Rail Fact: Pinellas is Not Alone in Avoidng Rail, and Benefitting From It!

Turns out many cities in America have wisely avoided commuter rail. These cities have faster traffic at rush hour too!

Turns out many cities in America have wisely avoided commuter rail. These cities have faster traffic at rush hour too! (“Large” cities with Population of 450K-1.2 million)

Greenlight Pinellas Supporters claim that the Tampa Bay Region is the only major metro area without commuter rail (as  they advocate for a 14% sales tax hike to build a 25mph St. Pete to Clearwater Train). Turns out that is just one of the many deceptions Greenlight offers to sell its plan. Yet a review of data from the American Public Transportation Association  (APTA – a group supportive of commuter rail) reveals that there are many cities without rail. Data from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s Urban Mobility Report of 2012 reveal that cities without rail also seem to have faster freeway travel times for cars at rush hour and no improvement for speeds on surface streets.

According the APTA, 14 major metropolitan areas do not have any light rail or commuter rail while 17 areas do (Orlando’s is not yet running).  An analysis of the data from speed monitoring stations in these areas reveals that the rush hours freeway speeds of the cities without rail is actually faster than those with rail at 57.3 mph compared to 54.5 mph respectively. The arterial surface street speeds are actually slightly faster in cities without rail as well ( 34.8 vs 34.5 mph). This data disproves another claim of Greenlight Pinellas advocates, that congestion will decrease with rail. It appears traffic is slower and more congested when rail is in place in cities as was analyzed previously by the SunBeam Times. ( Data is presented for similar “Large” cities with Populations of 450K-1.2 million).

While Greenlight Pinellas likes to claim that opponents of the massive transit tax hike don’t have the facts, it appears that Greenlight Pinellas Supporters continue to deceive.

Cities without (left) and with (right) commuter rail or light rail. Turns out Pinellas is NOT alone in wisely avoiding this costly, inefficient means of transit.


Cincinnati OH-KY-IN
Columbus OH
Indianapolis IN
Jacksonville FL
Kansas City MO-KS
Las Vegas NV
Louisville KY-IN
Milwaukee WI
Providence RI-MA
Raleigh-Durham NC
Riverside-San Bernardino CA
San Antonio TX
Tampa-St. Petersburg FL
Virginia Beach VA


Austin TX

Baltimore MD
Buffalo NY
Charlotte NC-SC
Cleveland OH
Denver-Aurora CO
Memphis TN-MS-AR
Minneapolis-St. Paul MN
Nashville-Davidson TN
Orlando FL (*SunRail not yet online)
New Orleans LA
Pittsburgh PA
Portland OR-WA
Sacramento CA
Salt Lake UT
San Jose CA
St. Louis MO-IL



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  1. curtis a holmes

    I don’t recall ANY truly beneficial public project, venue or event that was promoted via deception…if it’s good for US the truth is paramount!!

  2. GreenlightFraud

    Greenlight Pinellas should be pulled from the ballot for their dishonest propaganda campaign initially funded by taxpayers and now under investigation.

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