Progressive Fail: Jolly Wins, Obamacare Loses in Blue Pinellas County Election Bellwether.

Pinellas voters rejected the collectivist/progressive agenda typified by Obamacare by electing a Conservative in a blue county..

Pinellas voters rejected the collectivist/progressive agenda typified by Obamacare by electing a Conservative in a blue county.

The lies of President Obama and his progressive government/corporate takeover of medicine are coming home to roost. Tonight, in a key Bellwether election in blue Pinellas County Florida, Conservative/establishment Republican David Jolly beat Obama clone Alex Sink.  The election forecasts a likely huge upset in the 2014 midterms with a turnover of the Senate to Republican hands of both houses of Congress.  It demonstrates that the majority of Americans ultimately do reject the collectivist approach of government and corporate control of their lives through things like state run health care.  If managed properly, this victory can translate to a transformation of America back to a land of liberty, free market principles and small government over the next decade.

David Jolly defeated Alex Sink by over 3,000 votes or 48% to 46% with Libertarian Lucas Overby registering over 8,000 votes (100% precincts reporting). The race focused extensively on Obamacare with Jolly and outside groups pounding Alex Sink on her unwavering support of the troubled program.  Alex Sink, former CEO of Florida and a self-avowed progressive, focused on David Jolly’s alleged liabilities as a Lobbyist and hammered Jolly on what she falsely claimed was his support of “privatizing” Social Security. Over $15 million was spent in total advertising with Sink spending $2 million and Jolly $1 million in direct contributions. Sink had the benefit of four times more spent on TV advertising than Jolly. Multiple polls, largely by liberal leaning news groups, showed Sink winning and all the local news endorsements were on Sink’s side.  However even more unbiased pollster Larry Sabato rated the race as “leaning Democrat”. The County is more routinely electing democrats to local city councils and Progressivism is becoming the new philosophy. Democrats outnumber Republicans by 5,500 (225K:219.5k) with independents a sizable block 171K. Pinellas County has transformed from solid red Republican to mixed and ultimately to true blue progressive over the last two decades with Obama winning in ’08 and ’12 by 5-6%.  So why did Blue Pinellas vote for Republican jolly?  The answer is Obamacare, better Republican political work and the death throes of Progressivism

The Obamacare debacle has been a bridge too far with lost insurance, lost doctors, increased costs and rationing. Jolly capitalized by running a solid ground game and mastering the early voting, turning in an extra 4,000 votes by mail-in.  He obviously found a way to appeal to the independents through Obamcare as well.  In addition, this is likely the awakening of the realization among Americans that the Progressive agenda is all about failure and not about empowerment, prosperity and freedom. For all the Progressive talk of income equality, evil capitalism, evil private health care and the values of big government, they lost.  They lost an election that was theirs for the taking if only their policies weren’t so obviously dangerous to so many.

There are many lessons from the Conservative/Jolly victory over Progressive/Sink. 

  1. Don’t abandon conservative values such as free enterprise, lower taxes, small government and freedom out of fear of loss to the leftist/collectivist machine.
  2. Work the ground game. Get the grassroots mobilized on the street.
  3. Work the early vote.
  4. Appeal to independents.
  5. Proudly and loudly point out the utter failings of the progressive agenda with the best example of such in decades: Obamacare.

This election gives new hope to the rejection of the collectivists and the embrace of the value and power of the founding principles of our county (as described at The question is, will Republicans capitalize on this victory or flub it with a “Democrat-lite”/progressive agenda?


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  1. Matthew

    I told every one of the pollsters that I was voting for Adelaide Sink. Should I feel bad about that?

  2. curtis a holmes

    Reading the tea leaves the victory is even more profound…as mentioned the Progressives out spent the Jolly campaign 4 to 1, and it WAS the Jolly campaign (GOP establishment did little). David had a primary which wasted time and resources while Alex was campaigning and raising money, copious amounts of money. Political soothsayers including the progressive liberal Tampa Bay Times (they thought why bother voting their gal Alex had it in the bag) thought the race was game, set, match before the first vote was cast and their polling, that some of us questioned, present company included, gave her a 7+ point margin days before voting started. Ode to believing your own push-poll. Methinks we should be thankful that the Tribune had the most HONEST reporting on the race and they, late in the campaign, stated it’s too close to call. Glad this campaign is over…now it starts all over again, CONGRATULATIONS DAVID JOLLY FOR A WELL DESERVED VICTORY, NOW MAKE US PROUD!!

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