With Gulfport it’s Official, Every Pinellas City Rejected Greenlight, despite City Governemnt Endorsements.

Every city in Pinellas voted against Greenlight Pinellas, despite endorsement of more than half of the city governments of the plan

Every city in Pinellas voted against Greenlight Pinellas, despite endorsement of more than half of the city governments of the plan (click for larger map).

It’s official, a majority of citizens in every Pinellas city voted against the Greenlight Pinellas plan. Analysis of the six precincts in Gulfport, the traditionally liberal conclave located in South Pinellas, reveal that 52% of the residents rejected the plan. Gulfport joins St. Petersburg and all 24 Pinellas cities in rejecting the Greenlight Plan. This is despite the endorsement of the plan by 16 of the municipalities, a fact widely trumpeted by the PSTA and the Greenlight Political Committee.

5,309 Gulfport voters participated in the election with 2,794 rejecting Greenlight and 2,515 voting yes, a 52.6 to 47% rate with a 5% margin of victory. Gulfport joins St. Petersburg which was noted this week to reject the plan by 52% as well, compared to the overall 62% rejection rate by the county as a whole.  The analysis was done using data provided by the Pinellas Supervisor of elections as described previously.

Precinct votes in Gulfport on Greenlight Pinellas 11/4/2014 
Precinct Total Votes YES Total Votes NO Total %NO %YES
PCT 206 290 256 546 46.89 53.11
PCT 207 288 218 506 43.08 56.92
PCT 208 644 1027 1671 61.46 38.54
PCT 209 581 591 1172 50.43 49.57
PCT 210 513 538 1051 51.19 48.81
PCT 218 199 164 363 45.18 54.82
Totals: 2515 2794 5309 52.63 47.37

The voters of Pinellas overwhelmingly demonstrated they do NOT CONSENT to Greenlight Pinellas. Only the most arrogant political power structure would ignore them. If they do, then vote them out soon.

City officials had been public about their support for Greenlight with 16 municipalities endorsing the plan (per the Tampa bay Times)  in their city council meetings. The endorsements by city governments was in stark contrast to the rejection by the voters living in those cities and elected officials may have reasons to fear their future election prospects based on their support for Greenlight. The PSTA had even produced a map of cities endorsing greenlight which it proudly displayed on its website and is re-produced here (an earlier version from May). Also supporting Greenlight were city governments of Tarpon Springs and Safety Harbor.  Notably, Oldsmar and Seminole rejected attempts by PSTA to gain an endorsement there. The map of supporting political entities is a stark contrast to the voter precinct map where the color green represents those precincts voting “no”.