Greenlight Pinellas Cronyism #3: Duke Energy

Duke Energy gives $50,000 to ensure taxpayer funding of the massive electrical project called Greenlight Pinellas.

Duke Energy gives $50,000 to ensure taxpayer funding of the massive electrical project called Greenlight Pinellas.

Congratulations Duke Energy Customers, your recent 7% rate hike has been used to help fund the Greenlight Pinellas Political Campaign. Duke Energy has donated $50,000 to the “Yes on Greenlight” campaign, joining a group of corporate  cronies that will benefit from the rail system. The $3 Billion (after interest) rail system will require electricity to power the train and as it turns out Duke energy sells electricity. Go figure.

The 16 mile Rail system will have overhead wires connecting the train to the electrical grid as shown in the Conceptual Engineering Technical Memorandum (see figure above). Electricity, produced by the state-endorsed monopoly known as Duke Energy, will be sold to the PSTA to power the train. That means with a pittance of a $50,000 investment, Duke Energy can add to its revenue stream directly off the taxpayers. Every Kilowatt Hour of energy purchased by PSTA will be paid for with the 14% sales tax hike with over 500,000 new residents paying taxes to PSTA for the first time (and when that runs out, there is more tax money they will find).  That is how corporate-government crony alliance works. 1) Get exclusive access to provide services to the government, 2) Ensure government creates a steady revenue stream for your corporation, 3) fund the political campaign AND the politicians to make it happen, 4) SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE CASH!

The voters of Pinellas County are being taken for a ride by the cronies and their puppets populating the County Commission, City Councils and the PSTA. The first step in ending this corruption of our American system of government, one limited in power and controlled by the people, is to vote no on Greenlight Pinellas. Who wants the highest sales tax in the state merely so Duke Energy can get richer and richer while mothballing the nuclear power plant we bought and imposing more rate hikes and unfair tactics on their monopoly-captured customers?  Vote No and turn the switch OFF on Duke Energy and Greenlight Pinellas.