Box Cutters Slash No Tax for Tracks Large Signs, Another Stolen

The "Tolerant" progressives supporting Greenlight slash a No Tax for Tracks Sign with box cutters. Classy.

The “Tolerant” progressives supporting Greenlight Pinellas slashed a No Tax for Tracks Sign with box cutters. Classy.

Update, No Tax for Tracks Sign set on fire! From comment below:

“I had 2 signs put up a couple days apart. The first one was stolen. The second was set on fire in front of my house. I live on main drag 54th a/n St Pete”

The Greenlight Pinellas Crowd is obviously getting nervous since they appear to be attacking the signs of No Tax for Tracks. Large 4 foot by 8 foot signs have been completely removed or attacked with box cutters. Late last week, a small business in Gulfport had their sign stolen, as reported by Bay News 9 yesterday. On Saturday, a sign in front of 4th St Animal Hospital was slashed with box cutters.

These signs cost about $300 to buy and install. The animal hospital sign was attacked on both side by box cutters, with a large gaping hole on one side. The sign is being left up now as a testament to those pro-greenlight people who seek to silence opposition through violent intimidation, using the same weapons as were used by Al Qaeda. A police report has been filed on the stolen signs in Gulfport.

ntft sign stolen

This is all that is left from 4×8 foot signs placed in Gulfport on private property. Stolen by the Pro-Greenlight Pinellas crowd. A Police report has been filed.

The Greenlight Pinellas crowd is having a hard time winning by trying to sell the highest sales tax in the state for their $2.4 billion rail boondoggle. It appears their only hope left is to continue to attack the messages of the grassroots group standing up to the corporate-government political machine with their failing $2 million campaign. You will not hear credible refutation on the facts offered by No Tax for Tracks by these folks. They prefer to stoop to smears on No Tax for Tracks supporters as was done by Robert Trigaux in the Tampa Bay Times business section Sunday 10/5. Where was his business-like acumen on the economic impacts of annually sucking $148 million from the Pinellas economy to redistribute to government and their cronies? It was replaced with pictures of Klingons. PSTA Chair and Pinellas County Commissioner Ken Welch likes to take this tack as well. In The summertime Tiger Bay debate he said there were “There are lies, darned lies and statistics. And I will add to that statistics from the hands of No Tax for Tracks”.

animal hospital sign slashed_smallThe Yes on Greenlight Campaign should publically call for its supporters to stop attacking the opponents in this fashion and their signs. The Pro-Greenlight people are made up of folks who like to claim they are tolerant. They often have “COEXIST” bumper stickers on their cars (why aren’t THEY riding the bus?). Perhaps they only mean they should be tolerant of free-expression by those who agree with them.

slashed ntft sign back_small



4 Replies:

  1. Boss Tweed

    LOL!!! Do you actually think that the police will do anything?

    Did you forget that the police take orders from us?

    You could catch us breaking the law on film, and other than momentarily embarrassing us, nothing else will happen.

    After all, we are

    Also, in case you haven’t noticed, the Times takes orders from us.

  2. Gary West

    Last weekend our neighborhood civic association staged a neighborhood-wide garage sale. More than a few of us have No Tax for Tracks proudly displayed in our yards which prompted many buyers to ask “What’s that all about?”
    Class was in session!!!
    With a smile on my face allow me to tell Greedlight Pinellas that I changed at least 2 dozen voters from “undecided” to “No”. Most voters aren’t as stupid as Greenlight” would like. When they figured out the discriminatory tax hit, the uselessness of the choo-choo train, and the corporate greed involved, every one to whom I spoke said they would vote the measure down.

  3. Bill peterson

    I had 2 signs put up a couple days apart. The first one was stolen. The second was set on fire in front of my house. I live on main drag 54th a/n St Pete

  4. Chely Hernandez-Miller

    Last Thursday our friend Angie stopped by our house, and on her way out of our neighborhood she put a NO TAX FOR TRACKS sign on the corner of 159th Ave. and 1st St. in Redington Beach…Now it is gone…

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