Greenlight Pinellas: No Consent by the Governed. A Video Message for Citizens.

The voters of Pinellas overwhelmingly demonstrated they do NOT CONSENT to Greenlight Pinellas. Only the most arrogant political power structure would ignore them. If they do, then vote them out soon.

The voters of Pinellas overwhelmingly demonstrated they do NOT CONSENT to Greenlight Pinellas. Only the most arrogant political power structure would ignore them. If they do, then vote them out soon.

Greenlight Pinellas was overwhelmingly defeated on November 4, 2014 by 62% of the voters of Pinellas County. 248 out of 299 precincts voted no with only the liberal conclaves in portions of St. Petersburg supporting it. It is obvious that Pinellas residents do not want to increase sales tax rates by 14% to the highest in the state (8 cents on the dollar) to build a $3 billion train that merely makes the wealthy and well connect richer off of government contracts and central economic planning.  However, that has not stopped the “Yes for Greenlight” crowd who are vowing to try again. They point to the many failures in other cities like Denver before rail was approved. They claim that their $2 million combined taxpayer and private funded campaign couldn’t get “the message across” -even with all the media on their side. They claimed that they didn’t properly explain the mythical property tax swap. All of these are lies, rationalizations and excuses so the big government/crony corporatist alliance can try again to abuse the citizens with another attempt at this rail boondoggle. The message from Pinellas residents is simple: We don’t want higher taxes and we don’t want a commuter rail in our county. We do not consent to this project.

The video posted here* was recorded at Founders Corner monuments in St. Petersburg, Florida. Dr. McKalip, creator of the monuments and publisher of this blog, discusses one of the key founding concepts of America now being ignored by the political power structure in Pinellas: The Consent of the Governed. As the arrogant elite continue to ignore the citizens, there will be no choice but to find a way to replace the elected officials who care more about the support of their corporate cronies and their failed big government visions than the consent of the governed.

(*The Sunbeam Times and Dr. McKalip humbly request your forgiveness for some minor technical issues and a grammatical error in the video. Time is short and many demands are calling…)


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  1. Gary West

    Don’t throw out your No Tax for Tracks signs. This is a war we’re all going to have to fight again and again. The message didn’t get through their little blue bonnets. The self-important bureaucrats and politicians cannot believe the voters thought for themselves in regards to the boondoggle.

  2. Margo

    Solution to traffic is easy –
    #1 FINISH the projects that are already OVER-BUDGET and OVER DEADLINE (US Hwy 19 and Ulmerton Road – two examples) so the people of Pinellas can actually use the roads that we paid for.
    #3 Send Brad Miller back to where he came from and take Ken Welch with him.
    #4 “Politicians” need to learn the meaning of “NO”, we aren’t buying their used car salesmen crap anymore.

  3. PMcCarthy

    Good video.
    You mentioned sending a message to all the private and public sponsors/donors of this debacle to stop their continuing efforts to thwart the will of the people. Do you have a list of these? And if so, can you publish it?

  4. curtis a holmes

    Be advised the proponents will stop at nothing to CREATE THE NEED for this scheme. And how can they do that you ask? First step would be to change the timing of the traffic signals…have the cycles run in conflict, i.e. you’re sitting at a red light while all the signals in front of you are green until you get there (think they’re already doing this). Keep in mind when the initial Penny for Pinellas was proposed one of the sales promotions was the County and local municipalities would coordinate the traffic signals. Outside of 1st Ave N & S., in St. Pete I’m still waiting for this. BTW, if the signals were coordinated and the number of demand lights reduced our existing road system could easily handle a 40% increase in volume, or more. Later I’ll post more…but congratulations to ALL the “staff” and supporters of NTFT…job WELL done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Margo

      I did notice the ‘traffic jams’ due to the ‘timing of traffic lights’ in some areas started a few months ago just as push for Greenlight scam was starting to go full steam – I sometimes wondered if that was planned to anger everyone so they’d vote for the scam (didn’t work!).
      And I too want to send Congratulations to ALL the Supporters of NTFT!!!!!!

    2. Gary West

      Many years ago, before I retired from the phone company, we were very involved in a job that allowed the county-wide synchronization of traffic signals. The telephony end of this project terminated at city building located at 9th Ave, No and 17th St. No. in St. Petersburg. I have no idea if this location is the control hub or not. Regardless, the focus of this program was to allow the county the ability to regulate traffic control devices depending on traffic demands, time of day, traffic flow, hurricane evacuation, etc. Was this program implemented? Don’t know. What I DO know is the mechanism is in place.
      PSTA, the Pinellas County Commission and various politicians are in high dungeon over the slap-down of their Greenlight Pinellas scam. The politicians WANT their train, the WANT their tax increase, they WANT the additional control over the citizenry and they WILL keep the hammer down until we tire of the pressure and relent. They understand this better than we do.
      Proper Respect to Barb and No Tax For Tracks. Girl, you have fought the great fight. Stand tall!!!

  5. Norm Roche

    I’m gonna channel me some Paul Harvey to build a bit on Curtis’ comments if I may.

    Back in 05/06, the County Commission raised the current local option gas tax, (up to 12-cents) per-gallon, from 6-cents to 7-cents. For some reason I can’t recall right now, it’s commonly referred to as the 9th-cent…maybe precursor common core math standards; I don’t know. 

    Anyhoo… the initiative was spearheaded by Commissioner Seel. The County’s gas tax can be raised by a majority vote of the Commission and does not require a referendum. The stated purpose for the increase was to generate roughly $80-million in revenue to fund a countywide signalization-control consolidation and implement a countywide ITS (Intelligent Traffic System). The ITS are the cameras you see mounted on intersection traffic signal cross-arms and the camera tower poles along 19 and 275, et al. The goal was to use these cameras to monitor traffic flow and utilize a consolidated signal control system to regulate the traffic flow accordingly. Although the concept was/is a good one, there was one fatal flaw. That flaw was that St. Pete (under Rick Baker) did not want to play nice with the rest of the county. At the time, Pinellas had 3 separate traffic signal control centers (Pinellas/Clearwater/St. Pete), and as I noted – St. Pete did not want to, and subsequently did not consolidate. So the county still has 2 separate signal control centers. To be fair, St. Pete actually does a very good job controlling traffic within its borders.

    At the meeting to vote for the ITS gas tax increase, the room was virtually empty save for only one citizen who was paying attention and spoke against the action. But the citizen didn’t just vote against the tax increase. The citizen recommended that the BOCC defer the vote and take the issue to the public…that the days of territorialism must end in Pinellas in favor of sensible and pragmatic consolidation of some countywide services. The citizen asked the board to use the public to pressure Baker (aka: St. Pete) into joining the rest of the county in this effort. That a countywide ITS makes sense, and politics should not be allowed to prevail here.

    Additionally, that citizen recommended (in 05/06 mind you) that in addition to bringing about true consolidation of this countywide ITS with the additional 1-cent… that the commission make the increase 1.5 or 2 cents…and take that additional revenue and apply it to PSTA to improve our countywide mass transit bussing system frequency standards. Keep in mind that the gas tax is collected and purposed for transportation needs known as out Transportation Trust Fund. As you might imagine, and what would be a precursor to things to come, the Commission rejected this pragmatic approach in favor of politics as usual.

    As a side note, it’s also important to know that the Transportation Trust Fund has been and continues to be raided, on an annual and consistent basis, to the tune of roughly $10-million per year, to fund Stormwater infrastructure improvements…another reason why I voted against the creation of the new Stormwater Tax…a $20-million per year tax that has no capital $ allocation in it whatsoever. The Stormwater capital costs continue to come from the Penny and the Transportation Trust Fund.

    My guess is that by now you’ve figured out who that “one citizen” was, and why it was so important for the money-changers to get him the hell out of there 😉

    …and now you know…the rrrrest of the story…well some of it anyway.

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