48% is a “Majority”? Media Propaganda Continues to Prop up Obamacare.

Only propaganda can save Obamacare now. Will you be fooled again?

Only propaganda can save Obamacare now. Will you be fooled again? (The Caption reads “And rock this jam from B-rock O’Beezy”. That was not a spoof.)

The mainstream news and popular media like big government and they love Obamacare.  They have been painfully forced to report the many problems of Obamacare including its horrible website, delayed implementation, special carve outs for unions, dropped doctors and dropped insurance plans. It’s like a teenage crush that turned into a dysfunctional relationship.  Well now the press is finding ways to justify the dysfunctional relationship and re-brand it as true love with the latest round of sappy propaganda designed to prop up the doomed Obamacare program. In fact, the propaganda is directed straight from the White House that even held an exclusive media meeting with friendly news organizations in November for damage control. Check out these examples of the media’s latest attempts to justify the massive government-corporate controlled medical system.

Tampa Bay Times: 48% is a “majority” of support for Obamacare, even as poll shows nearly twice as many outright oppose as support!

On 12/31/13 the Times front page, above the fold headline read “Health Law Has Support for Now” and its sub headline stated: “A majority either support it or wants to give it a try.” The poll had asked 625 Tampa Bay Area residents to choose “support” (18%), “oppose”(35%), “Basically support but it needs improvement”(30%) and “I don’t like it but no one has come up with a better idea”(13%) (4% had no opinion). Now the Times may want to look up the Webster’s definition of “majority” (50%+1).  Pooling 18% “support” with 30% “basically support with improvement” still gives 48%. The Times hopes to persuade those who get their news by headline that a majority supports. This is an example of “newspeak” described in George Orwell’s 1984 and of changing the meaning of words as in Friedrich Hayek’s Road to Serfdom. The Times used to have a motto printed every day on its pages that their philosophy was simply to “tell the truth”. Well, it appears they were wise to remove that ink from their pages since the truth is clearly not the case here and their propaganda campaign in support of Obamacare prattles on.

CNN and Others Publish Feel Good “I enrolled” stories.

CNN is running stories under the headline “I signed up for Obamacare! Many Americans are thrilled that their Obamacare insurance plans kick in on Jan. 1.”. This is in addition to similar stories in the Tampa Bay Times. Often not mentioned is whether these folks have actually paid their premiums and whether they will find doctors they need. Glossed over is the fact that the vast majority of these folks are receiving government subsidies to buy these policies. That means that they are receiving health insurance nearly free at the expense of others who are shelling out full (inflated)  price.  The subsidies are paid for with borrowed Federal Reserve dollars (printed for the purpose), or taxes and redistributed wealth. Missing is a never ending stream of “I lost my insurance” stories from the pages and broadcasts of these Obamcare propaganda pushers.

NBC’s Medical Editor: Signing up for Obamacare is your “Patriotic Duty”!

NBC’s Medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman appeared on the practically state-run MSNBC network. On “Morning Joe” she commented that she instructed her children it is their “patriotic duty” to sign up for Obamacare.  She then went onto acknowledge that she supports a single payer health plan and seems to agree with the idea that every American should be on “Medicare”. Look for more propaganda asserting that Americans are being unpatriotic and not properly serving the “common good” if they don’t sign up for Obamacare. Following that will be that it is a patriotic duty to accept rationing, more suffering and earlier death for “the common good”.

Pop Culture Icons and Messaging Pushing Obamcare

 Hollywood celebrities, sitcom characters and more love to push Obamacare. In this way, Americans who are not watching the news are more easily indoctrinated with the idea that a nationalized health insurance system and central control of medical practice is “normal” and “good for them”.  “Sexiest Man Alive” Adam Levine (Maroon 5 singer and host on “the Voice”) will be featured in videos and other messaging in the “Tell a friend- get covered” campaign. An example of such messaging is the Obama impersonator in a Rap video saying “Sign up cause its hot”, spoofing the popular hit “Drop it like its hot”. The is similar to North Korean, Cuban and Soviet Posters glorifying the “Dear leader”.  In the vide “B-rock O’Beezy offer: “My Health Care’s Chizzle”. Okay. But can you see the doctor of your choice?


Obamacare is doomed. It is a financially impossible scheme that relies on forcing the young and the healthy to buy overpriced, poor insurance to subsidize the cost of health costs for the older and sicker. Obamacare has caused millions of Americans to lose their health insurance (only a “small percent” according the President). Obamacare imposes rationing.  Obamacare cannot stand on its own and the collectivists and crony corporatists know it. That is why we will see more propaganda used to prop up Obamacare in 2014. 



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  1. ron thompson

    I did not hear you complain when gun registration, budget conference committees, closing Guantanamo, parts of the stimulus were also shut down by “A Minority” when a 51% to 55% majority wished to pass those bills. Don’t even talk about various ambassadors, judges, department heads (including the ATF which, lacking a senate approved leader, had the unapproved “fast and furious” plan occur without supervision). It’s hard to get excited when a conservative suddenly complains about “Majority Rule” after 6 years of controlling the process with anywhere from a 41% to 45% minority.

    As for healthcare, there are many progressives, socialists, and anarchists in America that consider Obamacare a total sellout. They want a 100% government run healthcare system (Medicare for all). They consider ANY involvement of for-profit Health Insurance companies as a waste of taxpayer money, and putting an soulless administrator between the patient and their doctor.

    So you have a minority of libertarians and conservatives on the right, and a minority of extreme liberals on the left in opposition to the Affordable Healthcare Act for opposite reasons. That is not a “movement” in the sense that if it was repealed, there would be no consensus between those groups of what to put in its place. Anyone can tear down, smash to pieces, burn to ashes, or rip apart; but are they ready and able to build the coalition necessary to craft a working satisfactory replacement? With over 40% (nearly 50%) in the middle, approving the healthcare plan, that is the best any consensus or compromise bill can hope for.

    There is an old adage in politics, that worked for centuries, and works now everywhere except Washington (and red states): a success in governing is when everyone is equally unhappy, and nobody is totally happy.

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      Ron, your entire set of assumptions are false and you did not refute any facts offered in the piece nor even discuss in any meaningful way the predictions.

      Your faulty assumptions are the following:
      1. Majority rule is how our government works. Wrong. Our government is specifically set up to STOP majority rule and to protect the rights of the minority … the individual in fact. We are NOT a democracy. We are a Republic.
      2. Government is the source of solutions. Turns out that government is the source of most of our current national and global problems. The solutions they offer are designed to fix the problems they cause but they only make things worse.

      Your final quote demonstrates that your believe those assumptions: “There is an old adage in politics, that worked for centuries, and works now everywhere except Washington (and red states): a success in governing is when everyone is equally unhappy, and nobody is totally happy.”

      No, it is NOT okay to use majority muscle to “govern” and force people do things they don’t want to do. That is a tyranny of the majority.

      Your response is mainly partisan and not based in reason or logic.

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