Bronson “O” Oudshoff for Largo City Commission

The best Choice for Largo Voters Bronson "O"!

The best Choice for Largo Voters Bronson “O”!

The voters for Largo City Commission have a choice on November 4th, and it couldn’t be clearer.  Bronson “O” Oudshoff is challenging the incumbent Michael Smith, and their views on government are polar opposites.  Bronson is a conservative candidate who believes in limited government.  He believes that the city of Largo needs to be more business friendly and that our code, specifically our sign ordinance, is too tight and makes is hard for businesses to grow.  His opponent was one of the three commissioners in a 4-3 vote that would have denied a local business hardship relief from the sign ordinance that makes his business less visible because of construction and a newly resurrected overpass on US 19.  Bronson supports lower taxes and prioritized spending, and he believes that the city government’s primary focus should be on public safety.  Our first responders put their lives at risk every time the put on their uniform and they should have the funding they need to keep us safe.  His opponent is part of the current Largo Commission that raised property taxes 5% this year and plans to do so for the next five years.  He also was one of the six that voted 6-1 to approve a budget that took the $800,000 tax increase and spread it out over several departments, but only included funding for one additional police officer.  This budget further strains our police force and doesn’t even keep up with the pace of annexations.  Bronson is opposed to the Greenlight Pinellas plan because it is another tax increase on the residents of Pinellas County, and it doesn’t adequately address the transportation problems we face.  He believes that this plan will hurt the economy because it will take another $100 million out of our economy every year to secure debt to pay for an outdated rail system we don’t need, and that we as citizens can make better choices and spend our money more efficiently than the government.  His opponent supports Greenlight Pinellas, is the City of Largo representative on the PSTA board, and is one of the six commissioners that voted 6-1 to endorse the plan.  Because Bronson believes in limited government, individual freedom, lower taxes, and opposed the Greenlight Pinellas plan, he is the best candidate in the race for Largo City Commission, Seat 1.