PSTA CEO Endorses Union/Greenlight Boycott of Local Business; Help these businesses overcome the thuggery.

union and miller boycott of greenlight opponents

Should the highest ranking public official on staff at PSTA (The CEO) call for a Boycott of local businesses over a political disagreement? No, PSTA CEO Brad Miller should not. (See full size image below).

The Greenlight Pinellas team is using bully tactics to punish Greenlight opponents and suppress support. Is it any wonder that many businesses are supporting No Tax for Tracks quietly? The Transit Union workers posted a call on their facebook page calling for a boycott of Crabby Bills on Indian Rocks Beach and Tiffany’s in Palm Harbor based on their opposition to the highest sales tax in the state for the Greenlight Pinellas plan.  In what many have viewed as an inappropriate action, PSTA CEO Brad Miller endorsed the boycott by “Liking” the post on Facebook.

The post on Facebook calls for union members to “not refer patrons” to Crabby Bills and Tiffany’s based on their opposition to the Greenlight Tax.  The post, likely posted by Ken Elliot the Union activist officer from the Union, was then “liked” by PSTA CEO Brad Miller. The Transit Union page told their union member bus drivers to give the message to their “patrons”. Thus is appears the Union worker’s goal is to abuse their position as a government employee to tell bus riders what business are “union-approved”.  Here is the text of the post.

Tampa Bay Area Transit Workers Union

23 hours ago

Attention!! Fellow union members, especially beach trolley drivers, and rt. 59:

I have documentation showing that Crabby Bills in Indian Rocks donated $1000 to No Tax For Tracks.

Please do not refer patrons to this restaurant.

Tiffany’s in Palm Harbor, on US 19 is another to avoid.

The Facebook page used by Mr. Miller is also used to report on his official PSTA activities like making a presentation to local governments about Greenlight Pinellas. Mr. Miller has been contacted by the Sunbeam Times and asked if he feels this behavior is appropriate given his position as a government official. PSTA Chair and County Commissioner Ken Welch was asked the same question and also if he too approves of the boycott. Neither have replied yet to the questions.

The boycott is a common tactic of so called “progressives” as was done against Chik-Fil-A and the Duck Dynasty family (both failed and backfired). Readers are encouraged to patronize these businesses heavily over the next few weeks. They should be told you are there because the worked to stop the highest sales tax in the state for a $2.4 billion Greenlight Rail boondoggle that won’t even go to Tampa.

Crabby Bills is located 401 Gulf Blvd, Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785

Tiffany’s Restaurant is located at 35000 US Highway 19 N, Palm Harbor, FL 34684

union and miller boycott of greenlight opponents