Friday Funnies: Obama’s 100 Year Weather Forecast

What, you CAN'T tell me the Rain and Temperature forecast on the beach next Saturday, but you CAN tell me the weather in 100 years?

What, you CAN’T tell me the Rain and Temperature forecast on the beach next Saturday, but you CAN tell me the weather in 100 years?

President Obama the weatherman has quite a forecast for the year 2114. How about next Saturday? Not so much…..


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  1. Norm Roche

    You absolutely nail it on the head Doc…well done. As a very intellectual and dear friend of mine use to say about weather forecasts:

    “I understand that a 40% chance of rain means a 40% chance. I also understand that a 30% chance means a 30% chance and so on… But doesn’t a 50% chance of rain actually mean…it might rain tomorrow, but then again it might not.”

    No offense to Weathermen/women of course.

  2. Ron Thompson

    Well it is the very basic difference between climate and weather. Being unable or willing to make that distinction leads to sen inhoffe dragging his grandchildren into a world wide humiliation where al gore’s stature is diminished only among those that can’t tell the difference, while those that do, feel only pain for the senator’s self-induced laughingstock.

    Weather and climate: simple stuff. Like apple pies and cow pies. Inhoffe ate the wrong one, on TV, with pride.

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      Climate Change Alarmists like to play these word games. The fact is that the alarmist claim the weather will be intolerable 100 years from now due to climate change. Most people with common sense would understand that. The only ones that don’t are those from ivy league institutions relying on government climate change grants for their livelihood.

      1. Ron Thompson

        It is an interesting sub culture that holds the lack of scientific background, method, discipline, rigor, and intellect in low respect while honoring “a regular guy” that you “can have a beer with”. When I need a neurosurgeon, a cardiologist, a economist, actuary, civil engineer, aeronautical engineer, sniper, astronaut, construction diver or, yes, a climatologist, a snobby “know it all” intellectual with years of background and coversant in their field is who I want. Ill drink a beer with my softball team, my neighbor, and the men’s club at church. You can have you bartender remove your appendix after he explains that clinate change is a hoax. If you won’t, ask yourself why not.

        1. Sun Beam Times Post author

          the “Scientists” who are climate alarmists have shunned true science. It is like a Catholic who has excommunicated themselves through sin. TRUE science is NEVER – EVER – SETTLED! EVER!
          Science IS skepticism ALWAYS. I have read FAR more science on this than you, I guarantee you. merely look at the climate change posts and read the NIPCC reports I have linked to. then talk to us on this subject in a truly educated fashion.

  3. Norm Roche

    Of course climate change is real; our climate has been changing for thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years… since the very beginning of time frankly. The question is to what substantive degree is/has human existence impacted it either way. Furthermore, to what substantive degree can man or any level of government action control it or divert its evolutionary path.

    Add to that the fact that we’ve only been able to track the data for about 100 years out of meliniums of time. To intimate that this snapshot in time is declarative of a known result – either good or bad – is somewhat of a stretch to say the least. For all we truly know, we may actually be completely in line with our planets evolutionary norms.

    However, in the wonderful world of political dysfunction…climate change is but another Weapon of Mass Distraction (WMD) intended to divert attention away from the impotence, and thus inability, of policy makers to address the things that matter to us in our day-to-day lives.

    1. Ron Thompson

      Actually climate (not weatherl is measured via tree rings, ice cores, sea mud and other detail physical methods (including the world wide fossil record). It is not unusual that layman, like myself, could not speak to these details. However, any child raised to be unaware of such science starts their career as crippled for job prospects as some other child raised in a madrassa school. Chinese, european, isreali, korean, indian schoolchildren learn current science knowlege, not that which passes a religious or corporate litnus test hence they will one day, like the dark ages, fill all high paying science jobs worldwide. But every american church and political think tank will be fully staffed.

      1. Sun Beam Times Post author

        What is your POINT? This is a rambling response that has nothing to do with the topic.Education of children? Jobs? Madrassas? HUH?

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