The reason you should resolve to ignore liberal lies in 2017?:"The liberal plan is domination brought on incrementally through intimidation."
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Friday Funnies: C’mon, Don’t You Know How Greenlight Propaganda Works?

Hat Tip Joe Jordan on Facebook.

You see, if we used tax dollars to tell the TRUTH, then it wouldn’t be effective propaganda! See WTSP Story here.You see, if we used tax dollars to tell the TRUTH, then it wouldn't be effective propaganda!



Is there any doubt that the $800,000, taxpayer-funded Greenlight Pinellas “education” campaign is designed to get a “Yes” vote to raise sales taxes to the highest in the state (election 11/4) If so, then simply look at this actual screen capture  from the Tax-payer funded Greenlight Website. Note how they have painted “two futures”, one “happy” future with the tax hike and one “bleak” future without.  Well then. greenlight two futures and referendum