Greenlight Pinellas Cronyism #4-#14: Ten Rail Engineering Firms

Ten engineering from around the world and country want a piece of the $2.4 billion Greenlight slush fund. Good return for $27,200 in donations!

Ten engineering from around the world and country want a piece of the $2.4 billion Greenlight slush fund. Good return for $27,200 in donations!

The old saying goes, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. That is exactly what is happening with the Greenlight Pinellas campaign that will – for starters – create a$2.4 billion slush fund for cronies to build the proposed St. Petersburg to Clearwater Train (billions in land re-development to follow!). Donors from major corporations are pouring money into the “Friends of Greenlight” political committee to ensure they can get government contracts related to train construction. Previously featured Greenlight cronies included Jeff Danner, the past PSTA chair who is now a $4,000 per month political consultant, Duke Energy at $50,000 and Parsons-Brinckerhoff, the global corporation with a record of shoddy work that donated $50,000. Today we learn about 10 more rail engineering and consulting firms that have poured in over $27,000 so far on top of the Parsons Brinckerhoff $50,000 donation. The payoff for that Greenlight investment will be minimally millions and tens of millions for BCC Engineering, Clever Devices, LTK engineering, Tindal-Oliver and Atkins Global engineering and many more!

According to Pinellas Supervisor of Elections Contribution reports, many transportation engineering companies have donated to the effort to build a street-car style train in Pinellas County using the highest sales tax in the state. The vast majority of these firms are located outside of Florida and only one is in the Tampa Bay Area (listed below). One (Atkins) is based in Britain. Is there any doubt that the well-connected and wealthy corporations are going to get richer off your tax dollar? Would they donate this amount of money to expand the bus service alone? Of course not! Yet another reason to vote against Greenlight Pinellas when you get your ballot.  Until then, you can just sing along with the “I’ve Been Riding on the Greedline” song!

The train is the top priority of the Greenlight Supporters. There is no other reason for them to donate over $650,00 in support for this so far. Expanded bus service is already on the chopping block. By law!
Lot’s of folks will be getting rich of the rail contracts, the government information technology contracts, the land re-development and more. Time to stop this Greenlight boondoggle!. Vote NO on Greenlight!


BCC Engineering, $10,000 6/23/2014 (Philadelphia area)

Clever Devices, $5,000 8/26/210 (Woodbury, NY)

Tindale-Oliver, $5,000 5/15/2014 (Tampa)

LTK Engineering, $3,000 6/30/14 (Miami)

RK&K, $1,000 6/6/2014 (Baltimore, MD)

Gannet Fleming, $1,000 7/30/14   (Harrisburg, PA)

Atkins Global, $1,000, 9/8/2014 (British Multi-national)

The Solis Group, $500 7/19/2014 (Pasadena, California)

BLPTA, LLC $500, 8/15/2014 (Alexandria, Virginia)

MC Squared, $200 8/5/2014 (Kennesaw, Georgia)

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  1. Joe Wareham

    Don’t forget all the developers and high value property owners that are throwing cash at this effort. The recent Times article made it clear renters and low-value property owners are going to bare most of the burden for this project.

  2. Todd Riggs

    Hi Doctor McKalip,

    Please add my letter in the Tampa Bay Times (yesterday 9-27-2014) about Greenlight Pinellas to your sunbeamtimes website. Also feel free to pass on to supporters/subscribers.


  3. Norm Roche

    Interesting how the Trib won’t allow “comments” on their political endorsements…God forbid you should read the truth…anyhoo, here’s what I tried to post…

    Sorry fellas, I truly had faith, but regrettably; your PAC’s gig is up too. Try doing your homework.

    Hooper opposed fluoride as well, before he flipped for political expedience. The truthful term is “extra” fluoride in the water by the way…but I recognize the ad $ pressure of your spin.

    Furthermore, Hooper has always been and “is” in full support of the Greenlight boondoggle. He and his mentor Taxing Jack sponsored a bill to lay the groundwork for the marketing campaign…that was wisely vetoed by the Governor for what it was ( a $100-million a year tax increase on an already stressed taxpayer base).

    Hooper is a classic Jack-trained tax-n-spend obfuscater… In fact, he and several local (county) and state politicians have been working for the past 2+ years on a plan to modify the Penny for Pinellas to fund this rail rouse if the GreenLight referendum doesn’t pass…which if it doesn’t by the way, will lead to a new tax for CIP (Capital improvement Projects) …without a voter referendum.

    Again…do your homework…Hooper’s plan on EMS to segregate transport is what brought about the countywide EMS Authority and the dual response Sunstar structure in the first place.

    In this race to succeed me; the choice matters not…the end result is the same.

    For more information (and intellectually honest thoughts) on this particular race…(aka: the truth)… visit:

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