That’s not Sexist, THIS is Sexist! (Friday Funnies)

Hillary's NOT a sexist!  You are!  America is!Oh Hillary, you are so pure – pure as the driven snow.  Your beloved Obama administration has instructed politicos in the Pentagon to “re-educate” our military that sexism comes from – drum roll – the Bible, the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Declaration of independence.  It is certain though, Hillary that your political correctness purity factor is SO high, that no act by you could EVER be sexist. Including taking $25 million from Saudi Arabia and tens of millions more from other Islamic States.  You know, the ones where women are stoned for adultery without a trial based solely on the accusation of a man?  You know, Saudia Arabia – the country where women can’t drive?  Will you give back that money to Saudi Arabia in Protest? NO? But that is the USUAL call from the progressive elite when Political correctness has been violated: REFUND THE “DIRTY” MONEY!

That’s Okay Hillary, we know that you aren’t REALLY sexist, because of the respect you showed for all the hard working stay at home moms who “Stayed home and baked cookies”. Those aren’t REAL women….just the bourgeois.


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  1. Keir Gallite

    You got it Doc, money tends to soften the outrage for the Clintonian class. After all is said and done, follow the money.

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