Free Speech Hypocrisy of the Left

The "Progressive" left claims to support free speech but have worked hard to silence and destroy it in America in the last six years.

The “Progressive” left claims to support free speech but have worked hard to silence and destroy it in America in the last six years.

Satirists and policy critics were viciously and violently attacked by extremists in an attempt to silence their speech.  Paris 2015?  No, America for the last 6 years. The executions of French satirists by those demanding silence of those who critique them is a heinous act worthy of condemnation.  So is the silence imposed on Sony for its satirical movie “The Interview” by North Korean threats of 911-style Theater attacks and the “doxing” of private data by hackers.  While commentators on NPR, CNN, the journalism community and the White House condemn and stand firm against attempts to silence this free speech, their outrage is selective and hypocritical.  For when it comes to satire and critique of leftist darling figures and policies, political, economic and even physical violence is the norm in suppressing that unwanted speech in America.

Proof of the “Progressive” left’s intolerance of free speech is rampant in America.  A glaring point is the inappropriate suppression of an anti-Islamic video that was falsely accused of causing the attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi Libya in 2012.  The violence used? Its producer was jailed by government authorities solely due to that video.  Prominent public figures, including President Obama and Hilary Cliniton, libelously accused its producer of causing the Benghazi attack and the media establishment support structure joined the attacks. When such prominent figures would attack free speech in America and be supported by the media and the political left, that chills the free speech of all in America.  Few will be courageous enough to publish satire or even sober critiques if they can be attacked, economically destroyed or even jailed for their speech.  These are the tactics of Saul Alinsky following rule #12 from his Rules For Radical.  There is a reason these Rules are dedicated to Lucifer.

“RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)”

Need more evidence of the hypocrisy of the left’s claim to be protecting free speech? Police officers that turn their backs on an  arguable anti-police Mayor at a funeral for officers assassinated by an anarachist are chastised by the media and Deblasio.  But the “right” of phony protestors (who are really agitators) to block interstate traffic and city streets is fully protected?  A Duck Dynasty star goes public about his objection to homosexuality? The leftists call for nationwide economic boycotts of Cracker Barrel restaurants. Chik-Fil-A President expresses support for Marriage as being defined between and man and a woman. The Leftists seek to shut down his restaurant chain and destroy it with economic warfare.  The head Mozilla and inventor of the Firefox is found to have made a campaign contribution to the California amendment declaring marriage to be between and man and a woman several years ago. He is subject to public character assassination and leaves his own company!  This author posted a link to a satirical video made by someone else of the Hitler “Downfall” scene that parodied the Greenlight Pinellas supporters.  (The Times never even saw the video since the creator was so terrified of speech suppression tactics of the Progressive Left, he took it down once it was made public). The media and leftist response: vicious public attacks designed to shut down speech and attack his business – all to support a massive big government tax hike. Tea partiers are called “wingnuts” and “Extremists” and accused immediately of every violent attack that occurs in this country, even when they never use violence. Meanwhile Occupy Wall Street activists plot bombings of bridges and violence at political conventions and participate in mob violence in Ferguson, MO and are heralded as visionary and sympathetic leaders (all while touting a complete falsehood of “hands up, don’t shoot”). Those who disagree with any progressive policy initiative in the Tampa Bay Area  viciously and relentlessly attacked as extremists, kooks, morons, idiots, Neanderthals, “backwards”, uncaring, and greedy by Daniel Ruth, Robyn Blumner, John Romano, Politifact and the Editorial Board of he Tampa Bay Times. The Left supports free speech? Puh-lease!

The examples of phony outrage by the left are many and frequent over “free” speech. No doubt, the inappropriately named “Conservative” Progressives of the Republican party also suppress free speech. The best recent example is the denial of committee appointments to Congressmen who dared to opposed John Boehner’s speakership. But the Progressive Left has elevated suppression of speech to a high art form with their tools in the media, mob violence, boycotts, personal threats and government power against enemy lists. For example, the IRS targets conservative and Tea Party Groups who dare oppose the Progressive agenda (see Linda Lerner).  The only free speech that the “Progressive” left defends is the speech that serves their political agenda.  All other speech that is unwanted will lead to economic attacks, threats of violence and public character assassination. The hypocrisy of the left on “free speech” is further evidence that they have no credibility and should be widely disregarded by society and removed from power at the voting booth and that legitimate truth-tellers and satirist should be embraced.