Musical Showdown on Stopping/Passing Greenlight Pinellas

Each group working in the Greenlight Political campaign arena has put out musical numbers to support their cause. Last Week No Tax for Tracks  released their song “NO Tax for Tracks” by Nashville recording artist Darryl McQuarrie and last night released a music video based on the song. Yesterday Greenlight Pinellas released a rap song supporting Greenlight. In addition No Tax For Tracks Supporter Dr. David McKalip (founder of this Blog) and his wife released two parody songs: “Where have all the Turn Lanes Gone” and “I’ve Been working on the Greedline”. Dr. McKalip also put together a separate video using the Greedline song here.

The songs come as the Greenlight Pinellas campaign approaches its first votes to be cast. Absentee ballots are to be mailed to overseas and military voters on 9/19 and to Domestic Residents on 9/30. A Recent poll showed that when active pinellas voters are educated about Greenlight Pinellas highest sales tax in the state, the margin of opposition grows from 12 points to 36 points. Greenlight Pinellas supporters have not released their raw polling data, but have released a rather raw sounding rap tune. The tune raps out “More mass Transit, less mass traffic” and calls to “cut the petroleum habit”. The rap tune then spouts off most Greenlight talking points, which have been widely debunked here at the Sun Beam Times for months (on congestion, tax swaps, economic development and more). Listeners are subjected to the intense rap beat and monotonous pseudo-gangsta lyrics for 4 minutes and 40 seconds. No video is provided, but many parody images of a rapping Weird al Yankovic come to mind as it plays.

The No Tax for Tracks Video features Daryl McQuarrie singing his melodious country tune starting in a deep baritone voice. The video shows him on location in Pinellas walking on empty train tracks (“As they try to shove a light rail down our throats”), in front of a sailboat and elsewhere. Images of county commissioners, PSTA members and others pushing the plan are shown as he sings about them twisting “those numbers out of whack” and talking “that propaganda” but concludes they “can’t have… No Tax for Tracks”. In front of a the No Tax For Tracks sailboat (campaign sign on mast) he points out “I don’t see any justification for a $100 million tax hike”. Pictures are shown of “brand new empty busses” that cost “a whole helluva lot cheaper” and calls for people to “vote no on Greenlight in November”.

The video of Dr. McKalip and wife Ann feature Dr. McKalip as “Professor Greenlight” and “Annie the Flowerchild”, his student. They ask questions to the tune of “Where have all the Flowers Gone”. For instance, where have all the turn lanes gone, the buses gone, the parking gone, the people and the money? In “I’ve been riding on the Greedline”, the accompanying video features corporate logos of the many contributors and points out how “Light rail’s gonna grow my bank account”. The song points out that the Greenlight supporters have been “greasin’ politicians” just to “pass the vote my way” and points out “someone’s in my pocket”.

If voters want to choose how to vote simply on the quality of the songs, they now have the opportunity to do so!