No Tax For Tracks Launches TV Commercial to Encourage No Vote on Greenlight Pinellas

No Tax for Tracks fired the first shot in the TV wars that are sure to heat up relating to the referendum to enact a 300% tax revenue hike for PSTA in Novembmer.
The commercial features a “true/false” indicator and labels as “false” claims that the rail will decrease congestion and encourage economic growth. It also points out that the $2 billion rail project will require a 14% sales tax rate hike which will make Pinellas the county with the highest sales tax in the state.

The ad was funded by local donors working with a small budget. The opposition is expected to raise over $1 million to add to the $800,000 in taxpayer dollars PSTA is spending on the Greenlight “Education” campaign. The ad is playing for about two weeks on Bright House Cable channels.

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  1. Ron Thompson

    Good that NTFT got out the first shot, but detail information will unwind most of these claims, and cost NTFT their credibility with voters. Once you lose credibility, you will lose that person’s vote no matter what you say. You guys need to use information and comparisons, not scare tactics. Let your counter proposals stand on their own two feet and trust the voters. That is what GPL will do, and smart voters will feel respected, not the recipient of condescending lectures and boogey-man stories.

    Mark Twain: “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes”

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      Ron, for szomeone who claims to like the truth and facts, you NEVER offer ANY! Let’s hear just one from you. Just one.

      I will not approve another comment from you until you offer just ONE FACT to dispute one item in this commercial.

      JUST ONE!

  2. Fred

    The 300% increase is only if the real estate tax is repealed, otherwise it is a 400% increase.

  3. Westech

    Daniel Moynahan said “Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no one in entitled to their own facts.” I can understand that the PSTA, contractors, certain politicians and developers want this train so badly that anything uttered by these groups becomes, in their minds, fact. Everything Greenlight Pinellas does, every statement, every posturing reminds me of the spoiled child that demands Santa bring him everything on his Christmas list.

    When the citizenry, the voters understand the gross financial impact this train will cause, when they find the absolute uselessness of this politician’s toy, this ballot issue will be defeated.

    Intelligent improvement of our transportation system is achievable but not when the local pols stamp their feet and demand that they want it all and right now.

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