Introducing the Sunbeam Times Truth Check

!Truth check in the light“Sunlight reveals the truth and is a powerful disinfectant”. That is the motto here at the SunBeam Times and we are proud to introduce a new truth checking feature to continue to shed light on the issues of the day.  The Sunbeam Times Truth Check will work to separate fact from fiction with three designations:  “In the Light”, “In the Shadows” and “Under a Rock”. Here at the Sunbeam Times, we will avoid subjective designations of the truth commonly seen elsewhere through the use of straw men arguments, misinterpretation of facts, evaluation out of context and other techniques used to keep the truth “In the Shadows” and “Under a rock”.  We will designate only the truth as being “In the Light”.

Meet the Sunbeam Times Truth Check Ratings!

!Truth check in the light_sbtIn the Light:   Clearly true, as shown with evidence and facts.

!THRUTH Check In the shadows_sbtIn the shadows:  Half-truths and deception designed to conceal rather than reveal the actual truth.


!Triuth Check Under a rock_sbtUnder a Rock:  A clear falsehood or lie.





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