David Jolly for Congress – the Best Choice.

DAvid JOllyThe Sun Beam Times has interviewed all three Republican Candidates for Congress and evaluated Alex Sink.  It is clear that David Jolly would be the best choice to serve the citizens of Pinellas County. The Sun Beam times recommends David Jolly for Republican primary voters on January 14 and in the March 11 General Election. David Jolly has the experience, the knowledge, the political skill and most importantly a belief in the right principles to best serve in Congress.  At this point, David Jolly has outraised all Republican opponents ($388K vs $170K Peters and $54K Bircher) and has an 11% lead in the Republican polls (39% Jolly, 28% Peters, 18% Bircher).

The Sun Beam Times conducted detailed personal interviews of all three Republican candidates: Mark Bircher, Kathleen Peters and David Jolly.  Sun Beam Times founder and Editor Dr. David McKalip also served as a panelist in a one hour long debate between Republican opponents on 1/2/14 (Kathleen Peters cancelled at the last minute which will be discussed below). In the interviews and debate David Jolly demonstrated his command of the issues, his ability to connect with the public and his willingness to listen to new ideas.  The other candidates are either not prepared to serve or not the right choice.

Kathleen Peters is a current state House Rep. and past Mayor of South Pasadena and a Chamber of Commerce insider. However the current Mayor of South Pasadena, Dan Calabria, endorses David Jolly. In a one-on-one interview with Kathleen Peters it is clear that she is not knowledgeable on the issues or on even basic facts a Congresswoman would need.  She also is dodgy on some controversial issues. Worst of all, it is well known that she was put up for election by political power player Jack Latvala (State Senator) who is a progressive and has a vindictive streak against his opponents. This demonstrates her willingness to be part of a political power structure, rather than being motivated to serve constituents in Congress, a very bad sign.  When asked about the proper role of the Federal Reserve in America, she was unaware of efforts or the need to Audit the Federal Reserve and needed to “study” the whole issue more. When asked about the proper role of Congress in declaring war, she didn’t even appear to know that such a Constitutional authority existed.  When asked about increasing the sales tax $130 million annually to build light rail (a Latvala dream project) she equivocated. She stated she liked the idea of more transit options and felt more money was needed somehow, but said she wanted to study it more. The number one issue (rail) in Pinellas politics for the last two and next one year does not need further study by a major elected leader to provide a firm opinion to a constituent. She also made a misstep recently by supporting the “Common Core” education approach.  Further, much of her interview consisted of her attacking David Jolly as a “lobbyist” without indicating any particular problems with David Jolly’s lobbying activities- clearly she was uninformed as a candidate. Kathleen Peters missed the well attended 1/2/14 Pinellas County Young Republicans debate after being confirmed for weeks. She confirmed attendance the very morning of the event, cancelling only about four hours before it began. She referred to the recent death of her brother. However, investigation reveals he died 12/23 in the Chicago Suburb of Wheeling. The day after the death of her brother she was seen on Facebook and in the Tampa Bay Times delivering Christmas presents to Kids with Santa Clause in a clear Photo op. On the date of her Brother’s Illinois funeral, 12/27, she found time to write a political attack on her Facebook page against David Jolly.  On New Year’s eve she posted pictures of herself on Facebook partying like a rock star.  The death of her brother was clearly not a valid excuse. She has yet to return calls from the Sun Beam Times to provide an explanation for her absence.  Kathleen Peters politically motivated campaign, lack of knowledge, lack of belief in core founding principles of America, and questionable veracity make her an unacceptable candidate to serve Pinellas County residents in Congress.

Retired Marine Brigadier General Mark Bircher would make a great elected official, but is not ready to serve in Congress yet. He routinely annunciates a sincere belief in founding principles of our country and a desire to ensure the federal government adheres to its Constitutional limitations. However, he has trouble moving beyond those talking points and applying those principles to the issues of the day.  For instance, he is clear that Congress should declare war, but can’t clearly indicate whether it was constitutional or wise for America to attack Libya in 2011. In the debate question on the topic asking if Congress should declare war on Syria prior to any potential military action in the future, he found himself lost in his thoughts and annunciating real, but unrelated, issues in Faluhah and other foreign towns.  He appeared to equivocate on the issue by indicating that when soldiers have “all their tomorrows” on the line, there may not be time for Congress to act.  On the Federal Reserve he was clear in indicating that it has outstripped its authority and maybe should even be abolished. But on a phone interview he indicated that repealing the 16th and 17th amendments to the Constitution should be done to address the problems with the Fed. When asked what else he would do if these could not be done quickly, he could not independently come up with the idea of auditing the Fed, but supported it when raised.  When asked to name just one market based reform to drive down the cost of health insurance in America, he was clearly stymied and said he would need to rely on “the experts”. Mark Bircher has troubles annunciating a clear message that will inspire most voters who are unaware of foundational and Constitutional issues. He will not be able to beat Alex Sink, even with the endorsement of Past Congressman Alan West.  Mark Bircher has much to offer but should focus on a more active role in the community and perhaps consider a run at local office before trying a shot at Congress at this point.

David Jolly’s years of tutelage serving as Congressman Bill Young’s legal Counsel shows.  He presents himself well to the public and would be a worthy adversary against Alex Sink. He has a command on the issues. When asked about market based reforms to drive down health insurance costs he was able to indicate ending employer only health insurance, ensuring insurance portability and ending such a broad federal subsidy program. On balancing the Federal budget he demonstrated a commanding knowledge of budget issues and the long term $120 trillion unfunded liabilities from entitlements and expressed a sincere willingness for reform for new entrants into the entitlement system. However he is clearly not a firm Constitutionalist. He supported an audit of the Federal Reserve, but there was some equivocation about exceptions to transparency.  He strongly agreed that Congress should declare war and lamented military actions in Libya that did not. However he then supported America’s role in an “international effort” in Syria even without a declaration of war since President Obama “drew a line”. He redeemed himself by indicating that Americans should not be subject to death by drone strike or imprisonment under the NDAA without Judicial due process, insisting on a strong role for the courts.  In personal interviews he indicated the need to slash Federal spending, but did indicate in the debate that balancing the budget in the next few years could only happen by increased federal revenue through economic growth (rather than tax hikes).

David Jolly is the best candidate in the current Republican field and should be supported in the primaries to prevent a battle between Kathleen Peters and Alex Sink that Sink will win.  David Jolly is the only candidate that can beat Alex Sink based on messaging, political skills and on the issues.  Alex Sink will be very weak on the very unpopular Obamacare issue while Jolly calls for Repeal and has solid ideas for replacement. David Jolly can raise the money, and connect with voters. His past linkage to Congressman Bill Young and the endorsement of Beverly Young will go far. Alex Sink’s carpet bagging move from Polk County to Pinellas will be an easy target for David Jolly with his long-standing roots in Pinellas.  The Sun Beam Times recommends David Jolly to Republican Primary Voters and in the General Election.


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  1. Fred Brownbill

    I am not sure I can agree that Jolly is the best man for the job as there is another candidate that should have been investigated and spoken to and whose views may well have been found to be better for the position, for Florida and for the constitution, and that would be the Libertarian candidate, Lucas Overby. I am so sick of these candidates receiving no coverage at all, and that goes for the Governors race as well. I implore everyone who is voting to research every candidate and not just the so called main two, the Dems and GOP, both parties are corrupt, They are as one, both having led this country to the very sad place we find it now. Vote your conciounce in this election America.

  2. Tim Rodocker

    I’m terribly disappointed that you view electability as more important than principles. I’m even more shocked that you are picking a big government, slick talking lobbyist to support.

    On foreign policy Jolly is a fan of allowing a president to attack if the pres says, “I’m going to attack you.” How could you possibly pick someone that would allow the president to attack at will over someone that knows the issue is so terribly important that you can’t give an answer in 30 seconds? It doesn’t matter that Jolly says a vote should go to congress as he supports unlimited power for the president to attack if it undermines our reputation… not even our safety!!

    Not to mention, the guy lost all support from me when he declared that US Patriot and Hero, Ed Snowden, should be charged with treason. Clearly, Jolly doesn’t support whistle blowers and prefers a quick death for them.

    Very disappointed in everything about your endorsement, save for your ability to identify who’s the most polished speaker.

    David may be a

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      We have to ask: are we better with Alex sink or David Jolly in office. The answer is cledar. Sink is dangerous and will stay there for years deepining the liberal bent of Pinellas. BIrcher and Overby simply can’t beat her. reality wins in this matter.

      1. marie

        Dr M, you chose the perfect word in your reply, REALITY! Those that chose to not vote for Romney due to “principles” ENSURED the further destruction of principles in America. REALITY is what will save us.

        1. Sun Beam Times Post author

          There are some races where I would serve the p0rinciples first. For example I couldn’t vote for mccain but voted Romney. Until my fellow Ron Paul warriors do a better job at dominating the graSsroot scene in Pinellas. we will have to ensure we keep hard core socialists out of office.

  3. Norm Roche

    I attended last night’s forum and it was a great turnout. Excellent and substantive questions. And kudos again, Dr. McKalip, for a job well done as a panelist. And extra kudos to the Pinellas Young Republicans – one of the best forums I’ve attended in quite some time. That being said, and in my opinion:

    This Election is far more important to Pinellas than some ideology scorecard or a State Senator’s (Latvala’s) massive ego. Jolly is the right choice for this seat. If David Jolly wins this Primary, the Republicans/Conservatives will hold this seat. If Peters or Bircher (with much and due respect to him) wins the Primary, we will lose the seat to the extreme liberal/socialism branch of the Democrat Party.

    Consider this if you will:

    Jolly’s extensive experience and work with the Honorable Bill Young (may he rest in peace) and others in DC will enable him to enter DC at a level above “freshman” – and that’s very, very, very important to the economic stability and support of our County. From the VA (due support for our Veterans and thier economic impact here), to beach renourishment funding (support for our tourism industry), to transportation funding (US 19 improvements et al), to support for our strong military and national security manufacturing industry here in Pinellas – David will be in a stronger position to continue that representation and support. He knows where the bathrooms are, so to speak.

    With respects; the others would enter DC as true freshmen, be relegated to the basement, have zero gravitas, be managed by the establishment as mere votes in support of one side or the other – and not seen nor heard from, to any substantive degree or power, for years.

    For me, this is not about polical Party or the game of politics; it’s about Pinellas. I found Bircher to be quite impressive and honorable. I’ve met and really like Overby. Peters was pushed into this by Senator Latvala and now is at risk of losing the State Representative seat as well. It’s time we demand that our “elected leaders” stop gaming Pinellas, and start serving it…but I digress.

    Vote as you choose and is your right (thank God and our Constitution). As for me, I support David Jolly for several reasons, including those I’ve shared above.

    May God bless and keep you all well in the new year.



  5. C.F. Arnold

    Lucas Overby is everything you are looking for in a candidate. He is the best for the job by your own standards.

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      No doubt that Lucas Overby would be a great member of Congress. However, where is his political campaign? Where are the mailers, the TV ads, the door to door canvassers? Where are the hundreds of grassroots activists making phone calls, manning polling stations. Until that level of campaign can be produced, we need to make the top priority as keeping ALex Sink and Kathleen Peters out of office. having run and narrowly lost a primary, I know the angst of endorsing a candidate who is not a firm constitutionalist. I also learned that we need more ground troops if we are going to win. for now, in this race, at this time, a vote for Lucas is a vote for Alex Sink. Alex sink will spport thecrook Obama and al his schemes. Jolly won’t. its that simple.

      1. C.F. Arnold

        This collectivist way of thinking, “us vs. them”, is a huge part of the problem. People trading in their principles will never bring liberty. Sure, Jolly won’t side with Obama, but if he sides with the neo-cons, what’s the difference? If he does not stand on principle then he can be swayed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes.

        1. Sun Beam Times Post author

          A 5 person patriot team with muskets and knives and pampheletes,does not stop a 50 man socialist team (Sink) with thier tanks, flamethrowers and massive propaganda apparattus. Rather they assist the 45 member Republican team to defeat them. Then they win 30 of the Mainstreamers to thier side and win future victories. That is the situation we are in in Pinellas wether we like it or not!

  6. Tom Rask

    It was very hard for me to vote for Jolly over Bircher. But I did.

    I agree with Rodocker’s comments on Snowden. Many people don’t know that the DOJ charged Snowden under laws that PROHIBIT him from using the defense that he disclosed unconstitutional activities. Our federal government has turned into one big lying flying circus. With an unhealthy dose of fascism added.

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