Endorsements; Democrat Party Fail on Greenlight; TBTimes Coverup!

The train is the top priority of the Greenlight Supporters. There is no other reason for them to donate over $650,00 in support for this so far. Expanded bus service is already on the chopping block. By law!

Sun Beam Times Endorsements

The Sunbeam Times offers for your consideration endorsements for the 8/26 Pinellas County Primary. Only those candidates where enough analysis has been done to make a public endorsement are mentioned. Failure to endorse here simply indicates there has not been an evaluation of that race.

Governor: Rick Scott (R), Nan Rich (D); State Senate: Zahid Roy; House (68): Joshua Black

Pinellas County Commission: Norm Roche (District 2); Peter Nehr (4); Tom Razk (6) (see note below)

Pinellas County School Board: Chris Tauchnitz (District 2); Maureen Ahern (District 6)

Referendum: Exemptions for CERTAIN business that will “Create Full Time Jobs” NO! (see note below)

Special Note: Tom Rask has taken John Morroni who served 14 years even though term limits set by the state are at eight!  Morroni is a RINO who supports the Greenlight Pinellas $110 million tax hike and big government in general. Rask brings a strong track record of being a “citizen watchdog” and has demonstrated his ability to dive deep into government financial and regulatory data to untangle its smothering web on our lives.

Special Note: Referendum on Special Treatment for some businesses. This referendum would allow some businesses that the County determines would create “full time jobs” to get a break on their property taxes. Such deals have routinely failed to produced as promised. They also create a crony corporatist culture with an unholy alliance between politicians and the wealthy and connected. When some businesses get special treatment, that means others have to pay for the special break of their competitor who also gets an unfair advantage. No more crony corporatism. Vote no.

Democrat Party Refuses to Endorse Greenlight Pinellas

The County Democrat party got a rude awakening from its members this week.  Despite the corralling of local governments connected to the corporate crony culture to endorse Greenlight, the Democrat political machine could not be programmed by the upper echelon! Clearly the leadership recognized that it is regressive to remove property taxes from about 235,000 homestead exempt residents and then raise sales taxes on 962,000 people!  That would mean a new regressive sales tax on an additional 695,000 people!  The Democrat party claims to represent the “little guy” but even their press release on their inability to endorse Greenlight was extolling the virtues of creating the highest sales tax in the state at 8% (up from 7%). Thankfully the rank and file recognize a bad deal when they see it and the Democrat leaders were smart enough to recognize that local registered Democrats would flee to the REPUBLICAN PARTY THAT UNANIMOUSLY OPPOSES THE GREENLIGHT SALES HIKE!  They used to be called Reagan Democrats. Welcome home friends!

Tampa Bay Times Hides its Own Reporting!

Hat Tip to the Republican Liberty Caucus of Tampa Bay who picked this up! The Tampa Bay Times removed the reason WHY the Pinellas republican party had opposed the Greenlight Pinellas Regressive Tax hike on the poor to help the rich build a pretty train! They removed it from the story on the Dems refusing to endorse Greenlight. The line has read that the Republicans refused to endore it because Greenlight places a tax on “the county’s poorest residents, disabled veterans and our seniors on fixed incomes”. Shame on your Times!  How about some honest reporting?