Liberals Sick of Defending Obamacare’s Lawlessness

Obama does not follow his own law.  He is more of a monarch than a president

Obama does not follow his own law. He acts like a monarch not the People’s President.

The Obamacare “Law of the Land” has proved to be nothing but sheer lawlessness. President Obama seems to issue a new delay or exemption every few weeks, making Obamacare more like the whims of a King rather than something that lowers costs, improves access and improves quality.  This week, liberal National Journal Columnist Ron Fournier says he is getting sick of defending Obamacare.  He was joined the next day by liberal Fox News pundit Kirsten Powers, (usually a loyal talking point generator for Obama), when she echoed “amen brother”. 

This week Obama announced yet another delay for the employer mandate, this time for employers with 50-99 workers. There have been 35 delays so far. Previous delays have existed for larger businesses, delays for smaller businesses to participate in exchanges,  delays on penalties for keeping “subpar” plans and delays for individuals who are given more time to sign up. In 2011, the administration unilaterally scrapped a provision to provide long term home care insurance and has also exempted many unions and businesses from the law. These delays have all been motivated by politics, not policy. Each delay has been designed to insulate Democrat candidates from the realities of the terrible policy that is Obamacare. Insurance rates have gone up, people are losing their insurance plans and their doctors.  They are now facing the first taste of rationing and national drug shortages are rampant as the FDA overregulates the pharmaceutical industry driving more production off shore. In the meantime, liberals spin the loss of about 2.5 million jobs due to Obamacare as more freedom. More freedom from earning an income. This is why Friedrich Hayek pointed out that a key milestone on the Road to Serfdom is to “change the meaning of words”.

There is good reason for liberals to abandon Obamacare, but don’t look for a mass betrayal of the President by his supporters.  The track record of Progressives and bad policy is that they double down on the policy and attack anyone who disagrees with it in the most egregious terms. These days they are labeled as racists and kooks.

The first real test of Obamacare will come at the polls in November 2014, when the Republicans will try to take over the Senate and maintain the House. The question for citizens is, what will you do to help turn the tide against Obamacare and the other policies designed to fundamentally transform our country? Now is the time for citizens to wake up and work to turn American back to a land of opportunity, hard work and excellence, not entitlement, welfare and mediocrity.


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  1. curtis a holmes

    Actually the first local test will be 11 March between David Jolly, who opposes ObamaCare, vs. Alex Sink, who supports ObamaCare.

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