Friday Funnies: Greenlight Train Fiasco. Walk to Stop Train Saturday at Tiffany’s Palm Harbor.


Here are some YOUTUBE highlights from Jeff Danner’s Comedy act on Greenlight Pinellas! Enjoy! I’ll be here all night ladies and germs! How could Greenlight POSSIBLY be losing by a 12 point margin already? (Oh yeah, This past elected official and PSTA Chairman has used the politician-turned-lobbyist turnstile well: Paid $16,000 so far to push Greenlight according to Greenlight Donor records!)

The prior video has been replaced with the one above since the original creator (Tom Rask) took it down. It had less than 10 views, so complaints about it are based on speculation and straw men arguments.

It is so sad when voters are clearly rejecting a 14% sales tax hike to build a train when they could have easily gotten a 1/3 cent tax hike to just expand the buses!  Oh well, that’s what happens when the Cronies are in charge! (this video was made by a private creator)

UPDATE: Sorry folks, the original creator of this video  (Tom Rask) has decided to make it “private” on You Tube. It was the typical Hilter Valkyrie scene parody that has been done hundreds of time all over YouTube. There was nothing offensive in the script at all. However, the creator was worried that the Greenlight Pinellas people are getting desperate, since they are losing so badly to pass the highest sales tax in the state. The Desparation of Greenlight supporters would lead them to inappropriately attack its creator for making it public to deflect people from the facts on this $3 billion rail boondoggle. It is a shame when politicians create a chill on free speech with their inappropriate attacks on such reasonable parodies simply to draw attention away from the fact that they want to create the highest sales tax in the state to make a bunch of cronies wealthy. See this video here if you want a nice parody in place of this one: Someone’s in my Pocket (“I’ve been working on the Greed-line”). THE WALK IS STILL ON…SEE BELOW!

Action Alert: Precinct Walk to Stop Greenlight Pinellas Sat. 9/20, 10 a.m, Tiffany’s Restaurant, Palm Harbor.

legs stop train womanCan Your Legs Stop a Train?  YOU BET!  Walk to Get  out the Vote!

Stop Greenlight’s Highest Sales Tax in the State! 

Saturday, 9/20/14, 10a.m. 

Meet: Tiffany’s Restaurant, Palm Harbor,3500 US Hwy 19 N. Palm Harbor, FL 34684 Located in the fountains Plaza

No Tax For Tracks is looking for a few good men and women! We are on the cusp of defeating this rail boondoggle called Greenlight Pinellas, but only if we TURN OUT THE VOTE! 

We need YOU to help us knock on doors and help people remember to vote NO on Greenlight! 

Can we count on you to spend a few hours?  

…or would you rather just pay the highest sales tax in the state and get held up in traffic by the streetcar at 41 intersections for the next several decades? 

GREAT!  Then come on out!

legs stop train manWhat: Door to Door Canvassing/Voter mobilization. 

Who: Those who want to STOP the Greenlight Sales Tax Hike! 

Where:  Meet at Tiffany’s Restaurant, 3500 US Hwy 19 N. Palm Harbor, FL 34684 Located in the fountains Plaza

 When: September 20, 10 a.m.

 Sign up here at: The No Tax for Tracks Meetup.

You will be provided an easy to use, pre-set walk list with highly desirable, receptive voters in nice neighborhoods!

Bring: water, sunscreen, hat, good walking shoes, a small shoulder bag to carry handouts and a pen.

p.s. Men and women have different ways for their legs to stop trains!