Helena’s News Roundup 2/19/15

helena NunnThanks to Helena Nunn, Secretary of the North Pinellas Republican Party for compiling these stories. 

Compiled by Helena Nunn


The President Who Doesn’t Get It

“Days after the mass beheadings of Coptic Christians in Libya, profoundly serious questions linger in the air. Does Barack Obama know what’s going on all around him? Does he have the slightest inkling? Such questions have seemingly a sarcastic edge. No sarcasm is intended. Six years of practice seem to have left our president scratching around for clues to the meaning of all the current onslaughts against peace, order and human dignity. If George W. Bush was in many Americans’ minds a club-wielding Neolithic when it came to foreign policy, Barack Obama is in many minds a daisy-picking amateur poet, detached from the large foreign policy questions swirling around him — detached nearly to the point of indifference.”

Judge’s immigration ruling adds to Obama’s list of potential legal pitfalls

“The Supreme Court’s docket in recent terms looks a lot like an outline for a stump speech for a 2016 [presidential] candidate. Immigration, check. Climate, check. Health care, check,” Doug Kendall, president of the Constitutional Accountability Center, said in an e-mail. “The court is deciding just about every major question that divides Americans along ideological lines.”

Syrian Refugee Crisis Raises Threat Questions

Another Obama policy that is not well thought out. “The continued civil war and destabilization in Syria undeniably make it more difficult to acquire the information needed to conduct reliable threat assessments on specific refugees,” they wrote in the letter two weeks ago.With tens of thousands of Syrians joining groups in the region like the Islamic State, the U.S. government “cannot allow the refugee process to become a backdoor for jihadists,” they added.At the hearing Wednesday, an FBI official also questioned whether the U.S. intelligence community – with few assets on the ground in Syria and little insight into the country from elsewhere – can provide authorities with the information they need to properly determine whether any refugee could pose a threat.”

Libya’s Chaos is Obam’s Shame

At every stage, though, the administration behaved shamefully. Obama never tried to persuade Americans his war was just. He never sought the congressional action that would have made his war — sorry, his “kinetic military action” — legal. At one point, administration officials even floated the idea that they could frustrate the intent of the 1973 War Powers Resolution and its 60-day limit on unauthorized wars by momentarily stopping and then immediately restarting U.S. involvement. Obama never told the truth, perhaps for fear it would make his war more unpopular. And he never made the commitment to staying and rebuilding that could have made his war a success.

Marie Harf, State Department, on Islamic State: ‘Can’t win by killing them’

“Marie Harf, a spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department, said America can’t win against the Islamic State “by killing them” and ought instead to focus on addressing what she claimed was the root problem — their poor economy — and help them get jobs.”  The Obama followers still refuse to acknowledge that maybe the root cause is that their religion has been radicalized and until that  is changed, the killing will continue.

What it’s REALLY like for Jews in Paris

Klein, a Jewish journalist, wrote: “‘Welcome to Paris 2015, where soldiers are walking every street that houses a Jewish institution, and where keffiyeh-wearing men and veiled women speak Arabic on every street corner.’He spent a day in Paris with a bodyguard while photographer Dov Belhassen documented the day using a GoPro camera hidden in his backpack. He wandered through Jewish neighborhoods, around the Eiffel Tower, and then through mostly Muslim neighborhoods…A little boy was shocked at his appearance in his neighbourhood, he reports. ‘What is he doing here Mommy?’ he asked. ‘Doesn’t he know he will be killed?’ It comes as Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for the mass emigration of Jews from Europe to escape the rising tide of antisemitic terror attacks.” This is most disturbing for Western Civilization.

Frustrated School Board Members Form Alternative to Florida School Boards Association | Sunshine State News

Glad to see an alternative to the  Fl School Board Assoc spring up in light of the fact that the FL School Board Assoc. is supporting the Teachers’ union in their lawsuit against school choice. This new association will be called the Florida Coalition of School Board Members.  If school board members are really interested in the the student, then they should embrace more educational choices for families  not fight it!!  “We have voices we feel aren’t being heard,” said FCSBM leader Bergosh. “We want to work with legislators, and I think most of us are dissatisfied with the way tax money is being utilized to fight school choice.”

Federal judge in Texas blocks Obama immigration orders

A Fed. judge blocked temporarily blocked Obama’s executive amnesty but will be appealed.  “He said it was necessary in the meantime to stop implementation in part because failing to do so could prove costly to the states. They would have to deal with suddenly legalized immigrants who “armed with Social Security cards and employment authorization documents,” would start seeking various government benefits and services. “Once these services are provided, there will be no effective way of putting the toothpaste back in the tube” should the states ultimately prevail on the merits.”

Sen. Sessions Releases Lengthy Timeline Of Obama Administration’s Dismantling Of Immigration Law – Breitbart

“October 15, 2014: Report Reveals Further Collapse of Immigration Enforcement: the number of criminal aliens deported from the interior also declined 23 percent since 2013 and declined by 39 percent since the peak in 2011.Catch-and-release policies continue: in 2014 deportation processing was initiated for only about 143,000 illegal immigrants out of the 585,000 encountered by agents. Tens of thousands of those let go by ICE had been labeled a criminal threat.The number receiving a final order of removal but still in the U.S. has risen to nearly 900,000; nearly 160,000 are convicted criminals who were released by ICE and are currently at large.” The number of convicted criminals released is a major threat to all law-abiding Americans.!!

The Middle East That Might Have Been

Interesting Middle East history after WW1. “The King-Crane report is still a striking document—less for what it reveals about the Middle East as it might have been than as an illustration of the fundamental dilemmas involved in drawing, or not drawing, borders. Indeed, the report insisted on forcing people to live together through complicated legal arrangements that prefigure more recent proposals…the authors concluded that dividing Iraq into ethnic enclaves was too absurd to merit discussion. Greeks and Turks only needed one country because the “two races supplement each other.” The Muslims and Christians of Syria needed to learn to “get on together in some fashion” because “the whole lesson of modern social consciousness points to understanding ‘the other half,’ as it can be understood only by close and living relations.”

VA Reform DOA

Excellent article! See how the bureaucrats at the VA only care about incresing their bureaucracy and not improving care for the vets. “VA administrators are lying to Congress when they say vets don’t want choice. A Tarrance Group poll the first week of February found that 88 percent of vets polled said it is “extremely” or “very important” to increase their healthcare choices…“It’s not about money,” says Hegseth. “The VA wants to perpetuate its dysfunctional system” by keeping vets from choosing to go elsewhere for care…What’s needed is a system that puts vets in the driver’s seat, allowing them to take their medical care funding wherever they choose. On February 26, a bipartisan task force assembled by Concerned Veterans for America will unveil such a plan.”

Republicans question Obama resolve after underwhelming Islamic State war powers request

“Members of Congress have stressed that they want to do it right rather than rush through a debate, but Mr. Rogers said action is needed quickly. This lengthy process in Congress could have been avoided, he said, if the president had worked with lawmakers in both parties before releasing the authorization and sent language that would “have passed in a week.” “This is I think the hallmark of this presidency: He refuses to believe he needs to engage members of Congress in either party,” the former congressman said.”
On Terrorism Our President is Tone Deaf

So our President is in CA playing golf and fundraising while ISIS continues horrific killings of Egyptian Christians in Libya and terrorists kill more innocents in Copenhagen. He should return to the WH and hunker down until he has a strategy to fight terrorism with our allies, if we have any allies left that will trust us. Does he even care?

Analysis: Nato Expansion at Heart of Ukraine Crisis

Excellent analysis of Ukraine crisis: Nato expansion is at the heart of this crisis. “Since the Soviet collapse – as Moscow had feared – that alliance has spread eastward, expanding along a line from Estonia in the north to Romania and Bulgaria in the south…The Kremlin would not have to be paranoid to look at that map with concern. And Russia reacted dramatically early last year. U.S.-Russian relations have fallen back into the dangerous nuclear and political standoff of the Cold War years before the Soviet collapse.”

George W. Bush Helps Iraqi Tribes Fight ISIS After Obama Offers Little Help – Breitbart

“The complaint from the Anbar leaders is strikingly similar to what the Iraqi Kurds have been saying: Obama’s Iraq policy is 100 percent dedicated to shoring up the Shiite-dominated, increasingly Iran-aligned central government in Baghdad, even when they are unwilling to assist Sunni and Kurd groups under attack from the Islamic State.  America funnels all its weapons through Baghdad and its favorite Shiite militia units, regardless of their willingness or ability to fight.  A good deal of the support sent to Baghdad disappears into its bottomless pits of corruption.” This assessment is very disturbing!!

Why They Fear Scott Walker – Commentary Magazine

“When you combine the budget cuts with the Post’s story on how Walker wasn’t an engaged student and never earned his degree, you see the left painting a certain picture: Not only did Walker not graduate, but he’s out for revenge against the system of higher education that was so unwelcome to him in his youth… Is Walker’s college history truly relevant to his budget approach? No. But the line of questioning, and the liberal focus on Walker’s dropout status, is quite relevant to the debate heading into 2016. That’s because Walker’s success despite not obtaining that degree represents a real threat to the government’s education cartel, the public unions it sustains, and the maintenance of the pipeline of left-liberal groupthink and its young adherents.”

Hands-off strategy in Ukraine spurs critics of Obama’s foreign policy

“US officials led the negotiations that ended European wars in Bosnia, Kosovo and Georgia in recent decades, just as they guided the talks in 1945 that ended World War II.But when the leaders of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine held a marathon negotiation this week in the Belarus capital of Minsk to try to halt the fighting in eastern Ukraine, U.S. officials were not in the room.Their absence has become another aspect of a roiling debate over President Obama’s foreign policy.The decision to not attend the talks “is striking — it’s stunning,” said Eugene Rumer, a former U.S. intelligence official and Russia specialist who is now at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington.” This ceasefire has as much chance for success as the last one!!

Obama’s Childish Selfie Indulgence Diminishes Presidency

Obama has become the laughingstock of the entire world! “The BuzzFeed selfie-video was done, supposedly, to promote ObamaCare signups. But the visual of the president yucking it up at a time of growing danger will travel around the world, sending the most dangerous of messages to friend and foe alike. We know it’s unhip to complain about Obama’s selfie-shtick, especially since he recently was also interviewed by a woman in a bathtub full of Froot-Loops….Under Obama, we won’t stand up for Ukraine, we won’t stand up to a militarizing China, we won’t even call terrorists terrorists. When bad things happen, this president blames America, the media, everyone but himself, and excuses terrorists as tragic victims.Now we have this silliness with selfies that has brought the presidency to levels of puerility we never imagined.”

S.E. Cupp: Will American Jews keep voting Democratic?

“Over the past six years, President Obama has continued to maintain the loyalty of Jewish voters. But the strength of the Jewish-Democratic relationship persists in spite of a total deterioration of the administration’s relationship with Israel and its defiant prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is scheduled to address Congress next month…And what started as a diplomatic kerfuffle has now become a full-blown and unseemly foreign policy debacle, with the President of the United States selfishly forcing elected Democrats to choose sides. The message is: “Are you with Israel or with me?”

Leah Barkoukis – Federal Judge Rules Ban on Interstate Handgun Sales Unconstitutional

While a Fed. Judge ruled in favor of our Constitutional Rights, it most certainly will be appealed by the gov’t.  “The ban, O’Connor determined, violated both the Second and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution. He also noted that the ban is distinguishable from other firearms restrictions because it does not target certain people, conduct, or distinctions among certain classes of firearms. “Instead,” he wrote, “the federal interstate handgun transfer ban targets the entire national market of handgun sales and directly burdens law-abiding, responsible citizens who seek to complete otherwise lawful transactions for handguns.”

Obama wants to shift money from Social Security to cover deficit in disability fund

“Republicans say shifting money from retirement accounts to the disability fund would shorten the solvency of the retirement program. They’re pressing for a longer-lasting solution, though they hesitated to suggest what benefit cuts or tax increases would be required to stabilize the program.Republicans got some support from Maine Independent Angus King, who typically sides with Democrats. King said a funding shift would simply avoid dealing with the finances of Social Security, which need to be shored up because of the ongoing retirement of the baby boom generation.”This is just a way of making this problem worse when it does come,” King said. “Problems put off rarely get easier with the passage of time.”

U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind Warming Scare

And the truth behind the global warming scare has finally come out!! At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.”This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” she said.” Since Obama is leading this scare, let’s call him what he really is-a Marxist!!

Senator to Loretta Lynch: Why Did No One Go to Jail for Laundering Money to Terrorists?

An excellent reason not to confirm Loretta Lynch to be our Attorney Gen.!! “Why she let multiple bank employees who funneled millions of dollars to the Iranian government, Middle Eastern terrorists and Mexican drug cartels walk away without criminal prosecution…Lynch, along with the Justice Department, oversaw a massive lawsuit against British banking giant HSBC. Bank officials and other employees faced accusations of laundering more than $200 million through its U.S. bank. The employees allegedly opened fake accounts using customers’ private information. Federal prosecutors accused HSBC of “illegally conducting transactions on behalf of customers in Cuba, Iran, Libya, Sudan and Burma—all countries that were subject to sanctions enforced by the Office of Foreign Assets Control at the time of the transactions. Instead of criminally prosecuting those individuals responsible, Lynch helped negotiate a $1.92 billion dollar settlement with HSBC in December 2012.”

Obama amnesty creates loophole for illegal immigrants to register, vote in elections

According to election officials, the fact that illegals will soon have Social security #’s and drivers licences there will be little to do to prevent them from voting. “Republicans say there are a host of unintended consequences, including the chances of illegal voting, a perverse incentive created by Obamacare that would make newly legalized workers more attractive to some businesses than American workers and complications with the tax code.The newly legalized workers can apply for back refunds from the IRS even for years when they didn’t file their taxes..Mr. Husted has written the Obama administration asking for help in identifying the name and date of birth of all noncitizens who get Social Security numbers, which he said would allow states to go back and clear illegally registered voters from their rolls.”


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    Cupp raises a legitimate question.
    Why do most Jewish voters vote Democrat? On a national and White House level elected Democrats assume a pro Hamas, pro Palestine, very anti-Israel attitude. Republicans stand with and support the State of Israel yet Jewish voters slavishly adore a political party that aligns itself with terrorist groups who have sworn they will destroy Jews everywhere.
    Were I Jewish I could not conceive of voting Lemming-like for members of a political party that routinely denigrates my religion and the leader of my homeland.

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