Latest Obamacare Failure List

President Obama Promises "If you like health plan..." you know the rest.

President Obama Promises “If you like health plan…” you know the rest.

Obamacare continues to roll out with abundant failures and active destruction of a health system that has been the crown jewel of medicine in the world for a century.  Below is a list of just a few examples of problems. Obamacare now grants new and unlimited rationing powers to insurance companies they never had before. Obamacare promises to pay for care, but doesn’t deliver. Obamacare hires government contractors to do what the market always did better, then they fail to deliver. Obamacare makes insurance more expensive for far more people than are being helped. Thanks to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons for publishing most of these vignette’s.

  • Cancer Drug Cancelled. A woman is losing access to her $14,000 cancer medicine she was receiving under her private health insurance that was cancelled when she switched to Obamacare.
  • Cancer Treatment on Hold. When a patient’s insurance rolled over into an Exchange plan, she lost access to her cancer surgeon and is having trouble finding comparable doctors in the new plan.
  • Marriage Penalty. Adding to penalties in the tax code and welfare system, ACA’s preferential treatment of cohabiting couples in calculating subsidies can cost a couple who marry more than $7,000/yr.
  • No Coverage for Travelers. Unlike their former plans, many find that their Exchange plans have local networks only. In a winter or summer home, all medical treatment may have to be paid out of pocket—and expenses will not count toward the deductible.
  • Patients Leave ER without Treatment. On Jan 2, a Virginia hospital told patients they would be billed for full cost if they could not prove they were insured after they thought they had signed up with an Exchange. One declined a chest xray (>$500!). One declined admission for chest pain ($3,000 for a day) (Mail Online [UK]). A Gallup survey showed that 59% of Americans had had a negative experience with ACA (ibid.).
  • CGI Group Denied Payment. The ObamaCare website designer is being denied payment on its $69 million contract for Massachusetts and Vermont websites because of dysfunctional Exchange sites that haven’t been fixed (ibid.)
  • Hospital Can’t Meet Payroll. According to a local Houston TV station, ABC-KTRK, more than 150 hospital employees have not been paid in a nearly a month. Novitas Solutions, the contractor building the financial management system for, is being blamed for delayed Medicare payments.

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  1. Tom

    Nothing new here! Thousands of us lost their doctors, specialists and preferred hospital when we were insured through United healthcare. Many of us lose the use of drug A and have to use comparable drug B when our employer switches health plans. Medicare will not cover anyone when traveling out of the country (Canada and elsewhere). How many other health insurance companies refuse to do so is anyone’s guess. Patients were always billed by hospitals if they could not prove they were insured. This article is all for not.

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      Thier is no equivalent to Obamacare and the problems you mention before it was passed. People have been forced off thier plans due to Obamacare. The rationing is new. As a Neurosurgeon and health policy expert, I assure you there is much new here.

    2. Ron Thompson

      I needed to step down my employer provided insurance from a PPT to an HMO one year (as annual costs doubled and doubled and doubled). I lost coverage for certain drugs and certain doctors, although none as Foxnewsworthy as a cancer pill or surgeon. I was pretty much told to “shut up” and no TV channel or web site tried to make me a celebrity. I fail to see how this change is “Caused” by the ACA, but rather a natural part of all insurance / doctor network schemes.

      The obvious better plan would be a common network of all doctors accepting all insurance coverage. Also, for all insurance companies to have either immediately stopped writing so-called “garbage” policies (lifetime limits) or to at least warn their customers when they wrote their final renewal in 2013 that such policies were non-compliant (and, actually, were not really insurance, per se). This would have given the customers (and not just the insurance corporations) high visibility to the well established one-year leadtime for the mandated change.

      1. Sun Beam Times Post author

        Ron, Every time we meet, you claim you are a “Libertarian” who believes in small government. Yet every comment you offer at this site indicate you are a collectivist who wants government in charge of everything.
        Your proposal that there be a “common network” and doctors accept “all insurance coverage” is the exact same thing as saying you want a single payer, government run health care system.

        As far as you losing your PPO and going to an HMO, you can thank Obamacare for that too. The ACA caused health insurance costs to INCREASE about $2,500 per year per family, compared to the $2,500 cut the Pres. promised.

        You “Fail to see” how Obamacare caused the problems listed in this article because your rose colored glasses block out all accurate critique of anything liberal/Obama.

        David McKalip, M.D.

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