Folk Heroes vs. Terrorists: A Progressives’ Guide. (Friday Funnies)

gyrocopter folk hero vs tea party terrorists

Many people may be confused about how to tell a “legitimate” protestor from a trouble maker or even a terrorist.  This handy guide to free speech for Progressives should help!  For example, the Gyrocopter pilot who violated numerous laws and endangered lives –  NOT A TERRORIST!  The million tea party “people” who marched on Congress under a permit in a lawfully organized demonstration – Terrorist!  Here’s how to tell.  The Gyrocopter pilot worked for the post office, so is a government worker – NOT a terrorists!  The tea party people want Congress to read bills before they pass them – Terrorists! The gyrocopter pilot wanted to STOP companies from spending money on political campaigns – Folk Hero!  the Tea party “protestors” want government to cut spending – TERRORISTs!  See how it works?

If you are for big government and want to make sure that government decides how you speak and how you use your money to promote speech  well you are a FOLK HERO!  If, however, you are a taxpayer and want Congress to follow the constitution, cut spending and taxes and not empower crony corporations with bailouts and sweetheart deals – well you are a TERRORIST!  That is why the tea party folks are on FBI Watch lists and targeted by the IRS for special oversight. That is why the Gyrocopter post man gets PROPERLY hailed as a folk hero in numerous political cartoons, Tampa Bay Times puff pieces and gauzy news stories from the main stream media.

Sunbeam Times is very happy to help ordinary citizens understand how to identify who is a folk hero and is moving us “forward” versus who is a terrorist and should be arrested.

We hope this has been helpful!


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  2. Kevin

    Notoriety, yes. Here in Hillsborough, the Libertarians will give Mr. Hughes a chance to speak, unfiltered by the media. We will also ask the questions that most have not gotten answers to. Join us, or post the questions that you want answered to our event. Search on FaceBook for:
    LPHC Monthly General Membership Meeting, Special Guest, from Gyro-Copter Fame.

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