Good vs. Evil. Citizens Must stand for Law vs. Lawlesness.

309 violent crimes since 12/1/14. The police protect your from violence and require your support. Time to tell your political leaders to stop the agitators, to stop their lawless phony protests and to stand for law and order, good over evil and stop the lawlessness. Lawlessness that is endangering our police officers'  lives and our society as a whole.

309 violent crimes in Pinellas county since 12/1/14. The police protect you from violence and require your support. Time to tell your political leaders to stop the agitators, to stop their lawless phony protests and to stand for law and order and  instead of lawlessness. Lawlessness that is endangering our police officers’ lives and our society as a whole.

Two New York City Police officers were executed last night by a Baltimore gang member motivated to kill a cop. His motivation was the lawlessness promoted by agitators seeking to spread chaos to push their own political agendas by trading off the tragedies of the day (he made his intentions clear with #shootthepolice #ripmichaelbrown #ripericgarner). Now, Pinellas residents are rightly worried as an officer in Tarpon Springs has been shot in killed about 12 hours later (3 a.m.). The circumstances of that shooting are still unknown and a press conference is expected soon.  One thing is clear, the only way to stop a spiraling toward lawlessness will be for average citizens to embrace law and order –  good over evil. It is time for Pinellas citizens and all Americans to rise up and loudly and forcefully reject the lawlessness of agitators pushing their politics and to reject the false “victimhood” narrative fueling the fire.

A look at just a small slice of crime in Pinellas county since December 1st, 2014 reveals 309 violent crimes. Assaults, batteries, murders, kidnappings, and robberies are mapped here.  On the front line every day protecting society from this lawlessness are our law enforcement officers. Our police officers put their lives on the line every minute of every day and it is our job to reject the agitators who would foment violence against them and society as a whole.  As citizens we should promote a “broken window” approach on crime. Every small crime must be addressed to prevent it from spiraling out of control towards larger crime. If broken windows are endemic in a neighborhood, so is crime and the window breakers should be prosecuted.  If agitators are blocking streets with “die-ins” and fomenting violence, they should be arrested for their lawlessness, not given a free pass by a Mayor to “protest” as was done by Mayor Rick Kriseman recently.

When race-baiters, politicians, professional protestors, occupy wall street and progressives cry “We are the victims” and “don’t blame the victim”, their voice should be drowned out by “you are the perpetrators, we blame you”!  No more. When a thug charges a police officer and the officer must take down the thug, it is the cop who is the victim, not the thug (see Michael Brown).  When a mayor instructs a police force to waste precious police officer capital enforcing a cigarette tax (see Mayor Deblasio and Eric Garner), it is the Mayor who is the perpetrator and Garner, the police and citizens who are the victims. Enough. The next time you hear a friend, neighbor, family member, community activist or pastor crying “take pity on the poor victim, the criminal”, tell them to silence themselves. Find two or three more allies and stand up and say “NO MORE, we will live in a society where law rules, not man”. We will not tolerate vigilantes and thugs who seek their twisted form of “justice” through violence. Tell them to have the criminal and their associates to look in the mirror and stop blaming society for their so-called “victimization” and to blame themselves. Enough time has passed and enough reparations have been paid. Ample opportunity exists for every person to lift themselves out of poverty through hard work and enterprise and those who refuse to work and be productive have no one to blame but themselves.

As this day of worship falls, pray for the police officers who lost their lives this weekend and their families and communities. Pray for the officers who stand daily on the wall defending us from the lawlessness of thugs who seek to oppress us through intimidation and their arbitrary rules of man. Pray for government leaders who know the true difference between the “common good” for ALL, and not the phony “social justice” for their voting blocks. Pray for people to embrace good and to walk the path of God our Father so men and women of good will can allow us all to triumph over the evil of the dark forces moving among us.

Next time you see a police officer, thank him or her for keeping us safe and let them know you are on THEIR side and the side of law, order and the true common good.


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  1. Paul Fosse

    I think this article lacks balance. I agree we must support our police, but there are legitimate concerns that have been highlighted by recent cases. I agree there are right and wrong ways to protest. One of the concerns that I’ve read over the last few months is the way that Darren Wilson was not asked for a statement on the shooting on the scene, but allowed to wait several days to review the evidence before giving his statement. Now why would this be necessary? (I’m not saying Darren did anything wrong, I’m not saying the department broke any laws, I’m saying the law give officers an advantage that honest officers have no need for, but bad cops can use to cover their crimes). You also failed to mention the militarization of police and criminalization of victimless crimes. Both of which have made the situation worse. So I don’t really disagree with what is in your article as wonder why you left out the other issues that are so important to this discussion?

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      The Points you raise are legitimate, but are not part of a conversation to address a most basic problem we are having in society now: promotion of lawlessness. As a libertarian, I fight against a powerful police state regularly. But we MUST recognize that a government that protects us from force and fraud is the most basic and proper place for them in an ordered society with a supreme citizenry. Thus those other issues should be considered and debated separately and should NOT be used to imply a justification or rationale for the actions of phony victims.

    2. m

      Paul, I can also address the lack of a statement at the scene. Officer Wilson had been violently assaulted by Brown and received facial trauma. First and foremost in any situation is to get medical aid. What may appear to be a minor injury on the outside may be a serious injury internally. Also, it’s also standard procedure to allow the officer involved in any shooting to “gather himself” . Police shootings are also traumatic to the officer. No officer chooses to take a life. As for the militarization of the police. Sadly, we are dealing with a vastly different set of criminals than we did in the past. Criminals have been empowered by pandering politicians, the lap dog left wing media and the Hollywood glitterati. Sadly, we are dealing with savages that will leave bombs in backpacks, wield hatchets and execute any officer at any given time. Look at the savagery in Ferguson. Molatov cocktails thrown at officers, Occupy Wall Street savages were throwing human feces. Our officers are sworn to protect us from these savages BUT, the must also have the capacity to protect themselves against the “New Age” savage.

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