September 11, 1683. Defeat of the Muslims at Vienna and Salvation of Christianity.


Islamic Jihadist seek the annihilation of Christians and Christianity. They seek and end to freedom and submission to their tyranny.  What will you do about it?

Islamic Jihadist seek the annihilation of Christians and Christianity. They seek an end to freedom and submission to their tyranny. What will you do about it?

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. George Santayana

The anniversary of the Islamic Jihadists attack on America on September 11, 2001 and the American Embassy in Benghazi in 2012 approaches.  Islamists seeking the submission or destruction of Christians are again on the march. The “Islamic State” has beheaded and massacred scores of Christians and other enemies in Northern Syria and Iraq. The Islamist state seeks to establish a caliphate that will eventually be global in scope, but has its eyes set on the entire Middle East and Europe. As free people face death or submission to Islamic tyrants, the time has come to stand up in the name of God and defend our Christianity and our God-given Freedom.  That is why it is important to remember a far more important day in Christian history, September 11, 1683: the defeat of the Ottoman Islamists at Vienna.

September 11, 1683: A European Defense of Christianity

The story is artfully told in the October 2012 film “The Day of the Siege, September 11 1683” directed by Renzo Martinelli (available on Netflix). The history is recounted well at the “Gates of Vienna” blog. The movie is highly recommended as a wonderful depiction of the defeat of 300,000 Ottoman Islamic Jihadists seeking to take the “Golden Apple” (Vienna). From there, their leader Grand Vizier, Pasha Kara Mustafa would then seek to sweep into Rome and convert St. Peter’s Basilica to a mosque (true)! The Viennese were hopelessly outnumbered ultimately fielding no more than 60,000 troops after allies arrived.  The film features F. Murray Abraham in the role of the Monk Marco D’Aviano. Padre Marco serves as the spiritual and inspirational guide to the people, the Viennese Monarch Leopold, and the hero Polish King Jan Sobieski.  Director Martinelli beautifully depicts his devotion to God and his admonition to people to defend Christianity; he attribute all miracles he performs to God as signs they should continue to fight for God.   (Marco D’Aviano was beatified into sainthood by his Holiness, and Saint Pope John Paull II). He calls for the defense of Christianity against the coming onslaught of the Islamist seeking nothing short of the annihilation of Christianity for all time. Fortunately, Pope Innocent the XI had charged all of Europe to defend Christianity, leading the Polish King to rise to the charge and march his troops to the defense of Vienna. (The French “Sun King” Louis XIV refused, hoping for the defeat of Leopold and a broadening of his European domination). King Sobieski boldly and heroically leads his troops and cannon to the top the adjacent hill, the Kahlenberg, overlooking the battlefield (much like George Washington moved Cannons to the top of Dorchester Heights over Boston Harbor to force the British from Boston in 1776!) . From there Sobieski rained cannon fire on Mustafa’s troops and then charged the cavalry down upon them. The remaining allies crushed the rest of the Jihadis, starting the fall of the Ottoman empire (the last caliphate), which did not become complete until 1923 with the creation of Turkey from its remnants.

Implications of the September 11, 1683 defeat of Islam at Vienna.

It has been postulated, and credibly so, that the 9/11 attack on New York in 2001 was inspired to overcome the humiliating defeat of Islam Jihadists at Vienna on 9/11/1683. The theory states that the event lived long in the memories of Islamic Jihadi culture. After the defeat of the Islamic jihadists at Vienna, the western Christian culture grew and overtook much of the world. Certainly, an attack of such proportion on New York (“The Big Apple”) on 9/11 would help to erase that date from Islamic Jihadi memory as a defeat and label it as a victory. This coming 9/11 is a good reason to review family emergency plans, check food and water stocks and make sure your home and neighborhoods are secure.

September 11, 1683 Lessons for today.

Islamic Jihadists still want to destroy Christianity. There is no doubt about that. No amount of rationalization, pointing to the peaceful Muslim or “Coexist” bumper stickers is going to change that. It is wishful thinking to believe that Islamic Jihadists will be satisfied to establish a nation of their own and then quietly co-exist with Jews and Christians in the world. The massacre of Christians by the Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL) and the stated intention of the Islamic State is to conquer Rome leave little doubt. Following in the footsteps of Pope Innocent II, Pope Francis is working to unify the Christian world in defense of Christianity, pointing to the tenets of a Just War which appear to be rapidly approaching. Jihadists have stolen large passenger jets in Libya. They have huge financial and other reserves and are effectively recruiting many to their caliphate as they effectively push propaganda around the world. They taunt America with beheading of American hostages. It should be remembered that in 1683, the Ottoman Emperor specifically advised King Leopold I as follows: “Primarily we order You to await Us in Your residence city of Vienna so that We can decapitate You”. Similar orders will be coming from Islamic head Abu Bakr al-Baghdad to Americans in their homes at his earliest opportunity.

There should be no delusions or wishful thinking about the Islamic State. Appeasement and hope will have the same effect as they did on Hitler – none. The weapons and technology available to the Islamic State is far superior than they have ever had before. They are bold and ready to fight to crush Christianity. The only argument to have is what is the best way to defeat them. An ideal scenario calls for containment and supply of allies in the region to attack them from within. It calls for allowing the forces in the middle east to fight amongst themselves and allow jihadists to kill jihadists as they each seek to climb to the top. The ideal scenario for defeat of the Islamic state, the defense of Freedom and the survival and growth of Christianity is for a strong America. For America to be strong, we must first be strong at home economically which means slashing the massive government that is crippling our economy. It means a respected America that can be trusted by our Allies for help when needed and appropriate. It means a constitutionally run America where the President presents the case for any Military action to Congress that then approves it if appropriate (as Rand Paul is now stating). It means, swift, short-lived, aggressive and dominating “scorched earth” military action that leaves fear in the hearts of our enemies and causes the citizenship of the governments that face us to restrain them from their imperialist actions. To gain this sort of posture for America, it will mean that America must reject the moral relativism that is paralyzing us. We must reject the political correctness and the false imperatives to advance “social justice” agenda items that are nothing more than cover for a cleansing of freedom and morality from America. We must turn to God and embrace the traditions of living our faith, promoting and expanding the value of the family, hard work and personal responsibility.   These are the true moral imperatives Americans must embrace to build the moral fiber will need as our next September 11 faces us in seven short days. The fate of freedom and Christianity depends on it.


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