Our Next President, A Wish List. Commentary by Charles Graham.

statue liberty americaBy Charles Graham

The race is on! A year and a half before we pick another President, and we already have candidates declaring their candidacies. It gives us plenty of time to decide what we want in a President.


  • Please, no more junior Senators whose only credentials include Ivy League schooling and smooth talking.
  • Let’s not elect someone just because of their race or because they’re good looking.
  • Could we please elect someone who is going to be faithful to the Constitution? That document is the basis of our freedom.
  • Let’s also elect someone who has demonstrated the use of common sense.
  • Let’s elect someone who knows the meaning of compromise and is not an ideologue.
  • Let’s elect a president who is not ashamed of this country and will exercise the power of this country for good and not back down in the face of evil.
  • Could we elect someone who will not use government agencies to attack opponents and use the justice system to hide misdeeds?
  • Could we elect someone we can trust to tell us the truth?
  • Could we elect someone without a “my way or the highway” attitude and won’t let the power of the presidency go to his head?
  • Let’s also elect someone whose moral compass is working.

If those kind of men or women are out there, I hope they will make themselves known so we can have an opportunity to elect someone who will lead this country to the greatness that our experiment in democracy offers for the hope of the people of this world.


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  1. Tom D

    I love the presidential criteria listed. With Super PAC’s etc. funding political runs, it will be nearly impossible for a real candidate to surface.

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