Helena’s News Roundup: Gay Bullying, Global Warming Hoaxing, Iran Fiasco

Thanks to Helena Nunn of North Pinellas Republican Club for the Weekly News Roundup!

Thanks to Helena Nunn of North Pinellas Republican Club for the Weekly News Roundup!

Story of the Week: The Gay Thought Police are working to ensure you will be FORCED to agree with their agenda.  Even Duke Coach Mike krzyzewski is being attacked for offering a “no comment” on the phony Indiana “scandal”.

The New Intolerance  “In February,16 prominent First Amendment scholars, some of whom support same-sex marriage, backed Indiana’s legislation. “General protection for religious liberty is important precisely because it is impossible to legislate in advance for all the ways in which government might burden the free exercise of religion,” they explained. That hasn’t stopped the cultural great and good from claiming Indiana added the religious defense in private disputes as a way to target gays. If this is Indiana’s purpose, and there’s no evidence it is, this is unlikely to work..The paradox is that even as America has become more tolerant of gays, many activists and liberals have become ever-more intolerant of anyone who might hold more traditional cultural or religious views.”

Scientists Say New Study Is A ‘Death Blow’ To Global Warming Hysteria  “A study by scientists at Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Meteorology found that man-made aerosols had a much smaller cooling effect on the atmosphere during the 20th Century than was previously thought. Why is this big news? It means increases in carbon dioxide emissions likely cause less warming than most climate models suggest…Michaels and Knappenberger say Lewis’s findings basically eliminate “the possibility of catastrophic climate change—that is, climate change that proceeds at a rate that exceeds our ability to keep up.”“Such a result will also necessarily drive down estimates of social cost of carbon thereby undermining a key argument use by federal agencies to support increasingly burdensome regulations which seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,”

President Obama Must Not Complete a Disastrous Deal With Iran  “Obama has been compared to Neville Chamberlain who concluded the ill-fated Munich Pact with Hitler in 1938. But Chamberlain acted out of a sincere belief that he was avoiding a greater evil. Chamberlain was not thinking of his place in history. He was thinking only of the Britain that he loved…In sharp contrast, Obama is acting out of personal aggrandizement. He believes he is replicating President Richard Nixon’s historic opening of China. For Obama, the Iranian nuclear arms deal is about his place in history.Obama is dealing from a position of strength that he refuses to use… Meanwhile, Iran is refusing surprise inspections, the hallmark of any such agreement, and has ruled its military facilities, such as the enrichment plant at Fordo, off limits to any inspections, period.”

The Problems With Obama’s New Climate Change Plan  TWO of MANY Problems with Obama’s climate change plan are: “Ignores serious, honest scientific questions about the extent (or lack thereof) of global warming. Data have yet to show that the world is headed toward accelerating and catastrophic global warming. The world has not seen any warming in the 21st century and for much of the 1990s even while carbon dioxide emissions have steadily increased… It guts energy diversity by eliminating coal and replacing it with natural gas, which is as foolish as staking your retirement nest egg on one kind of investment. The plan threatens electric reliability and forces Americans to pay more for less power. It will shrink the economy and hit manufacturing particularly hard and ultimately consume the very resources Americans have to protect and improve their environments.”

No. 2: Charlie Crist, Who Gave Florida Rick Scott  Fl poitical history!! “..consider for a moment what might have been had Crist stayed put and run for a second term in 2010.Most political observers believe Attorney General Bill McCollum would have run for the U.S. Senate; Alex Sink would have pursued a second term as chief financial officer. And Marco Rubio’s career probably wouldn’t have shot into orbit quite as quickly as it did…But as it happens, the former Republican governor, attorney general, education commissioner and state senator waged two campaigns in the last five years and was a big loser in both…With multi-millionaire Democratic fundraiser John Morgan his friend and employer and no requirement to try a single case for the personal injury law firm, it was a masterful career move. It would serve as the perfect springboard for his return to politics.”

Downsize the Federal Government  Time for Republicans to stand on their principles!! “Recent studies have found that economic growth rates decline when relative government spending exceeds 26% of GDP, and the United States government current spending is close to 40% of GDP. The Republican Party claims the core principle of limited government, but has actively participated in this growth in both size and scope of the federal government. There is still the question of constitutionality why the federal government has expanded into areas not explicitly called out for in the 10th Amendment. Ronald Reagan diagnosed this problem with “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem”

Opportunistic Erdogan Makes A Move – Report Claims Turkey Aiding Al Nusra in Syria….More countries like Turkey actively involved in the MidEast unrest!! “It is not a secret that Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has tried to deliver the maximum benefit to ISIS (in Northern Syria) in direct opposition to the Kurds who are trying to formulate their own independent nation of Kurdistan. Erdogan views Kurdistan as a proxy for Irans’ growing sphere of influence. Erdogan opposes Iran for many ideological reasons, but arguably most of all because he sees Iran’s growing influence as a threat to his own political ambitions to lead a new Ottoman Empire.”

Does Iran Have Secret Nukes in North Korea?  This information certainly complicates negotiations!! Looks like the Iranians are working on their nuclear weapons in N.Korea and N. Koreans are working in Iran. China looks to also be an active participant, not to mention Pakistan! The cat looks to already be out of the bag!”So while the international community inspects Iranian facilities pursuant to a framework deal, the Iranians could be busy assembling the components for a bomb elsewhere. In other words, they will be one day away from a bomb—the flight time from Pyongyang to Tehran—not one year as American and other policymakers hope.”

Adriana Cohen: Hillary Clinton’s 
unpardonable scandal trail  “Who knew Hillary Clinton could make Richard Nixon look good?..Now we learn that not only has Clinton deleted more than 30,000 emails, but her non-governmental server has since been wiped clean…Servers are normally backed up daily, so Gowdy needs to find the backup files and see if they’ve been deleted or tampered with. If so, Democrats need to find a new White House front runner ASAP…Here’s the deal. We can’t have two sets of rules. We cannot tolerate a “royalty branch” of government or an “anointed class” that’s allowed to act above the law or skirt the rules.Hillary Clinton is a public servant, not a queen. Perhaps she deleted the memo.”

What to Worry About in an Iran Nuclear Deal  Must Read! Goldberg has 5 Questions that need to be answered!! “The largest question in my mind concerns the matter of break-out time—how long it would take for Iran, once it made a decision to violate the terms of a deal and go for full nuclearization, to actually make a deliverable weapon. The goal of the Obama administration is to make sure that it would take Iran at least a year to cross the threshold. The assumption is that a year would give the West time to devise a response—including, if necessary, a military response. This will be among the issues of greatest controversy because this is an easily misunderstood and distorted matter, one that is both devilishly complicated and, in many ways, theoretical.”

Obama Accused of Obstructing Battle against Boko Haram to Promote Axelrod’s Nigerian Muslim Client  Must Read!! “The Nigerian presidential election is coming up Saturday. AKPD, the political consulting group founded by Obama confidante David Axelrod, is assisting Buhari, a Muslim presidential candidate from Muslim-dominated northern Nigeria, where Boko Haram was spawned. Buhari is well-known throughout the country, having led as “Head-of-State” following a military coup in 1983. He was dislodged following another coup in 1985..A well-placed Nigerian interviewed for this report who asked to remain unidentified says that influential Nigerians within and outside the government believe Obama deliberately undermined the war effort and sabotaged the Nigerian economy to make President Jonathan appear weak and ineffectual, and thus bolster the electoral prospects for AKPD’s client, Buhari.”

Obama’s Legacy and the Iranian Bomb  Must Read OP-ED by Alan Dershowitz!! Most people today are not aware that British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain helped restore Great Britain’s financial stability during the Great Depression and.. help those hit hard by the slumping economy. But history does remember his failure to confront Hitler. That is Chamberlain’s enduring legacy.So too will Iran’s construction of nuclear weapons, if it manages to do so in the next few years, become President Barack Obama’s enduring legacy… History will not treat kindly any leader who allows so much power to be accumulated by the world’s first suicide nation—a nation whose leaders have not only expressed but, during the Iran-Iraq war, demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice millions of their own people to an apocalyptic mission of destruction.”

Supreme Court grants unanimous win for common sense  Hooray for Common Sense!! A win for the people, a lost for the trial lawyers and frivolous lawsuits. “In Omnicare v. Laborers District Council, all nine justices agreed that when shareholders sue a corporation for making false statements of opinion in their filings, they must establish that the statements were knowingly false. This may seem like a minor or obscure matter, but the decision nibbles around the edges of an increasingly lucrative (for trial lawyers) field of lawsuits — those brought by aggrieved shareholders, often as class-action cases, when their stock loses value. In financial markets it isn’t hard to understand how enough frivolous lawsuits of this kind could result in disaster. More to the point, such suits are frequently filed as a nuisance — a form of legal extortion..”


US Declassifies Document Revealing Israel’s Nuclear Program  So this is what happens when Obama gets mad at an ally!! This action shows how deranged Obama is. “But by publishing the declassified document from 1987, the US reportedly breached the silent agreement to keep quiet on Israel’s nuclear powers for the first time ever, detailing the nuclear program in great depth.The timing of the revelation is highly suspect, given that it came as tensions spiraled out of control between Netanyahu and Obama ahead of Netanyahu’s March 3 address in Congress..Another highly suspicious aspect of the document is that while the Pentagon saw fit to declassify sections on Israel’s sensitive nuclear program, it kept sections on Italy, France, West Germany and other NATO countries classified, with those sections blocked out in the document.”

How Democrats’ coziness with business hurts workers  “..many big businesses are unpopular with the public, aligned with the Democrats, and wide open for attack. One of the most appealing targets would be the tech industry’s wage-suppressing hiring habits. Not only have tech giants like Apple and Google engaged in what a federal court called an “overarching conspiracy” to prevent wage competition, but Silicon Valley firms also abuse H-1B visas to bring in immigrant competition at lower wages, a practice that’s now spreading to other industries. How can the GOP take advantage?First, a much stricter prevailing wage law for H-1B visas, with big damages against violators designed to make plaintiffs’ attorneys zero in on this area. You can import foreign help if you want, but you have to pay those Indian or Chinese software engineers the prevailing wage for American software engineers..”