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latest newsThanks to Helena Nunn, Secretary of the North Pinellas Republican Party for compiling these stories.  We hope to make this a regular feature at the Sunbeam Times.

Compiled by Helena Nunn

Ukraine crisis: Vladimir Putin agrees new ceasefire – live – Telegraph

Let’s hope this ceasefire lasts longer than the last-but doubt it. “Donald Tusk said on Twitter the agreement gave hope.Today’s ‪#‎Minskagreement gives hope. Hope is important, essential, but not enough. Real test is respect of cease-fire on the ground ‪#‎Ukraine — Donald Tusk (@eucopresident) February 12, 2015″

Rep. Mia Love Decries New ‘Slavery’ Of ‘Being Dependent On People In Power’ At RNC Black Outreach Event

At a Republican National Committee event at Washington DC’s Howard Theater Wednesday afternoon, rising conservative star Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) exhorted the audience to “remove ourselves from a different kind of slavery, the slavery that comes from being dependent on people in power.”..RNC chairman Reince Priebus showcased the party’s ongoing commitment to outreach to the black community, before presenting awards to Love, Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), who were all elected this November.“In the last two years,” said Priebus, who has made minority outreach a priority, “the Republican Party dramatically increased our engagement in black communities, in black media, and among black voters. As I have said many times, we have to be a party that listens to everyone and fights for everyone.”

Vox Obama

“The non-ideologue pose is a long-standing part of progressivism’s intellectual marketing strategy. As Jonah Goldberg writes in his book “The Tyranny of Clichés,” “Pragmatism is the disguise progressive and other ideologues don when they want to demonize competing ideologies.”Vox Obama loves the disguise. At the same time he professes his deep-held belief in nothing other than the facts, he ignores ones that are inconvenient. At the same time he advertises his own reasonableness, he considers the opposition almost by definition illegitimate. At the same time he assumes the mantle of pragmatism, he has fixed philosophical beliefs that won’t give way no matter what.For all his self-styled thoughtfulness — buttressed by mood music and graphs — Vox Obama is closed-minded and small.”

As Jews Depart, European Civilization Dies
As Scott Walker mulls White House bid, questions linger over college exit

This piece in the Wash Post shows how afraid the left is of a Walker nomination. Going after why he left college, Wish they had vetted Obama’s college years.

FCC Commissioner: Proposed Internet Regulation ‘Mimics Obamacare’ – Breitbart

“Republican FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai said that proposed Internet regulation “mimics Obamacare” both in process and substance, was “adopting a solution that won’t work to a problem that doesn’t exist using legal authority we don’t have,” and would lead to “billions of dollars in new taxes” on Wednesday’s “Mark Levin Show.”“I’ve got to tell you that I’ve heard from a lot of people who are amazed at how the entire process that this issue has progressed on, and the substance of it mimics Obamacare that Washington bureaucracy would keep this plan in the dark, wouldn’t release it until after it was voted on, and you have the FCC, or any federal agency essentially micromanaging the private sector” he stated.”

20K would-be terrorists flock to Syria, Iraq

“The 20,000-fighters estimate is up from 19,000, Rasmussen will tell the House committee, according to prepared testimony. The number of Americans or U.S. residents who have gone or tried to go is up to 150 from 50 a year ago and 100 in the fall…McCaul said he fears the Obama administration is blind to the looming dangers of homegrown radicalism of the kind that led to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.”We have no lead agency in charge of countering domestic radicalization and no line item for it in the budgets of key departments and agencies,” he said. “I am also concerned that the few programs we do have in place are far too small to confront a challenge that has grown so quickly.”

IRS Apologizes for seizing bank accounts of small business.

Not good enough. A law should be passed to prevent the IRS from ever running amok again-and for those who had their money confiscated illegally, make sure it is returned with interest. Or just change the tax code to a flat rate and eliminate the IRS. Even Better.





2 Replies:

  1. PMcCarthy

    Good post. I especially liked your comment about wishing “they had vetted Obama’s college years.” I wish so, too, but not just his college years – his entire life, from the time he lived in Indonesia to HS in Hawaii (as an active member of the “choom gang”) and forward. He’s a fraud, a total charlatan. And we’ll continue to suffer till he’s gone.
    Also with you on the IRS. Abolish it. It’s become a stain on our republic.

  2. Dave Kovar

    Will Hurd, Tim Scott, but Mia Love (in particular) should be intelligent enough to not assist in diluting the power of the word “slavery” by falsely equating it to social services, christian democracy, or the teaching of Pope Benedict.

    As a black woman, had Mia Love ACTUALLY experienced slavery, she would have been a piece of property, and not a person. She could have been beaten or killed without reprisal. She could have been sold for money, and thus separated from her husband and children without consultation, warning, or recourse. Yes, should could have been forcibly raped at her owner’s whim, and then expected to carry the mixed race child to term. She would be expected to work endless hours without pay, whipped for any act or word of disagreement. She’d have been denied education, freedom of travel, freedom to communicate or to gather. She would have no possessions, and actually no name, identity, or history.

    It is with great irony that these three otherwise intelligent black American’s toot the Republican party horn about some “new slavery”. May they pray to never ever understand or even imagine the institution that they invoke and belittle.

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