Friday Funnies: Make Way for Greenlight Bulldozer Progress!

Good news, you can make a donation to the “Common Good” by forfeiting your home or business to the Greenlight brokers for reassignment of property to a rail line. make way for progress_sbtYour condo was not that cozy and would be better managed by a large real estate reinvestment firm that will make millions off of “Transit Oriented Development”. That mom-and-pop business that constitutes your entire life savings?  That would be best handled by the central economic planners of the Greenlight Oversight committee who know far better than you what kind of jobs our economy needs – after all, the biggest local corporations are in charge of that committee! So MAKE WAY FOR PROGRESS – and please no pesky eminent domain lawsuits or holding out for true market value on your property! (see full story from 10/23/14)