman Admitted publicly at the Tiger Bay Club on January   25, 2008 that they could not make a profit without taxpayer subsidies. Maybe   it is time for the City to let them leave in exchange for paying back the   hundreds of millions spent to build and support the stadium.   

“Your City” Campaign Alert

Come out to the St. Pete City Council   meeting, 11/25, 3 pm, 175 5th St. N.  
or… Email City Council at Council@stpete.org and Mayor at Mayor@stpete.org

 Say “No” To $1.3 million Wealth Transfer to Rays.

      •   The Rays can afford their own stadium   improvements.
      •   The City needs to keep funds there in case the   Rays leave for future modifications to Tropicana Field.
      •   The City needs the fund in case any major   repair work is needed in future.
      •   The City should leverage this fund to gain   concessions from the Rays to avoid loss of team and return on our “investment”.

Here is a partial list of the numerous ways the Taxpayers of St. Petersburg directly line the pockets of the Tampa Bay Rays with un-earned profits. These are profits not earned by honest business enterprises surrounding baseball, but by the use of government force to compel the poor and the middle class to subsidize the rich and the well connected. This “Forced Error” is merely another example of how the Political Class uses the taxpayers to bring home unearned profit.


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  1. Tom

    You make a lot of excellent points.

    Why is council rushing to pour money into a stadium when the team plans to move and profits will be invested in a new stadium in another city?

    The new mayor is asking citizens to come forward with their ideas for the city. This issue should be brought to his attention. Please post information on Mayor Kriseman’s transition team meetings.

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