2014 Stories to Watch: Economic Collapse, Spying, Extremism, Big Bad Government, Obamacare and a Moral Backlash?

Will Americans reject collectivism in 2014 and embrace faith and freedom?

Will Americans reject collectivism in 2014 and embrace faith and freedom?

As a new year begins, Americans will be facing some major storms and major philosophical decisions. There may be one glimmer of hope however: a moral backlash against big government, against the intolerance of progressives and against the rejection of faith and family. The Sun Beam Times blog predominately focusses on the issues that impact residents in the Tampa Bay region. However the errors being made by our big governments here mirror those of other communities across the nation and serve as a warning to others considering embracing the collectivist pathway.  Americans have key choices to make in 2014, and while government is where the impact of these choices may be most visible, the personal moral choices of Americans will be far more important.  The forecast is for storm clouds, but Americans are resilient and as Churchill said “always do the right thing – after trying everything else”.

1.       Economic Collapse on Horizon?
Fewer Americans are working now compared to the turn of the 21st century with more and more on food stamps, Medicaid, Social Security disability and other government assistance. Government worker pension plans continue to outstrip their funding sources as local and state governments often spend more for retirees than actual workers. The Private banking corporation called the Federal Reserve continues to pump up an artificially inflated stock market and economy with its “quantitative easing” (i.e. “the printing of money”) programs. The Federal government continues to monetize our debt, basically taking from one pocket to put into another, while destroying the value of our dollar the Federal Reserve overprints for it.  Meanwhile it has unfunded liabilities for Medicare, Social Security and other programs exceeding $120 trillion! Many notable economic forecasters are indicating that Americans are facing a major economic collapse in 2014 or 2015 that will make the 2008 event seem small. The Artificial economy of crony carporatism, printed money benefiting the wealthy and well-connected and massive government intervention in the economy cannot hold. In the end it will be middle class Americans who will face the biggest hardships through inflation, damaged small businesses and a growing taxation and regulatory burden by governments trying to “solve” the problems they caused in the first place.

2.       More Spying/Less Freedom
Americans are subject to NSA spying on their actual emails, phone calls and other personal communications. Red light cameras and street corner government surveillance cameras are propagating. America’s local police departments are gearing up with heavy firearms and armored cars.  President Obama has executed American citizens without trial by drone on foreign soil and signed the congressionally authorized law to detain Americans indefinitely without trail if they are deemed an enemy of the state. Free speech is being chilled both by government regulation and an oppressive liberal activist establishment calling anyone they disagree with “racist”, “homophobe”, “stupid” or dangerous. The trend of increasing government surveillance and control is likely to grow and only one new major terrorist attack is necessary to increase the police surveillance state. Many Americans will willingly offer to trade their liberty for the false sense of security offered by a government that itself is becoming dangerous to citizens.

3.       An American Moral Backlash?
The Collectivist* community is busier than ever. There is an active campaign to drive religion out of society and to deny the existence of God. The small minority of people in America who are gay, lesbian and transgendered are using government power and social intimidation to push their agenda onto others. Environmentalists continue to bamboozle Americans with doom and gloom to enact draconian laws that make life unnecessarily harder and more expensive.  Race hustlers and poverty pimps accuse anyone who disagrees with them of being members of a racist lynch mob. Socialists and fascists, masquerading as progressives and liberals, accuse any person standing up for limited government, free markets and freedom of being Neanderthals. All of these parties trash the founders of the greatest county in the history of an as “old white guys” and the constitution as “laws that are no longer relevant”.  Meanwhile popular culture is permeated by twerking heroines, TV shows with “modern families” depicted as mainstream, rapping womanizers, endless exultation of sexual promiscuity, God bashers and propagandists pushing big government.  As evidenced by the backlash against the Chick-fil-a boycott and the misstep of the censoring of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, Americans appear sick of it.  2014 could be the year that Americans reject the oppressive bully tactics of the collectivists, extremist activist groups and anti-faith crusaders and stand up for themselves.  2014 could be the year where individual Americans turn back to their faith and the family, demand their freedom and reject the works of the masquerading do-gooders in favor of real works for common good that comes from individuals and the free market.

4.       A Bad Government Case-Study: City of St. Petersburg Prepares for Massive Government Spending and Taxation.
Like many cities across America, the city of St. Petersburg is taxing its citizens more than ever as it vastly increases its government spending. With a new collectivist Mayor Rick Kriseman and two new gay activists and hard core collectivists on city council (Darden Rice and Amy Foster), the City of St. Petersburg is ready to be “transformed”. These are Obama “hope and change” true believers, acolytes and commanders. The political patronage jobs are already starting with about $750,000 in new, unfunded, management positions created in the Mayor’s office.  The city has an unfunded liability of $625 million for government worker retirement benefits with no plan to fund or to reform them. They city is heading for bankruptcy as did Detroit, Stockton, Vallejo, Harrisburg, Jefferson County (AL), Central Falls (RI), San Bernadino (CA) and more. The response will be to continue to raise fees, utility bills, property taxes, parking tickets and other government revenue drained from the local private economy. The city will spend more than ever to attract the “right” businesses, will push a rail project as a panacea for all ills and impose extremist social agendas into nearly every aspect of its policies and directly into the lives of citizens who reject them.

 5.       Bad Policy Case Study: Will Pinellas Voters Vote themselves a $130 million annual Sales Tax hike?
Ignoring the many failures of rail throughout the nation, nearly every local government, chamber of commerce, union and political power player group is lined up to pass a $130 million annual sales tax hike to build a light rail project in Pinellas county. The train would unexplainably link downtown Clearwater and downtown St. Petersburg. These projects are often touted for economic growth, but history and research shows that only the rich and well-connected benefit as money is redistributed to “transit-oriented development” out of other places in the economy. There will likely be well over a million dollars spent by rail advocates. The open question is if the local grassroots opponents can stop the tax hike with a budget that will likely not break $50,000. The anti-rail group stopped rail in Tampa with less than $30,000 while advocates spent $1.7 million and lost their bid to build rail. Will the residents of Pinellas see through the hype and stop this economy-killing tax and unnecessary train boondoggle?

6.       Obamacare – Embraced or Rejected? An Insurance Company bailout?
Millions of Americans are losing their health plans and are being mandated to buy high cost insurance with fewer benefits. The Obamacare reforms are working to make rationing a way of life as Americans are told it is their duty to die earlier and suffer longer to benefit “the common good” and the health of the state. As President Obama changes rules on the fly solely for his political benefit it is becoming clear that “the law of the land” is actually an Obamacare lawlessness where only the whims of a politician matter. The young and the healthy are resisting efforts to force them to buy expensive plans they don’t want to benefit older and sicker patients. This will cause major economic losses to an insurance industry that will seek a federal financial bailout from the taxpayers. Look for hundreds of billions of dollars to be sought by insurance companies to prop up the doomed Obamcare model.  Look for the same President who demonized the insurance companies for years, call for these corporations to receive taxpayer funded and Federal Reserve printed dollars to bail them out. The question is will Americans embrace this naked collectivist passion play of crony corporatism and nationalization of 1/6 of the nation’s economy? Or will they reject Obamacare when they recognize they have been conned by a Collectivist establishment that seeks to have them suffer, die and become poor all in the interests of the state and the wealthy elite in charge?

2014 will be a critical year for Americans faced with failed government programs and a deeply entrenched corporate crony class. Will Americans see through the con jobs of the race-baiters, extremist liberal agendas, attacks on faith and big government? Will Americans embrace America’s founding principles that bring prosperity to all? If Americans want a prosperous 2015 and beyond, they will need to embrace these principles in 2014: Natural Rights, Individual Liberty, Limited Government, Consent of the Governed, Free Markets, Property Rights, Equal Justice and Rule of Law.



*Collectivist – socialists, progressive democrats and republicans, liberals, and fascists, and crony corporatists (it would be an insult to capitalism to use the term “crony capitalist”). The collectivist seek dominance of a small governing authority over the population and a pooling of financial resources into large government or central economic authority (e.g. the Federal Reserve). Collectivists use central economic planning by elite groups. They claim to work for the common good and social justice, but in the end are merely seeking to control the population to serve the interest of the elitists in control of the system.


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  1. Tom

    A local issue with national impact is the “crisis” in subsidized flood insurance and beach renourishment. After decades of government subsidy federal government support for these two subsidies to private property owners may come to an end. Both subsidies encourage development and investment to occur on land where destruction is most likely and the investment will be lost. Property owners are in a never ending cycle of destruction and government funded rebuilding. Politicians of both parties are united in calling for continued subsidy and more local taxes to make up for the loss of federal funds.

    There could be a better way. We could use this crisis to move toward a more sustainable policy that allows the free market to drive investment decisions.

  2. Tom

    How will Obamacare effect the destruction of human embryos through fertility treatments? The pro-life movement does not talk about this very much. Romneycare, the Republican health care plan that was a model for Obamacare seems to be more generous to the fertility industry.

    Adoption is an option for families that does not create new embryos that are destined to be destroyed.

    “…here’s no dramatic change under the law that will impact the way infertility treatments are delivered. Perhaps more women will have access to infertility services through mandated health care and they won’t be denied health insurance based on their preexisting condition – yes, in some cases, infertility diagnosis has been considered a preexisting condition and a basis for denied insurance. However, the ACA doesn’t really have a section on infertility-related disorders and treatment. Only 15 states – including Massachusetts – mandate that private insurers cover certain infertility treatment, but each state varies on what exactly is covered. In other states, diagnosis and treatment of infertility is not reimbursed by insurance providers.”

  3. ron thompson

    This list is a scatter shot of claims and opinions. For facts some are true, outright false, and spun to sound false. Opinions regarding future events are speculation stated as fact. The role of society is a source of debate along a contiuum. Those that do not want strict privatism are not automatically communists, socialists, or collectivists. Some recognize the constitutional requirement to maintain a union where we may enjoy life liberty and happiness. Why do we have money for jails and toxic cleanups but it is unconstitutional tyranny to prevent the known sources of these costs?

    Social security is over funded by an agreement struck by reagan & o’neill. Those funds are very important and HUGE, and wisely should not be put into speculative commercial stocks or bonds, foreign investment or as payola to connected corporations (ie monsanto, solandra). SS funds are restricted, by law, to the lowest risk investment vehicle. This is US Treasuries. Of
    course, Treasury bonds fund the debt. But who would advocate putting that money into ponzie, foreign, or banker directed investments?

    As SS needs to begin drawing down its reserve, it will simply buy less treasuries and they will instead sell on the open market. Congress has not “depleted” or “spent” social security reserves any more than the they “depleted” the chinese or individual investors buying treasuries. To say the SS reserve has “been spent” is a lie, or at least a grave mischaracterization made to give others a false impression. For anyone making that claim to be happy, the reserve fund would need to be collected in $100 bills, stacked on pallets and placed in a giant mattress. To even put it in a bank CD, by this misleading definition, it is “spent” and “depleted”. Yes, the REAL size of the debt will start affecting the dollar on world market, we may experience a wesker dollar or inflation or even lose ourvstatus as the world’s base currency. This makes rescent political gyrations that harmed the economy by creating instability even more criminal, but THE SS

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      Ron, You assert that there things I have offered are “outright false”. Yet, you fail to refute one claim I directly made in this piece. You spin off on the Social Security Trust fund and assert it is “solvent”. Well, it is not. The money paid in from payroll taxes is not enough to pay for the social Seucrity checks. That is why the Government borrows money through U.S. Treasuries and takes Income tax money in to make payouts. In otherwords, there is not enough money in the trust fund and sitting in the filing cabinet in West Virginia is a bunch of IOU’s to the Federal government to pay back the money. That won’t happen. REad here to learn some real facts: http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2013/05/2013-social-security-trust-fund-reports-massive-deficits-benefit-cuts

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