Only Deceivers Think the Truth is Misleading. Greenlight Pinellas Goes on Attack Against Accurate Rail Poll.

The poll released yesterday reveals voters do NOT want a 14% sales tax hike to build a train from St. Pete to Clearwater.

The poll released yesterday reveals voters do NOT want a 14% sales tax hike to build a train from St. Pete to Clearwater.

Here is the question: “This is quick poll on the Greenlight Pinellas sales tax referendum in November. Do you support raising sales taxes to build a commuter train from St. Petersburg to Clearwater?” This has been labeled “misleading” and “skewed” by the huffiest, puffiest bloviators around: the Greenlight Pinellas insiders.  Here’s another “misleading” question: “Are you likely to ride a train between St. Petersburg and Clearwater on a regular basis?”.  Hmmm, that seems pretty hard to figure out. Is the respondent thinking “how am I being fooled here”? The most unkindest “misleading” cut of all: “Were you aware that Sales taxes will be raised from 7 cents to 8 cents, a 14% increase, creating the highest sales tax in Florida?” It turns out that when the truth comes out of the clouds, those who hide in the shadows feel its burn.  The natural response of deceivers is to writhe in pain as they are struck by the light of the truth and shout profanities as they accuse the light of being the dark.

Pinellas County Commissioner Ken Welch seemed particularly offended by the truth that people reject the Greenlight Pinellas light rail proposal to raise sales taxes 14%, the highest sales tax in the state. He complains that the poll did not mention that buses would be bought too. However, he did not mention that the referendum vote does not obligate the PSTA to spend expand bus service by “65%”. That’s just a politicians’ promise. He didn’t mention that the “tax swap” removing $30 million in property taxes will be replaced with a $130 million sales tax hike! These are truths that the $400,000 tax payer already spent on the Greenlight campaign have never mentioned as they have “educated” the voters. 

Those reporting on the crocodile tears like Mitch Perry at Creative Loafing put out a headline that says “were the questions misleading”? Yet where was his hard hitting reporting on the Tampa Bay Times poll that did not even reveal its questions in December and surveyed about 270 Pinellas County residents. The demographics were never defined and the results were in fact, invalid and never reported as “scientific” as with the Sun Beam Times Poll. The Tampa Bay Times Poll is similar to the one in October that asked this question “Would you be supportive of spending public or tax money to bring light rail mass transit to parts of the Tampa Bay area?”. It is more misleading to not even mention the train is from ST. Pete to Clearwater and will never go to Tampa. It is evasive to not point out the tax will be the highest in the state. The entire Modus Operandi of Greenlight Pinellas is to deceive voters with skewed and invalid polls.

The Tribune’s Chris O’Donnell focusses his headline on the feigned concerns of Greenlight that the questions are “skewed”.  Where was the hard hitting reporting of Chris O’Donnell on the faulty polls above.  Chris goes on to indicate that StPetePolls asked a question on the subject in a “more neutral” fashion. Well, here is the question from St. Pete Polls in 4/2013: “Would you be willing to pay more in taxes to build a new light rail mass transit system in Pinellas County”.  There is no difference between that question and the one’s asked by the Sun Beam Times:Do you support raising sales taxes to build a commuter train from St. Petersburg to Clearwater?”

The Greenlight people will stop at nothing to raise sales taxes 14% for the rail boondoggle supported byconsortium of Realtors and development firms” as Chris O’Donnell of the Tribune potrays them. They are the cronies pulling the puppet strings of the politicians on this deal.  The many falsehoods and deceptions of Greenlight Pinellas will be summarized in a post tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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  1. Tom Kulaga

    I wonder if the PSTA figured that Scott was going to propose to eliminate the sales tax on commercial rents. If that proposal passes effective July 1, how much will it decrease the $130,000 the PSTA expected to collect annually from Pinellas county residents and tourists.

  2. Boss Tweed

    Yeah, but the poll must be misleading because it did not mention that the big tax increase is for our children. After all, people need to be reminded that all taxes are for our children and our future benefit.

    Plus, once the PSTA expands bus service by 65%, each rider will have his own bus to ride, and just think of how much better service will be then. You’ll feel like you are in New York City riding around in the biggest hummer, a city bus.

    1. ron thompson

      Boss, nobody says you need to use transit. Nobody says to use us19, the vets tpike, or the lakeland toll road; all big payola projects to the land, const, development, real estate, and prop mgmt companies. Which ones? Pull out an old paper. They were Bush Rangers, Rubio & Martinez rollers, and now stuff their dough into dark money pacs for GOP candidates. Dig up farms & groves north of Dade City, no worry about a cartel getting rich there. Let new owners drive 1 per car 50 miles each way, this is America. Gingrich says we should manipulate mkts so gas is $2. But anyone suggest modern urban transit, with forward looking energy, asset, and communiting plans, and suddenly “some crooked politician just wants to make himself rich”. Why are young talent moving to Chi, Bos, Was, SF. Because modern transit is important to people under the age of 60. Someday, the executor of your estate will wish young executives lived in pinellas for the tag sale of your stuff. They would drive out to East lake and trinity in shared eCars to haul you stuff back to their metro lofts located on the rail lines.

  3. Linda Pallini

    O.K. enough already. I would like to hear the straight truth. I like the idea of light rail to take us to Tampa , and connect to other areas south , north, and along the east coast. Time to wake up sleepy south, and think like other big cities.

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      Here is the stratight truth. There is NO train being built to tampa paid for by the 14% sales tax rate hike in the November Election. Tampa Voters voted against such a tax hike in 2010 to build a train there.

  4. Westech

    Perhaps the cadre of our public servants behind the train would answer this 2 questions:
    How many of you will forgo your government issue car or gas allowance and/or your personal car & commit to riding the train each day every day?
    The proposed tax increase will not cover the construction and operating costs of the train thus requiring additional funding. Where do you propose to acquire the monies needed to sustain your commuter rail line?

  5. ron thompson

    A poll included this: Big thundering buses belch fumes, make excessive noise, tie up traffic, yet are usially empty, and sometimes strike and injure the elderly and young children.. Do you support raising the county sales tax to buy even more busses when the ones we have are not fully used?

    Once again, an independent shoes PSTA and the citizens of pinellas that the voters don’t support been light.

    That, or it suggests that NTFT considers voters will easily fall for headlines that don’t match details where scrutiney is applied.

  6. More Tax for Trax

    Takes a bloviator to know a bloviator. Your poll only polled Republicans. Try polling an even representative statistical base and see what happens.

    Tired of Bloviating Surgeon Politicians that get there butts handed to them by Gay Women.
    –More tax for trax

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      The poll was conducted evenly among all voters regardless of party. “Suzy of New York” I am surprised you are so versed in the intricacies of politics and polls. Are you sure you are really a retired snowbird from New York as you claim? What is your real name? what sort of job do you have here locally in Pinellas county? Could you really be a worker for the Greenlight campaign?

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