Police Officers: Protecting You While Agitators Deceive

Officers put their lives on the line to protect domestic tranquility. Productivity and happiness among law-abiding citizens requires law and order and capture and imprisonment of the criminals.

Officers put their lives on the line to protect domestic tranquility. Productivity and happiness among law-abiding citizens requires law and order and capture and imprisonment of the criminals.

Agitators with extremist social agendas continue to lie about the police relating to events in Ferguson and elsewhere.  Just last week these agitators again blocked traffic in St. Petersburg, staging yet another “die-in” on Central Avenue.  On January 12, these agitators cemented themselves to concrete barrels on a major interstate in Boston – blocking rush hour traffic and an ambulance.  As usual, the press does not describe these unlawful, disruptive events as riots or chaos, but gives them the patina of legitimacy by calling them “protests”. The local press and mainstream also never mentions that George Soros, a man known for taking down national economies, has spent $33 million to finance these phony “protests” resulting in violence in Ferguson.

Meanwhile, the people of St. Petersburg and America are often completely unaware of the way their lives are protected every day by the police. They take for granted that “someone” is maintaining law and order and ignore police officers that stand up for the citizens by putting their lives on the line every day.  While there are rare episodes of police abuse, there is in fact an unswerving dedication of over 99% of our police officers “to protect and serve”. To remind the citizens of the bravery of our police force and the critical function they plan in ensuring domestic tranquility and liberty, the Sunbeam Times will be highlighting crime stories and police action that goes unnoticed every day.

Last February, the St. Petersburg Rotary Club Awarded the Ned March/Bud Purdy award to  Detective Paul “Jacques” LaMonde. Detective Lamonde is with the city’s CASE unite (Crime Analysis, Surveillance and Enforcement). While we sleep or go about our daily lives, Detective Lamonde is busys watching for crime and arresting perpetrators.  He is taking criminals off the street and had the most arrests on the unit from 2010-2013 along with his partner Detective Jim Culberson.  Detective LaMonde was shot stopping an armed robber in 2009. Yet he returned to the unit after rehabilitation and in 2010 chased down an armed robbery suspect, vaulting four fences in an industrial area to make sure he was arrested. More details on the Detective are below.

As the lies of “Hands up Don’t Shoot” continue to fuel the phony protests/agitation events against the police, citizens are encouraged to remember and support the Police who protect us.  Let’s not be deluded by the straw-men arguments of which lives “don’t matter”, but rather thank the Police officers we see and tell the agitators to turn their attention to the real criminals who harm us every day.


Biography on Detective “Jacques” LaMonde from the St. Petersburg Police Department

Detective Paul “Jacques” LaMonde, 46, became a sworn police officer with the St. Petersburg Police Department on November 17, 1990.  He is currently a detective with the Department’s undercover surveillance team (Crime Analysis, Surveillance and Enforcement (CASE) Unit).

Jacques and his wife of 14 years, Laurie, are raising a basketball team:  five boys – including a set of 12 year told triplets.

In nearly 24 years with the Department, Jacques has served with distinction as a patrol officer, a Community Policing Officer, a brief stint with the Downtown Deployment Team, and as a Detective with the CASE unit since 2008.  An avid athlete, he regularly plays golf, basketball and flag football and prides himself on staying in excellent physical condition.

Jacques daily work consists of conducting covert surveillances, undercover operations and arresting wanted felons.  He is one of the best in terms of equating suspect and vehicle movements to real time, which is critical to the movements and positions of other detectives.

He has compiled a lengthy list of accomplishments during his career and has arrested murderers, serial armed robbers and a host of wanted felons involved in a variety of crimes.

On January 26, 2009, Jacques surveilled a suspicious trio of individuals in the Kenwood area and then observed them rob at gunpoint a convenience store.   During the takedown after the robbery, one of the suspects shot Jacques several times, causing life threatening injuries.  He received the Department’s Purple Heart and Medal of Valor for his actions.  After months of rehabilitation, he returned to duty on October 20, 2009 and chose to return to his high-risk job in the CASE unit.

In August of 2010, Jacques and other detectives surveilled a serial armed robbery suspect responsible for many robberies in the Tampa Bay area.  After the suspect robbed a store in Pinellas Park, Jacques chased the man through an industrial complex, vaulting four fences in the dark to keep the suspect in sight and ensure his capture.

Jacques and his partner (Detective Jim Culberson) made more arrests in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 than anyone else in the entire CASE unit.

Jacques’ supervisor, Sergeant Rick Shaw, relies heavily on him to make sound, split-second decisions regarding surveillance tactics, take-down procedures and strategically placing other detectives into the best position to further the objectives of the unit.  He also teaches these skills to other law enforcement agencies such as the Tampa Police Department and the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department.

Detective Jacques LaMonde’s selfless devotion to duty and love for his job, his good-natured style and work ethic, all join together to make him most deserving of this prestigious award.



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  1. Frank

    David, I think you have it backwards.
    In general the police don’t function to protect private citizens and their proterty from theft, they mainly function as the enforcement arm for all of the government edicts that impinge on our freedom. You protect your property by locking your doors and using an alarm service, etc. If you are robbed, you call the police to get a report you can file with your insurance company to make a claim. They are not going to look for your property. You might get your car back if you have a lojack or onstar (a private security device ) on your car.

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      Frank, you make valid points about the abuse of our police departments by elected officials. They DO use them to enforce morally invalid edicts. The most dramatic recent case is that of e Mayor Diblasio using the police to enforce cigarette taxes leading to the death of a citizen. However the problem lies in our government and the failure of our fellow citizens to direct them properly. As citizens we should demand police work that takes obvious criminals off the street. We should demand that the Mayor direct the Police to go into high crime areas and start arresting thieves, violent offenders, and more. WE deserve a police force that does these things.

      But the larger point I am making with this post is that we need to support the police during a time when phony “protestors” are accusing them falsely of abuse. WE need to recognize and support the good things they do to protect us daily. It is time for citizens to come together on the obvious common ground of law and order against true crime (theft/violence). That will help us marginalize the agitators who are really about more government oppression of our lives using the police as their tool rather than as the citizens’ protection.


  2. Frank

    Sorry, hit the wrong button before finishing my post above.
    In the case of the black man choked to death by police in NYC, he was selling single cigarettes on the street, essentially a micro entrepeneur. However, he was depriving the state of new york of its tax revenue and was then deprived of his life by the police. I’m not sure what the initial incident was in the ferguson case, but I don’t think anyone could make a case that the police officer was keeping the peace. Now I am not in favor of any violent protests, and anyone damaging private or public property should be arrested, but the police stood by in the resulting riots as large areas of private stores were looted. They did however protect public buildings and the police facilities. Now this is all being spun as blacks vs whites, but the real struggle is people vs an oppressive government. As a consequence of public schooling and minimum wage laws, black youth are unable to enter the workforce in a legal starter job. They then commonly enter the only other field open to them, the blackmarket drug trade. They are then tageted by the police for special scrutiny whick leads to incidents like the two we have above. Blacks are at the tip of the government spear, but anyone of any color who puts up any resistance to the police is putting their life in jeopardy. So, in summary, the causative issues for most of these incidents are rooted in drug prohibition laws, minimum wage laws and our public education system which fails to educate blacks. I think you should consider posting about the real issues in the future. As I have suggested in the past, please look at the economic policy journal and target liberty sites daily. You will enjoy the true libertarian perspective provided there. look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      AGreed on much you say as indicated in reply to the first part of your post.

      I can’t do this blog alone. Please write up some pieces that we can publish to further elaborate on the issues you describe.

      I will keep focusing on real issues as has been done here for three years now. But the inappropriate demonization of the police by professional socialist/tyrants is a real issue to combat.

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