Voters Rejecting Greenlight Pinellas; Poll Shows 12 point Margin Opposed

Voters are rejection the highest sales tax in the state by a 12 point margin for Greenlight Pinellas Train from St. Pete to Clearwater with no train to Tampa.

Voters are rejecting the highest sales tax in the state by a 12 point margin for Greenlight Pinellas Train from St. Pete to Clearwater with no train to Tampa. Barbara Haselden of No Tax for Tracks released the poll today.

No Tax for Tracks has conducted a straightforward, transparent poll of active voters regarding the Greenlight Pinellas plan. Voters were asked if they supported the plan using language very similar to that of the actual ballot language and voters rejected the plan by a 12% margin when including undecided voters. The poll was conducted among “active” voters who said they would be voting in November and showed that 48.3% were opposed, with 35.9% supporting and 15.8% undecided. Opposition was consistent among Republicans, and independents with about a third of democrats opposing it. Opposition held among men and women and young voters opposed it more than supported it, by a 9% margin. Opposition continued to increase with age up to 50.1% opposed among those over 70 years old.  The question was simple and followed the language of the ballot question very closely. The question read:

“How do you plan to vote on the Greenlight Pinellas plain in November that will ask your approval to add an additional 1% county sales tax to pay for public transit?”.

The poll showed increasing opposition among “active voters” going up to 48.3% opposed among those planning to vote in November (vs. 45.8% of “all voters”).   Today, Barbara Haselden, leader of the No Tax for Tracks grassroots citizens group stated: “Pinellas voters are making it clear they do not support the highest sales tax in the state for the Greenlight Pinellas train.” Haselden went on to point out that the train would take 57 minutes to travel from St. Petersburg to Clearwater and will not have a leg to Tampa as implied by Greenlight supporters.

Of those indicating they have made a decision on how to vote, 57.5% of active voters would reject the Greenlight Pinellas plan.  The scientific poll by St. Pete Polls of 1,406 active voters was performed two days after the primary on August 28 and had a margin of error of 2.4% .The poll is available to the public, sampled all political parties, and reflected those who are planning to vote in the November 4, 2014 election. Unlike polls conducted by “Yes for Greenlight”, the questions used for the No Tax for Tracks polls are transparent and available for analysis by the public.