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  1. Miss D

    I agree. I also agree that the legalization of drugs, INCLUDING MEDICAL MARIJUANA will have the same effect as this illustration above. What happens when one dose is not strong enough for one, then they get more and more doses- thus making the ability to make decisions harder. I had that with Darvocet. I took that for pain and it left me loopy and I couldn’t sleep for a month. I was a living zombie. What a great way to control the people to make them dependent on drugs! When they have to take more and more marijuana that will effect one’s ability to think. Amazed how people who want to have more responsibility for themselves but are supportive of medications that can make one’s ability to think more difficult. They are unwitting tools for government control.

  2. Ron Thompson

    Do you believe “the government” is behind medical marihuana based on Eric Holder’s continued arrests in CA after state legalization, and the same DEA policy threatened in CO? Only after three states passed measures and a dozen more launched them did Obama tell Holder to knock it off.
    The FL proposition calls for state licensing of distributors, and the house and Senate have both intimated they will not create the necessary department structures or fund any headcount to achieve that mandate.

    Before you freak out, I agree that MJ may lead to an unmotivated populace. But to call it a secret government scheme to achieve a secret government goal does not match reality. But matching reality is not required if you oppose “big government”, whatever that dog whistle means.

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      I Will explain the joke. I am saying that big goverment is like Marijuana…they both do all the listed things.

      Don’t look to deep here….unless you are developing a substance induced paranoia….

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