St. Petersburg Police and Extremist Agitators in Cagey Dance on Lawful “Protest”

One of the "Progressive Wolves" in sheeps clothing fomenting chaos and violence to push their extreme political agenda.

Kofi Hunt, One of the “Progressive Wolves” in sheep’s clothing fomenting chaos and violence to push their extreme political agenda. The question is: how far will they push police till they get chaos?

Agitators in St. Petersburg are testing the limits of the law under the cloak of protest and the St. Petersburg Police Department is helping them, so far.  On Saturday night the Tampa Bay Times reported that about 100 agitators staged a “die in” in the middle of the intersection of 4th St. N and Central avenue.  They blocked traffic as their bodies were outlined in chalk. They also marched down Beach Drive and Central Avenue shouting slogans as citizens attempted to enjoy their evenings. According to the St. Petersburg Police department each “die in” lasted about 4 ½ minutes and occurred at 4th  St. and Central Ave., Central and Beach Dr. and Beach and 2nd Ave. N. The agitators, who the Times labelled as “protestors” were yelling: “No justice, no peace. No racist police,” and “What do we want? Justice. When do we want it? Now.”

St. Petersburg Police Officers reportedly followed behind and led the agitators, ensuring they had clear passage along city streets. Rather than arresting the agitators, they actually helped them create a spontaneous parade route – without a permit. Police Spokesperson Yolanda Fernandez was interviewed by the Sunbeam Times founder Dr. David McKalip. She indicated that the crowd was allowed to progress down the street to “de-escalate any confrontation” and it was the best option to “avoid injury and avoid damage.” She stated that the police department had to consider the “welfare of the whole” of the community when deciding the best course of action. She speculated that the agitators may actually have been hoping for more confrontation to create the opportunity for arrests and physical interaction with the police.

Ms. Fernandez was asked if this created a bad precedent of lawlessness. She was asked if such a precedent would allow agitators to set a standard for interfering with the operation of the city without consequence.  She indicated that this concern would be brought forward to a meeting to occur Monday morning on the matter at the Police Department. This reporter suggested that there is an unequal protection of the law in play where business owners and residents are harassed and fined for non-compliance with city codes while agitators are allowed to block entire major intersections on a busy Saturday night with no consequence. Ms. Fernandez indicated this concern would be brought forward to the Police Department.

The so called “protestors” are testing their limits with the St. Petersburg Police Department. The new Police Chief (Tony Holloway) is wise to recognize that these agitators are merely seeking to foment a violent confrontation with the police to grab attention.  This is precisely the formula in Berkely California last night where violent actions broke out during the ostensibly “peaceful protests” organized by the same type of agitators there.  The agitators sought to block a major highway before police finally took action with tear gas. Looting, violence and vandalism ensued. Perhaps if the Berkeley Police had taken action before that point, the agitators would not have had to go to “the next level” by blocking a highway to get attention.

The formula for violent agitation by Progressives is characterized as follows: 1. Embrace a sympathetic cause, 2. Adjust the narrative or create a new narrative around the cause or event, 3. Create the illusion of a “peaceful protest”, 4. Present the police with obviously unlawful and disruptive acts, 5. Break the law until the police have no choice but to react and block the actions, and 6. React violently to the appropriate police response to stop the agitator’s disruptive actions. 7. Any young person shot or harmed in the process is a “bonus” that will help perpetuate the cycle.

Among the agitators, wrapping themselves in the sheep’s clothing of protest, is Omali Yeshitela leader of the African People’s Socialist Party.  Yeshitela was scheduled to be part of meeting entitled “Could Ferguson Happen Here? Should Ferguson Happen Here?” on Sunday 12/7 at 4 pm. The meeting was organized by Uhuru and it is noteworthy that new St. Petersburg Police Chief Tony Holloway backed out of the event late last week. It is understandable that a police chief would back out of a meeting that had a title that seemed to desire Ferguson-style violence for St. Petersburg. Another of the agitators is Kofi Hunt who was active in the Occupy St. Petersburg movement in 2011. Kofi Hunt is the main organizer of a group called “Awake Pinellas”, frequently agitating for using government force to increase worker wages (Walmart). Awake Pinellas recently brought Ed Whitefield to town to talk about a “New Economy”, basically meaning the old economy of socialism and “the Commons”. Ed Whitfield of the New Economy Coalition calls the parable of teaching a man to fish “a lie” since the “owners” prevent accecss to fishing holes and fishing poles*.

There are common themes among the organizers of these so-called protests.

    1. Agitation, not peaceful protest. These are not lawful, peaceful protests, but agitation events. They are unlawful acts designed to disrupt the peaceful function of our local community and communities across the nation. They are designed to agitate and promote chaos. The agitators are hoping for a police response that can spin out of control and offer an excuse for violence. The evidence is the title of the Uhuru conference “Should Ferguson Happen Here” and the sponsorship of Ed Whitfield by Awake Pinellas, a man who calls for Power transformation through community organizing*.
    2. Socialist Dupes. Each major organizer seeks an end to capitalism and promotion of the theft of socialism. Evidence include involvement of the African People’s Socialist Party (Yeshitela), Uhuru (an off shoot of this group), and Awake Pinellas (linked to the Socialist New Economy Coalition).

The St. Petersburg police are right not to be suckered by the games of these agitators and socialist Apparatchiks. Especially since that is precisely what these agitators desired: chaos and violence in St. Pete on a night where five major events were ongoing along Beach drive. But there will come a point where the Police must make a choice between serving the community as a whole and allowing these groups to disrupt the community as a whole to push their extremist agendas. These agitation events are not truly about the obvious injustice of the manslaughter of Eric Garner or the false narrative of “Hands up, don’t shoot” in Ferguson (which just did not happen). These agitation events are designed to help the community organizers put up a beachhead against law and order by restricting the laws the police will enforce. For those who believe this will “pass” and have limited effect, remember the damage done to Bay Walk due solely to the progressive protestors there for years. These agitation events are designed to promote the “power” sought by community organizers after the failure of the Occupy Wall Street Movement in St. Petersburg and elsewhere (as explained by Ed Whitfield in this video). These are the same wolves, trading in for a new set of sheep’s clothing. Perhaps that is why Kofi Hunt calls himself the “Progressive Wolf” on his Twitter Site.



*Give a man a fish is part of the “Blame the victim” mentality (Ed Whitfield, sponsored by Kofi Hunt’s Awake Pinellas) and is a “lie” since access to “Water holes and fishing poles” is denied. He spouts the classic socialist nonsense of that the owners of “water holes and fishing poles” are exploiting the fisherman and the resources. He states that ownership is the root of the problem. He goes on to say, in the video, “I haven’t said capitalism is bad…I did sort of just said that..” and “We can be power…if we organize, so we can see new forms of power come into being” and “The old power structures will collapse under the own weight because of the inherent contradictions of how that power is organized”.

Per the Uhuru website: “The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) is the organization that built and leads the Uhuru Movement. The APSP is committed to the total liberation of Africa and African People everywhere.”



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  1. Matthew

    This is the same St. Petersburg that sold the sidewalk in front of Sundial (at the time Bay Walk) to private developers to stifle protests.

    I didn’t necessarily agree with the Baywalk protesters, but they kept to the sidewalk and never caused any problems. They were not prostrate in the roadway causing a hazard to themselves and the motoring public. You have a right to speak, you don’t have a right to be an arse.

    To this day I won’t go to Sundial (Baywalk rebooted) and it seems like I’ll have to avoid St. Pete completely if the police won’t enforce the law.

    1. bill Peterson

      This is the same group that originally known as JOMO’S (junta of Militant Organizations) run by Joe Waller aka Omali Yeshitela.In the late ’60s and early 70s they were a destructive group also. They were known to leave rocks and bottles at bus stops so school kids could throw them at innocent people when they got off the bus from school. Most of them went to jail. The St Pete Times aka TBT tried to make them look like heroes.Waller left for California then Orlando and became a thorn in everyone’s side wherever he went. Of course he comes back here,and starts the UHURU’S. Nothing will change here do to the Liberal newspaper we have. They thrive on Chaos,and Turmoil. We will see how Chief Holloway handles this situation.

  2. Brain Matter

    Did the St. Pete PD spokesperson get back with you about the results of the Monday mtg regarding concerns of setting a precedent?

  3. Chuck Arnold

    These “protesters” are seriously lacking logic and reason. If they are protesting the police then why are they hassling average folks when they should be protesting outside of police departments? I am shocked though that you advocate people obtaining permits. Permits are statist slave paperwork. Not to mention your reverence for the monopoly on violence. Police departments are socialist to the core and completely anti-free market.

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      I am not necessarily advocating a permit. I do point to the hypocrisy of requiring permits for some but not others. I also believe that the right of peaceful participation in the community trumps the “right” of agitators to block streets, sidewalks and yell/beat drums at shopping complexes.

  4. Joe Wareham

    The fomenting of anger against the police has resulted in the murder of two New York City police officers execution style, could that happen here?

      1. Joe Wareham

        Why is someone with 30 felonies still on the street? Prayers for the family of the fallen officer.

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