Tampa Bay Times Crusade Against Life and “Futile” Medical Care

The Tampa Bay Times seems to be trying to infiltrate the public consciousness  with the concept that life is not worth saving.  It continues to offer regular pieces promoting the concept that doctors will reject medical care when facing serious medical diseases.   Yesterday it even promoted an essay from Scientific American writer Ferris Jabr they re-titled “Life is Just an Invention” a piece originally entitled  “Why Life Does not Really Exist”. This Sun Beam Times Writer and Founder Dr. David McKalip, a practicing neurosurgeon, nearly always sends a letter to the editor criticizing their crusade against life.  This is the letter to the Editor I sent in response to last weeks latest piece entitled “How Doctors Die”  (from December 1, 2013 Perspective Section). It told the story of how a doctor in Ohio chose to go home and die under Hospice care rather than having medical treatment for her metastatic cancer. Oddly, it appears to be missing from online searches.  A March 2012 piece also was entitled How Doctors Die and there are many other pieces calling into question the provision of medical care to people that the Times wants society to deem “Futile” as in this 11/18/2010 piece “Who decides Where People Die “. In that piece Dartmouth Doctor David Gooodman, a central economic planner, stated ” “Patients often unnecessarily receive care in intensive care units and invasive procedures,” said lead author Dr. David Goodman..

Well this doctor is finding that patients are being routinely denied care and in very inappropriate ways.  I have described it in posts linked at the bottom. Here is the latest letter defending medical care and life that the Times refused to publish.


RE: How Doctors Die, 12/1/2013 Perspective

Editor: The Times continues to extoll the virtues of shunning medical care while embracing death and so called “palliative care”.  Your headline implies most doctors avoid advanced medical care, yet the story cites scientific evidence debunking this assertion. I am a practicing neurosurgeon witnessing an alarming increase in families being misled regarding the prognosis of their loved ones by nurses and doctors under the influence of government-corrupted payment systems.  Brain hemorrhage patients who can walk into my office after standard medical care are falsely told within days of admission that there is no hope and care is withdrawn.  Metastatic cancer patients are not told about modern drugs like Avastin.  The objective is, of course, saving money for the alleged “common good”. But the only beneficiaries are politicians who can’t deliver on their false Medicare promises and insurance companies earning stolen profits through Obamacare.  It is erroneous to suggest that we all live off one pot of money and using it to save one life, costs others. Properly functioning private health insurance is more than capable of funding advanced medical care for all patients – if we end its government-created cartel status. This doctor rejects the culture of death infiltrating my profession and will always fight for my patients and offer them every beneficial treatment.  Patients must still choose their path, but should not be misled or denied access to care they deserve at the most vulnerable points in their lives. As for this doctor, I will fight my death to the end and embrace any suffering as a gift from God along with the privilege to live the precious life he gave me.

David McKalip, M.D.