Writers/Investigators Wanted for SunBeamTimes

writing quillThe Sunbeam Times is looking for writers to publish their work on our blog.  This is an opportunity to use your talent to cast light on issues affecting people in Tampa Bay Area. The Sunbeam Times seeks to examine and discuss government actions and policies, elected officials, media outlets, and community groups and leaders. We look for stories that demonstrate how national and world affairs impact those of us in our own Tampa Bay community. In 2015, we are also looking to add features on the many positive things and people that go unnoticed in our community.

Writers can also submit pieces for a “Truth Check” piece, or for Friday Funnies. 

Stories should be well researched and backed by facts with references that can be easily verified. Opinion pieces are always welcome if accepted by the editor. All writing is voluntary and uncompensated, solely as a community service.

If you are looking for a platform to tell stories and voice your views, contact the Sunbeam Times editor and founder Dr. David McKalip at dmckalip@neuro3.net.