TBARTA Chair Ronnie Duncan Called out for Unethical Behavior on “Greenlight” Campaign

1307137945-ronnie-duncanThe “Yes on Greenlight” campaign rolled out last week with government official Ronnie Duncan at the head of this political organization.  Former County Commissioner and head of “Duncan Properties” is the Chair of the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation  Authority (TBARTA), He is also the chair of the political action group “Yes on Greenlight” which is raising over a million dollars to push Pinellas voters to pass a $130 million sales tax hike in November 2014.  Sharon Calvert, head of the organization “COST”  (Citizens Organized for So


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  1. ron thompson

    So a person wrote a letter (and cc’d the governor). THAT is worth a banner headline in Sunbeam Times! I wrote a letter to the WHITE HOUSE yesterday. Hold the presses!

    1. Matthew

      Was it about this regressive tax on Pinellas county residents. If so, send a copy to the Sunbeam Times and I bet they’ll publish it.

      The TBARTA head and anyone else supporting Greenlight Pinellas are just hurthing the poor in Pinellas county with this boondoggle. You have to ask yourself… what are they getting out of it?

  2. Tom

    Okay fine I don’t disagree but can anyone explain to me how is this different than a few county commissioners sitting on the PSTA board?

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      It is important since Duncan is the Chair of TBARTA – a government body that oversees transportation dollars. He is also the head of a political organization trying to pass a new tax to give more transportation money to government. There is a conflict of interest. He can’t serve TBARTA in an objective way if he is also trying to raise money in this way.

      As far as the difference from County commissioners, they are not official officers of the organization raising money for Greenlight…though the actions of many of them are just as questionable on the matter.

  3. More Tax for Trax

    Shouldn’t you be dissecting a back or something. I would question your ability to effectively be a surgeon when your so busy losing races to hot gay women in your hometown.

    There is absolutely no wrongdoing on his part. Separate agencies and separate positions, and your just batty and wrong.

    Respectfully your,
    More Tax for Trax

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      Wow “Suzy from New York” for a retired snow bird from New York you sure are up on the sexual orientation of local elected officials. However, I can’t see what that has to do with this issue. Are you sure you are no a political operative for Greenlight Pinellas?

    2. Matthew

      That is offensive. Why does anyone’s sexual orientation or attractiveness matter. You sound like a shill or a troll.

      You also are a very poor grammarian.

  4. Kyle Smith

    TBARTA receives millions of tax dollars already and it’s leader should be above reproach. I think he should step down. He should disclose too if his development company owns land along the rail line. Also his role as leader of the commercial realtor’s is another conflict of interest. Is he advocating for them, or for residents who need real congestion relief. His wife’s firm’s real estate website says they do millions in business with the state. This type of cronyism has to stop!

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