Obamacare’s REAL Numbers.

President Obama is continuing to try to deceive the American public by asserting that signing people up for a government subsidy/hand-out through Obamacare is a successes. He does so even if the alleged 7.1 million people who have signed up may not have paid premiums and are older and sicker.  There are many other numbers to consider when determining if Obamacare is a success or a failure for the American people.  See if this is a success based on the numbers reported below.
This piece is reprinted with permission from the Citizens Council for Health Freedom.  

twila brasseBy Twila Brasse, President and Founder, CCHF. 4/2/14

The White House is gloating.
President Obama is celebrating the 7.1 million sign-ups. He claims success. Not so fast.

The reality is quite different. First of all, these are only sign-ups. We don’t yet know how many are actually enrollees. Second, the RAND Corporation estimates that two-thirds were previously insured. Only 2 million were previously uninsured.

Third, insurers say approximately 10-20 percent have not paid their first premium. Furthermore, 2-5 percent of those who enrolled in January have not paid their February premium. After three months of non-payment, the law requires the Exchanges to cut them from the rolls. They must be disenrolled. What will the numbers look like in May or June?

Here are just a few of the numbers that every American should be focusing on:

  • 4.5      million cancelled policies, so far
  • $5,000      to $10,000 deductibles
  • $6,350      for individuals and $12,700 for families for out-of-pocket expenses.
  • 200%      to 600% premium increases for “young invincibles”
  • 68%      of individual policies offering narrow networks, up from 33% last year.
  • 44      percent of New York doctors refuse to participate in Obamacare
  • $15,000      “claw back” payments for older higher-income folks who no longerqualify for subsidies due to change in income or life circumstances.
  • Top      18 hospitals nationwide don’t accept all Obamacare policies
  • Only      4 of 19 nationally-recognized cancer treatment centers are available in all Obamacare polices
  • 40%      of small employers dumping employees into the Obamacare Exchange
  • Thousands      of doctors dropped from UnitedHealth’s network.
  • Families      making $60,000 will be fined $1,500 by the IRS if they don’t enroll.

Painful numbers from Obamacare will continue to emerge. One self-described single payer advocate already had this to say,

“Many people (like me) signed onto a marketplace plan assuming the insane deductibles only applied to big-ticket surgeries. Imagine my surprise when I found out I couldn’t even see a doctor until I’d paid $6,000 out of pocket. Okay, so I decided to switch to an HMO, but then found out I couldn’t see my doctors at the local teaching hospital without paying as much as $100 in co-pays – as opposed to $30 for the incompetents at the other area hospital. (Remember “you can keep your doctor”?) It seems we still have a medical caste system.”

Premium prices are about to double or even triple for Obamacare coverage. Robert Laszewski, an oft-quoted health care expert, writes in his blog, “I don’t expect the insurance industry to be patient past 2015 before it has to begin charging the real cost of the program to consumers.”

Mr. Laszewski has written of his own consternation over being cancelled. Although a supporter of Obamacare, on one blog post, he writes about the extension of cancelled policies, “I am happy to be able to keep my policy with a better network, lower deductibles and at a rate 66% less than the best Obamacare compliant policy I could get.”

Obamacare claims are a charade. Claims of 7.1 million are just that. Claims. Meanwhile the administration and states have kept Obamacare open for enrollment in hopes of boosting actual enrollment (premiums paid) and snaring more young and healthy into the Exchange. Please consider a generous donation toward our continued “Refuse to Enroll” campaign.

Working with you from realities to repeal,

Twila Brase

President and Co-founder


6 Replies:

  1. Ron Thompson

    You can ditectly tie the ACA / “Obamacare” to skyrocketing premiums by the simple fact that health insurers have experienced their first ever quarterly losses and they anticipate annual losses due to mandated payouts and the shortfall of fees they charged consumers.

          1. Ron Thompson

            Yes, we agree that ACA provided an explanation for those premium increases by the insurance companies that made, once again, record profits and paid record bonuses. I didn’t make record profits. None of my neighbors or friends did either. But somehow the insurance companies did, once again, for another year. They explained this year’s fantastic profits is from raised premiums they charged due to ACA (named Obamacare by the GOP). Last year they blamed the recession, the year before that they blamed rampant insurance fraud, and the year before that they blamed too many for-profit hospitals. Sure, in that sense we agree that those extremely profitable health insurance companies attribute their skyrocketing premiums to ACA this year.

            By the way, does everybody remember that last year the FL GOP legislature passed a bill stripping the Insurance commissioner of the power to challenge insurance premium increases, the commissioner’s charter since its creation? In FL this year, thanks to that gutting of consumer protection, health insurance companies could pick any number out of thin air, and not have to show any justification or reveal any calculation to the consumer watchdog agency. One suspects thin air is where Florida premium rates originated.

            But this background information does not dispel the fact that we completely agree that the ACA is blamed for premium increases throughout the sunshine state, and the creation of Obamacare was the catalyst for another round of skyrocketing consumer charges by the Health Insurance Industry.

          2. Sun Beam Times Post author

            Thank you, You clearly agree with me that Obamacare is doing the following:
            1. Giving insurance companies artificially inflated, government induced profits they do not deserve.
            2. Driving up insurance premiums for tens of millions of Americans that were perfectly happy with prior insurance plans.

            Given this massive scandal created by the government intervention into the insurance market (to benefit politicans and insurance companies) can you agree with me that we need to join together to REPEAL OBAMACARE and enact better legislation that will truly drive down costs of care and increase access for the poor?

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