Greenlight Opponents to Highlight Train Obstruction/Congestion at 41 Intersections.

No Tax for Tracks, the group working to stop Greenlight Pinellas's highest sales tax in the state, will highlight how the train will increase congestion at 41 intersections in Pinellas county on Saturday.

No Tax for Tracks, the group working to stop Greenlight Pinellas’s highest sales tax in the state, will highlight how the train will increase congestion at 41 intersections in Pinellas county on Saturday.

A glimpse into the future of Pinellas if Greenlight Pinellas passes…

It’s 7:50 a.m. and you got a late start to work. You know that you can likely make it to your 8:15 sales presentation that has been planned for 6 months if all goes well with traffic. Your job depends on it. You are nearly there, driving North on Belcher to cross East Bay when suddenly, the light changes early and traffic comes to a halt.  You look to your left and see the Greenlight train that took “priority control” of the traffic light. Cars are backed up two-three times their usual depth as the train crosses.  After it passes, you wait for one more light cycle due to the depth of cars waiting. You wonder how your boss is going to react.

This is a scenario that will occur at 41 intersection every 10-15 minutes if voters approve the highest sales tax in the state to build the 24 mph St. Pete to Clearwater Train called Greenlight Pinellas. This Saturday, beginning at 11:30 am, members of No Tax for Tracks will dramatize these crossings with a bus tour starting at US 19 N and East Bay. The group will show the media the impact on traffic crossings at this any other intersections affected by the train. The congestion caused by trains is a frequent complaint of Minneapolis residents who have much longer commute times now due to the “light rail” train interfering with traffic signals. The trains are given priority at the light so if a train is coming, even if it is off-schedule, the light will change to favor the train crossing.


“The light-rail line running alongside the avenue often disrupts the traffic signals, triggering long delays for those who get caught at the stop lights”.2012 Minneapolis news report on Train’s effect to make commute more difficult and increase congestion and plans to spend another $1.1 million to try to fix the problem.

The 41 intersections affected are listed at the bottom but include major intersections for East bay (at Missouri, Keene/Starkey, Belcher, 19) Roosevelt (49th St. Ramps, Airport Parkway, 28th ST. N at Carillon), Ulmerton (34th St. N), Haines Rd (62nd Ave. N), 62nd Ave. N (at I-275), 1st Ave. N and S (at MLK St, 8th ST, 4th St). 5th Ave. N (At 18th ST.) and 16th ST (at 4th Ave. N).

The PSTA’s Cassandra Borchers, the PSTA’s chief development officer, is quote in in today’s Tampa bay Times on the matter. Based on that interview the Times indicates that trains would arrive at each station every 10-15 minutes. That means they must cross every intersection between the 16 stations every 10-15 minutes, blocking traffic at each. The PSTA envisions a “Traffic Signal Priority” for the train (page 21, paragraph 2.2.5 of the PSTA’s Conceptual Engineering analysis). The Sunbeam Times has previously documented how congestion fails to decrease and often increases in communities with light rail. The Sunbeam Times analysis shows that traffic speeds are faster on average in the Tampa Bay area than most comparably sized cities with rail. That will change with rail as congestion increases and is another reason to vote “No” on greenlight Pinellas on Tuesday 11/4.


No Tax for Tracks Announcement

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1st, TRAIN CROSSING EVENT BEGINS AT 11:00am INTERSECTION OF EAST BAY AND US HWY 19, NORTHWEST CORNER. This event demonstrates concern for added congestion and traffic delays caused by surface Light Rail and highlights one of the many  reasons for opposing Greenlight by the NOTAXFORTRACKS organization.

Promptly at 11:45 am volunteers will board the Mini Bus for a high visibility Get Out The…”NO VOTE  On Greenlight”…..Bus Tour throughout Pinellas County. First stop will be at the entrance to the Starkey Lakes area off Ulmerton near an Early Voting Poll Site at the Pinellas County Election Center… The plan calls for many stops and voter outreach events in Largo, Indian Rocks Beach, Madeira Beach, Unincorporated Pinellas, Tyrone and  St. Petersburg.



During peak hours, that will be every 5 minutes as a train travels every 10 minutes in each direction.


The below list of signalized intersections came from PSTA, see the full technical document here

East Bay Drive

E Bay Drive

S. Missouri AVe

4th Ave NW

E Bay Drive Highland Ave
E Bay Drive Lake Ave SE
E Bay Drive Keene Rd/Starkey Rd
E Bay Drive Fulton St NE
E Bay Drive Belcher Rd
E Bay Drive Bedford Circle W
E Bay Drive 69th St
E Bay Drive US 19
Roosevelt Dr Dodge St
Roosevelt Dr 62nd St N
Roosevelt Dr 58th St N
Roosevelt Dr 49th St N SB Ramps
Roosevelt Dr 49th St N NB Ramps
Roosevelt Dr Airport Pkwy Dr.
Ulmerton Rd 40th St N
Ulmerton Rd 38th St N
Ulmerton Rd 34th St N
Roosevelt Blvd. N 28th St N
Gandy Blvd. Grand Ave
Gandy Blvd. US 19
US 19 70th Ave N
Haines Rd 62th Ave N
62th Ave N 28th St N
1st Ave S 9th St S
1st Ave S 8th St S
1st Ave S 6th St S
1st Ave S 5th St S
1st Ave S 4th St S
1st Ave S 3th St S
1st Ave S 2nd St S
2nd St S Central Ave
2nd St S 1st Ave N
1st Ave N 3th St N
1st Ave N 4th St N
1st Ave N 5th St N
1st Ave N 6th St N
1st Ave N 8th St N
1st Ave N 9th St N
1st Ave N 13th St N

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  1. curtis a holmes

    …and keep in mind if the PSTA gets Christmas in November, at our expense, they want to expand an already failing bus system by 65%…a bus system that has very few passenger cutouts, vehicles that BLOCK traffic when passengers board/exit these road behemoths (want see something dangerous, drive E.Bay westbound, past Belcher, in the morning, when the bus stops the traffic backup blocks Belcher N & S)…and the morning chaos is worse on two lane roads especially if it’s a school bus route…eau-gaud, what a nightmare, PSTA and a school bus doing pickups on the same two lane road. Pack a lunch….but first vote NO on GLP!!!!!

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