Johnny Johnson – Not A Republican, In Favor Of Greenlight $100 million Tax Hike


Pro-Greenlight Johnny Johnson is not a true Republican. He wants to pass the $110 million rail boondoggle annual tax hike!

Pro-Greenlight Johnny Johnson is not a true Republican. He wants to pass the $110 million rail boondoggle annual tax hike!

Johnny Johnson is a dentist in North Pinellas, a Jack Latvala acolyte and the poster child for the term RINO (Republican in Name Only).  He is seeking a seat on the Pinellas County Commission and supports the Greenlight Pinellas 14% sales tax rate hike. He proudly campaigned for Democrat leaders Janet Long and Charlie Justice when they ran for County Commission. As two Republican clubs (St. Pete, Largo) and the Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee have come out against the Greenlight Tax hike, he has come out in favor. He should go ahead and change parties and stop running as a “Republican”.

Recently Jack Latvala showed his puppeteer cards by saying “vote for anyone other than Peter Nehr”. Latvala revealed that he is the puppet masters of many local politicians and Johnny Johnson is just another in his collection.  Latvala knows that Nehr is leading in the polls and he needs votes taken away and given to others to help his puppet Johnson.  There are many other candidates worthy of a vote in this race for County Commission, but unless voters simply want Jack Latvala effectively sitting on the Commission himself (though his puppet Johnson) then they should vote for Peter Nehr. Peter proudly campaigns against the Greenlight Pinellas tax hike. He is a good constitutional conservative with a strong track record of public service. He has also shown character as he has withstood the mudslinging.

Peter Nehr is the candidate to vote for on August 26th for Pinellas County Commission. Johnny Johnson should go back to wearing a tooth and campaigning publicly for tax and spend liberals.

The Sunbeam Times also supports the following candidates in addition to Peter Nehr:

Norm Roche, Maureen Ahern, Zahid Roy

Norm Roche opposes Greenlight Pinellas. He is a breath of fresh air on the County Commission and is needed as a balancing force. His opponent Ed Hooper is another Latvala acolyte.

Maureen Ahern would bring a much needed fresh perspective to the Pinellas County School Board.  She is a conservative who will help reform a system that is ineffective for students and taxpayers. two decades of Linda Lerner is more than enough!

Zahid Roy faces Jack Latvala. Not much more needs to be said.




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  1. Deb caso

    I agree , vote for Zahid Roy in the Primary!

    Johnny Johnson is a power monger more than anything else. We need no new rulers on the BOCC. Nehr is a lot more likeable than Dr. Fluorosis who is an ADA lobbyists and claims to speak on behalf of “poor’ children to prevent them from getting cavities ( swallowing the poison is ok), while in dentistry never treated any medicaid children. He is retired welloff with an art piece worth
    $3 million among other assets on the votepinellas website. Johnson donated more than $1500 to Welch, Long and Justice , 3 progressive Democrats.

    Latvala has other cronies running in this election against Norm Roche. Ed Hooper and Sprowls. Then ther’s Peluso running for school board District 4 purchased over $6,000 in mail and advertising from Jack Latvala and had Jack at his fundraiser.
    Ed Hooper recently mailed out a hit piece on Roche also from Gulf Coast Imprinting, Jack Latvala company, 2050 Tall Pines Drive, Suite A, Largo, FL 33771
    signs & MO ,printing , 8/4/2014, $2,323.29 .
    His mailout is all lies of course and uncalled for but Hooper has a record of Latvala cronyism .
    Hooper says he is against Greenlight yet he was the one that proposed the tax swap as a state representative.(HB865 in 2012)
    He is a career politician. He votes for the lobbyists projects and is a danger to liberty and our budget. Hooper and J Latvala want the Penny for Pinellas to cover Maintenance and operations to fund transportation, both hedging a bet on passage of Greenlight. They wrote the bill and it sits waiting for the next session! P4P was not intended for transportation. Hooper is a liar about not wanting Pinellas to have the 8% sales tax. He wants it 10%. Hooper got a D rating from Americans for Prosperity and a D- from Liberty First Network. Those ratings were based on legislation that went against freedom and against free market principles. He supports corporate welfare, robbing the taxpayers for corporate benefits and picking winners and losers just like Jack Latvala for Stadiums . Hooper and Latvala are 2 peas in a pod!!

    I support Macho Liberti for County Commission and I will be voting for Marcus Harrison (NPA) if Macho loses but all you have said is true about Johnny Johnson, and that picture came from his personal website a few years ago.

    Anyone that does business with the devil can’t be trusted imo.

    Folks, don’t vote for ANY Latvala crony! We have the chance to get rid of this guy and all his cronies this election or in the General Election.
    In the General election Tony Caso is running for Latavala’s seat. We have Options!
    Vote for Tony Caso for District 20 for State Senate for protection of our rights and our money. Tony is a Constitutionally certified candidate running as a Libertarian. I will be voting for Tony . ~ Deb Caso

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